OK this is an idea that was initially based around stories I wrote on lined paper as brainstorms based around the 'Out of this Word' segments on Qubo which air between 'commercial breaks' on the shows Out of this Word is all about explaining the origin of English Idioms to kids and the Idiom that sparked this story was 'Strike While the Iron is Hot' and this is where I decided to use this as an opportunity to lampoon one of the things from my middle school and high school years, American Idol, while Planet Mizzer is mostly about lampooning the 1990s and American Idol didn't begin until 2002 I figured an American Idol type show was one of many things that the Humans of Mizzer created to try to get the Humanimals of Mizzer to come out and start showcasing their talents, also in the Tale of Shale I had established the character of Simon Pugmire who was meant to be a Simon Cowell expy but he's not a terribly compelling character himself so I created Peter the Puppy to be our protagonist to explore Animal Idol

Once upon a time on a Planet called Mizzer where Bio-Engineered Animals called Humanimals can speak, wear clothes, live in houses and basically do everything humans can do, there lived a scruffy brown Mongrel Dog-Boy named Peter Dewclaw.

Peter lived in the town of Dahlia, located in the original fertile valley where the Earthlings first landed and was sort of the equivalent to Earth's Beverly Hills.

Peter's purebred classmates often dismissed Peter as a 'low-class mutt' and this gave Peter a serious chip on the shoulder…He was determined to prove he was greater than any of those Purebred Pups!

Then one year, the Judges from the popular reality show 'Animal Idol' which traveled all over Mizzer's Western Continent searching for Humanimals with singing talent to me Mizzer's newest Pop Music Sensation! This year they were coming to Dahlia!

The Three Judges were Melissa O'Conner a Female Human, Michael Porcine a Pig-Man of the Large White Breed and of course the most famous Judge Simon Pugmire, a Dog-Man of the Pug-Breed whose caustic comments, led many to claim he was the real main attraction of Animal Idol!

Peter had watched last year's competition almost religiously and had his eyes glued to the set for the first finale when the First Animal Idol, a Herring Seagull-Girl named Mary Ann Whitefeather had been chosen.

So when he learned that auditions were coming to Dahlia he was asked his Mom if he could go, his Mom immediately said no.

"You're too young." She said "Besides, it's a school night."

His Twin Sister Lucy said "I think they only let adults audition…" She said "…They want someone who doesn't need to be in bed before midnight."

However Peter was determined to sing for the judges, so late at night while everyone was asleep, he snuck downstairs and packed his backpack with things he might need, a bottle of water, some beef jerky and a pillow, and he snuck out he didn't know about the high wind warning that was in effect…

If you're wondering why I made the Kelly Clarkson equivalent a Seagull that's because of something called Primal Astrology a website that combines your Western Sign with your Eastern sign to form your 'True Sign' so apparently Taurus combined with the Dog equals Seagull hopefully in this story we get to explore a bit more of Mizzer before the invasion