1900 hours

Inside the Donakkakaiju

The Plague were a horde and like any horde they had a purpose. Extermination and domination.

Planets like this, what the inhabitants called Earth, was perfect for them to colonize and expand their hive. They fought, died, and were reborn for the horde. Once the planet had bene conquered, the domination ended, and the extermination began. All living things were to be absorbed into the hive's ecosystem and after the planet had been utilized for their hive they moved onto other planets. It has been that way for thousands of years and for as long as it would go the horde would continue to do what it has always done.

The Plague's countless armies invaded the earth over the course of a few weeks, landing in major cities on the coastlines of most countries and began their war. The primitive humans tried to fight back but they were outmatched in terms of numbers and tactics since they were fighting an enemy they knew nothing about.

Then there were those...Amazons as the humans called them. One of the few alien species that seemed to escape their clutches and took the fight back to their mortal enemies.

For the Plague the taking of earth despite collective resistance from both the humans and the Amazons was going along at a good pace. The Kaiju's presence in the river had postponed a human victory for a while and they would use that time to launch a devastating counterassault from within the Kaiju.

From there, a general within the horde known to the Amazons as Genysis Mawl would lead his troops to further victory and stamp out the feeble resistance before him. Standing over ten feet tall and wearing bulky armor much more battle scarred than those of the grunts lower than him, he had seen many wars and fought many battles on many other planets. He had always won against the odds set before him, and though he had been away from this city for a good portion of the campaign he had returned to the scene. But he had brought a Kaiju with him (after killing his subordinate after noting his constant losses to the humans and Amazons) and it alone evened the odds.

With it he also strengthened the defenses of all the areas around the Kaiju, including those in the water around it. With countless soldiers within the Kaiju, he was fully intending to use its vast resources to make his enemies pay for every inch of ground they would be taking.

The seas would run red with blood by the end of it all.

July 22nd

2000 hours

Base Camp Charlie

Yelila settled on the five members of her team, and Wallace did the same. He fought off the sleepiness that had been bothering him for the last few hours. The human Marine had been offered rest before he was to assign the troops, but he chose not to do it. While his body ached, his mind was still sharp as razor wire, and he wanted to get as far as he could before he went for rest. Yelila had been in the small tent used as a makeshift briefing room for the better part of the afternoon and had shown little signs of rest. If she could go without rest for a bit longer then so could he. Still, he had to grab a cup of coffee to help drag him through the following hours. That alone would suffice.

The Commander of the Amazons was overlooking the map given to her by the General's staff as well as a list of forces she could draw from, and even the plan written on paper. She used a translator in her wrist gauntlet to help read the Terran language which otherwise flew over her head. Wallace walked in wearing combat pants and simple green shirt. The rest of his gear was on his cot in his tent nearby. The cup of coffee in his hand was still hot. "How's it going commander?"

The female soldier turned her eyes in his direction for but a moment before returning to the map on the table. "This might be more problematic than I had anticipated, Lt."

Setting the cup on the table, Wallace wondered how things could get worse when the mission hadn't started yet. "How so?"

"Your General promised to have constant aerial assault on the Kaiju as our troops assault it from the bridge, but from what I have read it will very sporadic. We need to keep up a constant bombardment to distract the Kaiju."

"I understand Commander, but what the General says goes, and there is nothing I can do about it." Wallace hated giving people bad news, but when it came down to it lying would do nothing to change it.

That news ultimately limited Yelila's options ever more. She slammed her fist on the table. This impulsive act got Wallace by surprise as she was normally composed. "Damn!"

The marine lowered his head, "I'm sorry."

She gave a long exhale, her anger spent. "Don't be. You're just a grunt with little power against your superiors." She quickly added with an apologetic tone, "No offense."

"None taken," said the Marine not the slightest bit offended. He went to take a look at the map. There were also aerial surveillance photographs of the bridge and the surrounding area. Troop placements were easily made out of both sides. The Plague didn't seem to care to hide their movements. The human/Amazon forces were spread thin in the shape of a deep bulge that was looped around the Kaiju itself.

It wasn't something that made the humans and Amazons look strong, to be honest.

"We'll move through the bridge's southernmost entry point and try to deliver a heavy payload into the mouth of the Kaiju itself. While we go about that, another team will go through the north and take out any and all enemies in the way so we can destroy the monster."

"The Plague will not abandon any ground they have taken. Resistance will be stiff."

"We will make them move."

The female smiled, liking his determination. "Good."

"What can we expect from them?"

"In entrenched positions the Plague tend to use overwhelming firepower and their numbers to keep their enemies at bay. Attacking weak points causes them to fall faster than a head on assault." Wallace had been fighting the Plague for a few weeks compared to Yelila, and her experience showed. "Then are primitive in their tactics, but it has garnered them much success in the years they have been warmongering."

I understand that, thought Wallace.

"Automated turrets, multiple soldier trenches, and walls of makeshift barricades used to put up temporary defenses. They will put up a fight regardless of the numbers against them."

Wallace knew that from firsthand experience. If the Plague lost one or a hundred soldiers just to level a company of the enemy then so be it. On one hand it was careless to waste lives, but on the other hand if they had replacements ready at a moment's notice then there was no point. It reminded Wallace of the stories he read about in World War II how the Russians used their superior numbers against the Germans towards the end of the campaign in Europe. At that point the Soviets knew they would win and would do whatever it took to bring that victory, even if it meant wasting lives.

But Wallace wasn't like that. Losing just one of his own men hurt him greatly, he would never give the call to be reckless with lives.

"We won't be reckless, Commander. We will use superior-and smarter-tactics against them. You have a team all picked out?"

The Amazon nodded, "Red Rose squad is in my Regiment. They will follow me into Nirvana or Underhell if I gave the call. What about you?"

"My men were chosen already." He then added humbly, "To be honest they volunteered. I didn't have to ask any of them." He tapped the area where the Kaiju was on the map with his finger, "My team will be supplying the explosives for this operation. You think your girls can cover our flanks long enough to get close to it?"

Impressed Yelila stood up straight, her armor clicked like plastic. She was still dressed in the armor she had worn during the battle at the bridge, its dirty and unpolished finish shined in the simple bulb light above their head. "The Red Roses has had over a hundred combat missions during its service, I'm sure they can handle anything that comes their way."

She leaned forward putting her hands on the table, and added with a dour tone, "Though I am not sure what else the Plague have hidden in this area. The Kaiju wasn't noticed until today, and moving one is not a simple task." In her experience a Kaiju took multiple flying craft to move from one body of water to another. The Plague must have used the fog to move the beast, but also had done it while the fight for New York had been raging. Still, the fact that both the humans and Amazons had failed to notice such a creature until it was almost right on top of them was beyond explanation. "Regardless of how it got there we still have to destroy it, and we will wipe out any and all that stand in our way. I will do so for my fallen sisters."

Wallace took note of the pain and disdain in her voice. "You really hate these things, don't you?"

She looked at him with eyes that told a story of anguish. "Hate? That word is but a scratch on the subject. They stole everything from me. My home, my family, my planet..." She exhaled slowly before continuing. "Life was never like this for me before the Plague arrived."

"...I'm sorry," said the Marine honestly.

She wouldn't shed tears, not right now, even as much as she wanted to. "Thank you for the sympathy, Lt., but we must push through for now."

He admired her strength, but instead of turning an emotional moment into an awkward one he didn't say anything about it.

"We can get the troops and equipment in, but we won't be ready to engage until late afternoon at the earliest."

"That's alright. As far as the operation itself, we should be able to fight our way to the Kaiju and get the explosives on it. A two-part battle plan at most. Could take us an hour or more depending on how much resistance we encounter."

The Amazon's pink face expressed concern, and her voice reflected it. "The Plague will use whatever they can to impede us..." The female soldier yawned, the exhaustion she felt was beginning to catch up to her. "But...we can do this."

"We got this," said Wallace, helping reaffirm her resolve.

"Then we better rest," she grabbed her helmet from on the table to slowly walked past the Marine, avoiding eye contact. Her determination and combat prowess left little for casualness when not in battle. Her hands were shaking, and it didn't go unnoticed by Wallace.