A plasma bolt flew past her head, and Commander Yelila knew she had joined the battle for the big bridge.

Her squad spread out ahead of the friendly human forces to give them time to catch up. Yet her feet kept moving faster than the rest of her body. A sense of urgency filled her core. 'We must achieve a foothold on the bridge before they do-'

A car less than ten meters ahead of her exploded, the force of which sent her falling back and sent the ravaged metal into the air. It had been reduced to a mass of burning metal. Still, the commander's advanced eyes saw past the raging flame and wreckage to see a large squad of Plagarian soldiers heading their way.

In her own language she called out to her soldiers via the wrist radio built into her left gauntlet. "Squad of twenty fanning out ahead! Take cover and reduce them to ashes! We must make it to the bridge!"

After that order she raised her plasma rifle and fired ahead. Her neon blue bolts struck a target in the shoulder and neck causing a large amount of sparks to explode from the armor before it fell to the ground.

She made sure to use the cover of the other cars near her to advance forward. Two or three of her sister soldiers flanked her as well as some humans who managed to keep up the pace. The one she saw next to her was the Lt. Wallace she had spoken to just moments before. The human had impressed her with his resilience and fortitude during previous battles with the Plagarians.

Approaching the ramp that led onto the bridge itself the combined human and Amazon forces pushed against the horde that was coming at them with seeming reckless abandon. Yet Yelila knew better. The Plagarians had the numbers to use and they fought against their foes with the knowledge that with every soldier they lost they had at least ten more to replace it. The Amazons didn't have such a luxury, which is why they used concentrated tactics with small numbers. It was similar to the human Marines and their squad tactics.

That was most likely why, despite being from different worlds, they worked so well together in the heat of battle.

Using side streets and alleys the Marines and Amazons moved forward, striking their foes whenever they dared show themselves. They got past the ticket toll booths at the base of the ramp before they were forced to stop due to a heavy firing line that was bearing down on them. A few soldiers of both races from the advance line were killed within seconds, joining the bodies of civilians caught in an earlier crossfire.

Both Yelila and Wallace took cover behind a garbage truck. It's plating protected them from the blaster bolts of the Plagarians.

"Our first objective is to reach the first archway!"

Wallace's words were spoken to those around him. His marines took cover behind whatever they could and began to assess the situation.

"Should have known they fortified the entrance ramp," he said, cursing his lack of attention. Yet he cursed the smoke and debris blocking his vision beyond their cover. "Wish we could see what the fuck is in front of us."

"Allow me, Lt." Yelila was well ahead of him on that wish. Not one mile behind their forward line, a scout bot was relaying messages and video to her wrist gauntlet. With its advanced video quality she could make out a thick line of Plagarians all huddled en mass behind a line of debris and destroyed cars. She easily counted more than two dozen of her mortal enemy beyond that.

"So what do we got?"

Yelila lowered her arm. She didn't like being the bearer of bad news but she had to inform her ally. Even if she didn't like what lay ahead. "Hostiles beyond the ramp. Line is pretty thick. Not sure we can muscle through it without adequate support, Lt."

And Wallace sure didn't like trading bad news with worse news. "No go on heavy support. We need that bridge intact if we are to secure Manhattan." He took a peek ahead the front of the truck and saw-not to mention heard-the Plagarians hustling behind their cover. Such a cluster of close enemies would be easy target for attack helicopters, tanks, or even laser guided artillery. However, the more damage done to the bridge the worse the situation would end up being later. They still had to cross it to the other side to complete the mission.

"We have to dislodge them from their line. Got any ideas?" He asked the commander as she fiddled away on her wrist gauntlet.

"Can we skirt around them?"

Skirt? Never having heard that sort of word used in the situation the human took it to mean another way around. "Not around it." He reached for his radio and spoke into it. "Knave, you in position?"

A few meters behind the front line, Wallace's group of soldiers were taking up the flanks and providing support from the rear. Knave was the farthest behind the line, which was perfect for him as a sniper. Taking position atop a garbage struck he was able to see for miles. He carried a large .50 caliber rifle with bronze shells that could penetrate vehicles with foot thick armor like a knife through butter. With him was his spotter Ninja. He was new to the Corps but had laser sharp eyes and could spot a cockroach a mile away.

Knave spoke into his radio, "Hell yeah, Lt. Need me to take a shot?"

"More than one, Private. Keep your eyes forward, Knave, and take notes. I want to call out openings in their line. Also look for whatever looks like commanders. We take them out, maybe we can have that as an advantage."

He received an affirmative from Knave before the radio went silent.

The rest of the Marines began to fan out on the flanks. Thankfully the buildings on the corners near the intersection were still stable enough to get the rest of the men up and provide cover from the roof. The Amazons remained on the ground, intending to take the fight to the Plagarians head on.

On the rooftops were Marines given call out names for the purpose of their camaraderie. On roof one was Reptar, DJ, and Hippy. On the second were Jensen, Shaun, and Ganon. All six were professionals and a close circle of friends that could be counted on to get the job done.

The six soldiers laid down a rapid stream of alternating fire to the enemy on the entrance ramp, but that didn't stop a large cluster from going over the wall of debris and charged straight into the front line.

Wallace fired his rifle into the smoke thrown by the enemy, and though one could call it spray and pray he knew by the sound of metal being struck and sparks flying that he wasn't hitting concrete. Sprays of yellow blood flew from the over eight foot tall monstrosity in dark blue crude armor. Then came another, and another, and finally another. All of them were shot down by concentrated fire, mostly from the Amazons and their bolt rifles. The alien weapons left ping pong sized holes in the armor while the bullets of the human weapons left much smaller ones.

As Wallace reloaded his weapon Yelila didn't wait for the flanks. She knew that the Plague were reeling from hitting their front and would take a moment before they would try again. "Sisters! Move forward!"

The thin line of pink armored soldiers began to move forward at double time pace, using the cover ahead of them but never staying in the same spot for more than a few seconds before moving forward again. Their speed helped in making the advance work.

Wallace saw them move and gave the orders to his men. "Rooftop units provide cover! Rest of you on me!"

The Marines began to move forward less than a few meters behind the Amazons. Yelila was at the front point and Wallace made it priority to reach her. A volley of fire forced him to take cover. He managed to get behind a destroyed car and missed being shot in the head. The Amazon next to him wasn't as lucky. She got a bolt right through the chest and shoulder. She gave out a scream on impact but was dead before she hit the ground.

While her sisters went on ahead, Yelila should have kept up with them. But she didn't. Instead she stopped and knelt beside her fallen sister. Wallace saw her reach into compartments on the soldier's hip and pulled out what looked like glowing spheres the size of golf balls and placed them into similar pouches on her uniform. After removing her visor to reveal her beautiful face (er expression visibly saddened) she placed her hand on the soldier's chest and made what sounded like a prayer before getting back to her feet.

Wallace let her go first, he had seen her face before face and knew she had to be hurting inside.

The firing intensified until the soldiers ran into the Plagarian line. The adrenaline that Wallace felt in his body kept his feet going even after seeing the monsters he had been shooting at up to this point. The Plagarians didn't back down and kept on firing at the soldiers even after the battle had been turned into a close quarter skirmish. This was where the Amazons were better than the Marines. They became enraged and gave out a battle cry before tossing their rifles aside. Even Yelila did. Yet as crazy as that had been things got even crazier as she pulled out a couple curved blades that looked like chakrams and started to slice up the soldiers stupid enough to get in her way. Though the Plagarians were feet taller than the Amazons that didn't stop them from fighting them head on. They didn't wildly attack either, as they hit vital points with precision made from years of combat. Though they lost a few of their number in the process the ferocity of the attack combined with the Marines providing fire support forced the enemy to fall back.

Turns out none of the Plagarians took the option to retreat as when Wallace reached the back of their line he didn't see any falling back towards the first archway. Any that would he had a feeling that Knave would cut them down.

Wallace gave the order to stop and joined Yelila in her spot at the back of the line. "Commander, we've secured the entrance."

The warrior woman kept her eyes ahead, ignoring the putrid yellow blood sprayed on the front of her uniform. She called to one of her comrades who gave her a small set of binoculars and she used them to look down the length of the bridge. She didn't ignore the Marine, her mind was still too focused on the fact that the entrance was so easily taken. The Plagarians were not known for strategy but such an important landmark shouldn't have been so lightly guarded. So what happened.

Wallace nodded, knowing she wasn't going to answer him and spoke into his radio. "Knave, kept a hawk eye on our position. Bravo squad I want you to cover our rear. We're going to cross the bridge and meet up with the Army."

He heard a collection of confirmations from the other Marines and went to tell Yelila.


The ground shook under the two soldiers. Must have been an explosion.

Wallace opened his mouth to speak again, "Army and Marine units will be crossing the bridge soon. We're to meet them in the center and establish-"

Like before he was interrupted by the ground shaking, but this time it was much more violent. Not to mention it felt closer than the last. What was going on?

A couple Amazons ran past the Marine with apparent urgency and started speaking in their native language to their commander. Though he couldn't understand them, Wallace noted that they spoke in a panic. Something was definitely wrong, and from where they were pointing, it had something to do with the East River...

Then it happened. Third quake and the reveal as a large structure broke the water's surface. Soon more than one machine like protrusion came from the water until there were eight of them, each the size of a skyscraper and flopping around like they had a mind of its own.

The tentacle like appendages began bearing down on the water as well as the bridge itself. The Amazons began to fall back and Yelila screamed for Wallace to do the same.

The Marine didn't have to be told twice. "Fall back!"

The tentacles began flailing around, causing huge waves of water to hit the embankments and washing over some soldiers caught off guard by it. Then they started to fall on the streets and whatever else got in their way. The Marines and Amazons ran as hard and fast as they could, stopping for nothing as they ran multiple blocks in a handful of minutes.

Wallace stopped only once, and that was to look back at the scene he had just left. All the ground they had fought for had been given up in less than half the time used to take it.

Not only that, but the Brooklyn Bridge itself was gone. Now what do they do?