Lük reappears into heaven after admitting his wrongdoings and apologizing to God.

Everyone, including Bea, St. Peter and Captain Grant witnesses his return. "Uh, what?", asked Lük. God approaches and comes face to face with Lük speechless. Lük looks nervous. Then God says, "Apology accepted.", and shakes Lük's hand. "Uh, thanks.", said Lük. "Anyway, I just need to say something. Deep down, I don't belong here, because demons don't go to heaven. Well, maybe just this once, I can learn to get used to angels acting like they're in a choir and being all happy all the time, as long as they don't piss me off doing it." "So, you're really here to stay?", said Bea. "Sure, red. This is my hell now." Bea replies while tightly hugging Lük, "Great. You and I are gonna be the best of friends." Lük shoves Bea off him. Captain Grant says, "Well, it appears that you are now living here in heaven. So allow me to give you a welcoming present." He kicks Lük in the balls. "How do you like that, demon?". "Totally deserved it.", said Lük. "And I'll see you later, my love.", Grant said to Bea. Jesus Christ says, "Cool, man. A demon in heaven? That's wicked. I totally respect him.". "Because he kicked me in the balls?", said God. "What? No, Dad.", said Jesus. "OMG, Lük.", said Bea. "Now that you're living in heaven, I have a plan to spend every day together. First we can say "Hi" to all my friends, then we can do some community service, then, we can go to my place and I can show you my collection of baby dolls. Ah! Won't this be exciting?" "Oh, god, ****ing, dammit.", said Lük in a nervous wreck and pulls out a cigar to keep him calm while listening to Bea's nonsense.