Lexey was getting ready for her date with Ernest. She was putting on a short tight latex dress. The door knocked and she answered it. Ernest was at the doorstep wearing a gray suit with a black shirt. They went into Lexey's car and she drove to a bar. They were getting hammered after drinking beer for 3 hours. When they went back home, Ernest followed Lexey up to her room. The three rat brothers - Dolf, Kaan and Sama - overheard them, so they plan on ruining their intimate night. Just as Lexey and Ernest started french kissing in the bed. Dolf told Sama to sneak up and bite Ernest in the penis, and so he did. Ernest was screeching after his dick was bitten by one of the rats. He crashed through the door and left still screeching. The rats laughed at Lexey, but she grabbed them, threw them down and stomped on them.

Weeks later, Ernest is invited to Lexey's home for dinner. The two sit down and eat at the table, being unaware that the rats are poisoning their food with rat poison. Lexey and Ernest are eating the already poisoned food and vomit on each other and fall down. The rats laugh at them, but Lexey gets up furious. She once again grabs them, throws them down and stomps on them.

More weeks later, Lexey and Ernest are in Lexey's bedroom doing roleplay. Lexey pretends to be a naughty schoolgirl while Ernest pretends to be a principal. Ernest grabs Lexey, pulls up her skirt and spanks her. She wanted more spanking. The rats watch as they hatch yet another plan. Kaan sneaks up on the buttcheek of Lexey and bites it. Lexey screams and blames Ernest. She goes to the bathroom to see her bitten ass. She looks worried. Dolf secretly takes of picture of Lexey and uploads it on the internet. When her phone vibrates, she sees a picture of her bitten ass going viral and screams. Ernest goes in to check on her. He sees her panicking like crazy. Lexey furiously tries to look for the rats. She turns her house upside down just looking for them. She then hears the rats laugh at her. She slowly walks up to them and threathens them. They runaway just in time. Lexey throws some knives, furniture, mirrors, even the TV at the rats, with Ernest looking on puzzled and concerned. The rats run up to the stairs and crawl on Ernest. He tries to get the rats off them. They all attempt to bite his penis, but Lexey manages to stop them by hitting them with a pan, and yet again stomping on them. Filled with excitement after being through a lot, she takes Ernest to her room and she french kisses him. They both take their clothes off and start having sex, but not before Lexey makes the rats suffer more by placing them under the mattress. She crushes them all by riding Ernest's dick in the cowgirl position with her big tits flapping up and down. The rats were just screaming for help, but nobody cared.