Circe's Island

A ship has come.

To the shore of Aeaea.

A ship full of travelers. Of voyagers. Of merchants.

It does not matter who is on the ship.

I am known as a witch.

Those who dare come to my island will learn this to be true.

It does not matter who is on the ship.

They will not so quickly disturb a goddess again.

They walk through my glade.

Into my house of stone.

They are fearful of my pets.

The wild creatures under my spell.

And so I begin my song.

Beauty will trick all but the most clever.

And only they deserve to be unscathed.

For those who were not convinced by my voice saw no threat from a woman at a loom.

Blinded by what their foolish eyes thought they saw they entered my home.

So I fed them.

I fed them cheese and barley and amber honey mixed with pramnian wine.

Mixed with my own secret pinch to make them forget of their longing for home.

A wonderful last meal as a human.

And so I turned them to pigs.

Pigs who dared take my food.

On my island.

I shut them in the pigsty.

They now ate food for pigs.

The man Eurylochus, did not eat my food.

He was not turned but ran from me and the remains of his men.

Another man came.

The great Odysseus.

I was sure to give him something to drink.

My magic did not fool him though.

He threatened to kill me for my sorcery.

On my own island.

He will get what is coming for him.

It seems I must turn his men back.

The pigs became men once again.

But in a trance.

He will want me to live to undo their state.

A whole year I keep them this way.

They seem to have been punished by now.

They have even earned a warning.

I send Odysseus to a blind, dead, seer, Tiresias.

I cannot know all that they may need to know.

Upon his return, I warn him myself.

I know of the sweet siren songs.

I know of the creatures Charybdis and Scylla.

I know there will be reckoning should they touch the cattle of Helios.

I warn him.

I warn him of the challenges.

Still, mistakes are made.

It is too bad his men couldn't leave the cattle be.

They would have made it home.

I still wonder of what happened to Odysseus.

But it is not my concern.

He got what was coming for him.