Baghead: a black comedy movie about a group four part time actors actresses who are selfish, juvenile, dull and, worst of all, just completely uninteresting, who isolate themselves in a remote cabin in the woods in order to write a screenplay they will all star in, where they are attacked by a person with a bag over his head. It's a film where drunk, lazy-minded people get together and try to create a movie by writing ideas on a slip of paper and passing it around so others can scribble amendments. Based on the quality of "Baghead," it seems safe to assume this is autobiographical. This movie is terrible, nothing works in it. The acting is bad, and the script is even worse. The basic plotline of the film is tiered to begin with, and it isn't at all frightening or funny. It's relationship movie masquerading as a horror movie that elicits the same amount of laughs as the prospect of attending your mothers funeral would. I seriously regret the hour and a half or so of my life wasted so far watching this pile of shit