So here is what happens to Peter to get to Animal Idol

So fortunately for Peter the high winds weren't too severe in Dahlia, so he wasn't in any danger of having any tree branches fall on him, but he did get some dust in his eyes at times and he was a bit chilly, but hey, that's what his fur was for!

He walked all the way to the human side of town where the studio where the Animal Idol auditions were being held, when he found the studio he placed his pillow in front of the door sat on it, had a midnight snack of beef jerky and a drink of water, and he fell asleep until he was found by the three judges.

The three judges, for a moment stared at the small puppy-boy asleep in front of their studio they weren't sure what to do for a few moments then the one Human Judge Melissa O'Conner nudged Peter, who instantly woke up.

"Hey…" Melissa said "…What are you doing here?"

"I came to audition for Animal Idol!" Peter said wagging his tail,

The three judges chuckled awkwardly

"Sweetie," Melissa said "Only adults can audition for Animal Idol, where are your parents?"

Then Peter got down on his knees and begged "Please!" He exclaimed "I've wanted to sing all my life! I came all this way to sing for you! Please let me sing!"

The Three Judges exchanged glances, surely it couldn't hurt to humor the boy and just let him sing for them, and afterwards they could call his parents…

So they let Peter be the first audition of the day, before the filming of auditions officially got started, and although they weren't planning to let his audition be part of the actual show they still decided to film it as a souvenir he could take home…

They brought out a Karaoke Machine that had just about every song known to man, the Plump Pig-Man judge Michael Porcine asked "So what do you plan to sing for us?"

Peter already knew what he was going to sing "I'm gonna sing, Why Should I Worry by Billy Joel."

Michael programmed the Karaoke Machine to play that exact song, and they sat back to watch.

They were not expecting Peter to be able to sing so perfectly! He had perfect pitch! What's more he had on-stage charisma! He swayed like Elvis and had a sly knowing expression on his face as he sang, the Judges' jaws dropped!

Finally the song ended and Peter eagerly waited for the Judges' response

Finally it was Simon Pugmire who said "Blast it! You were right, you are good and I'm upseticus."

"What?!" Peter exclaimed "Why?"

"Because you're still a Cub!" Said Michael "No matter how good you may be if your parent or legal guardian says no, our hands are tied."

So yeah the three judges being responsible adults, most of you will probably recognize Why Should I Worry being from the Disney Animated Film 'Oliver and Company' 'I'm Upseticus' came from a certain YouTuber from her reviews of D&D memes which she unfortunately seems to have deleted