Waking up, I picture you as I have seen you. This is me communicating what I see. I see those darkly beautiful eyes, behind the lenses. They are like diamonds when the light hits them in the way they immediately draw my attention and transfix me. They meet my intense gaze with an eerie intelligence that sees past my disguise and penetrates the hidden darkness in my soul. Your stare sends a shiver of delight (and dread?) running though me. But it does not feel cold. It feels like an electric shock, filling me with a bizarre warmth and sense of purpose. I see your sweet smile, shy, and full of a misleading innocence. Revealing a certain charming awkwardness, too, which speaks to some degree of discomfort A discomfort that was born out of an unspoken awareness that the world can see your smile. But you are unaware of how beautiful your smile is. It touches my mind, and interacts with it. It compelling another pair of lips miles away to form a smile of it's own that lingers. Yours is a smile whose dorkiness simultaneously melts my heart even as it unintentionally attempts to steal it and keep it forever. These notable features are further complimented by a face that appears to be exotically Asian at times, and is of unsurpassed loveliness. When all these things are taken together, the complete image is of a visage so stunning that it literally takes my breath away. It renders time a meaningless word, just an abstract concept with no value in the tangible world, where the only real thing is your face. I see you in my mind, and try to describe what I see, but the effort is futile. There are no words for this. Better to just enjoy the moment. This perfect moment. Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it the best way we can. There is no perfect life, but we can fill it with perfect moments. I will not waste this one.