Chapter 1


The sun shone brightly on the two boys riding the black and white motorcycle—yellow glows setting onto the slightly smaller boy's figure behind the one driving—his arms enveloped around the other's sly waist with his head tucked into his shoulder.

A smile was placed onto his soft, red lips as his boyfriend speeded up for a quick second to give him a little startle.

Precious sounds of laughter filled the air—the wind whipping against both of their rich styled clothes as they drove against the force—their smiles undying.

An angered breeze smacked against both boy's ears violently—shivers sliding down their collarbones—the alternative echo making hearing their own thoughts hard, and their ears feel numb.

Fresh seawater air could even be tasted from just the strong smell, the gorgeous aqua glow shimmering through the pine trees that were a barricade around the outskirts of the road and beach.

The crashing of the waves against the shore was a pleasant sound, utmost calming even, as Hunter's brown eyes reflected into golden glows when the sun touched him for a moment.

He shook his head softly, stretching his limbs ever so slightly to take a deep breath—exhaling shortly afterwards—a grin on his lips when he looked in front of himself over the boy's head to spot the clear blue sky.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" The boy at the back of the bike called out over the drumming wind that blew his voice into the opposed direction, making it hard to hear him.

Taylor grinned to himself upon hearing his boyfriend's claim, his purple eyes set intently onto the road as he drove over a yellow striped speed bump quickly on purpose to bounce Hunter into the air slightly.

A yelp of exclaim got heard from behind, a glint to Taylor's eyes as he now decided to reply to Hunter.

"Oh, yes. A very beautiful day… Just look at the view!" Taylor cooed with a sly grin and a steady hand pointing for a short-lived moment at the palm trees and sea.

A frown erupted onto Hunter's face; a tiny pinch being done to Taylor's hip.

"Keep this up, and I'll make sure to ignore you when we arrive at the hotel." Hunter threatened with a tempting grin, his brown eyes taking in the surroundings of cars parked along the sides of the road, and the upcoming red light.

Taylor stopped at the red light, his parking perfectly behind the thick strip of white line that proclaimed as a pedestrians pathway, a mass of people already walking the crosswalk with fast paced strides.

He took the opportunity to glance over his shoulder at the boy behind him, his purple eyes scanning the slightly golden ones in front of him before Taylor smirked when Hunter looked confused.

"Threaten me all you want Hunter…" Taylor begun with a short sigh sounding off as he looked up to gaze at the red light that was soon to become green. "But just remember this," he prowled quietly, his eyes closing for a short moment before reopening to glare at Hunter sternly with a teasing smile. "I'm the top. You can't ignore me."

Hunter gaped in surprise, his hands speedily wrapping themselves back around Taylor's waist when the light went green.

Taylor couldn't help but let out a short, curt laugh towards Hunter's antics, his eyes taking in the appearance of the seaside they were driving on, the warm sun pelting down on them with heating rays of sunlight.

As they made their way around the tar road that bent around into the angle of a spiral, Hunter's grasp around Taylor's waist grew tighter, the shade of the building's temporarily blocking out the sun like in the city.

The gale still blew with heavy force throughout the journey, Taylor's short, dark chestnut hair flinging about in the air rapidly, the wind beating at his white shirt with black sleeves roughly.

Hunter smiled gently upon the charming sight of his boyfriend, his own scruffy black hair blowing about the place, especially in his face at those menacing times. He felt just as equally dressed as his lover, since he wore light grey cargo pants with a slim white top, the same saturated grey as his sleeves beneath the top.

For the finishing touch to his complexion, he had a shark tooth necklace beholding its threatening gaze from on the black leather chain enveloped around Hunter's neck.

Taylor on the other hand wore a necklace too. Though, his one was a sharp metal arrow that was a clean steel colour.

The engine of the expensive motorbike being turned off startled Hunter from his daydream; his sweet boyfriend hopping off the bike with his hand now presented to the remaining boy who's still seated.

"Come along, Prince." Taylor purrs with a gentleman attire, his tanned skin glowing melodically in the sun from where he stands before the bike.

The boy blushes sweetly to the nickname, his eyes soft and sincere when grabbing Taylor's hand to support him when hopping off the bike.

He stumbles slightly as he lands on the ground, Taylor's arms already wrapping around his hips to hold him up with affection.

"Careful there, Mister. I don't want you getting hurt." Taylor lulls with a brush of his lips against Hunter's earlobe, the action earning slight shivers to erupt from him as he leans against the taller boy's chest.

Taylor smiles down at Hunter, his eyes gentle as he kisses his head passionately.

"I need to chain the motorbike up before we walk the beach together. Is that okay with you?" He questions with his purple eyes serious; eyes inevitably looking into the boy's before him.

A smile is formed onto Hunter's lips as he delicately nods his head before pulling away from Taylor to walk down the sandy beach steps, only going as far as to the bottom so that he can wait for his lover to get back.

His gaze immediately sets onto the waves coming up against the sand, the aqua water looking almost completely see through and stunningly clean.

A short, happy sigh escapes his lips as he brushes a hand through his messy, raven hair while eyeing the ocean.

"This place is really special." He praises with his heart beating softly against his chest, his eyes sparkling just as brightly as the water.

His eyes focus on the soft rhythm that the water has played out, the calming flow brushing up against the sand, and then slithering back to the sea just as quickly. It was an amazing sight.

"Hunter!" Taylor calls out with a slightly worried tone, his figure immediately making its way around the corner and down the stairs to meet up with the boy.

"Oh, thank goodness!" He breathed out when his eyes met with the smaller boy, his arms already pulling him into a tight hug.

"I missed you so much." He whispered with his face nuzzled into Hunter's neck, the other boy allowing himself to be embraced.

"I missed you too," Hunter replies happily, his body temperature extremely warm from the contact.

"Are you ready to walk the beach?" Taylor asks calmly as he releases his hold on Hunter, his eyes looking straight into the brown one's before him.

The yellow glow of the sun in the background causes Hunter's eyes to shine gold from just around the outskirts, his tinted hazel eyes gazing into Taylor's eerie purple one's with such love.

"You bet I am." Hunter replies with a grin, his hand touching Taylor's as they begin their walk along the sand.

The tides dared to wash against both boy's expensive choice in shoes, but nonetheless, it never got the chance to touch them.