To Sir Scott, yeah I know the naming the character Mr. Baskerville was the Joke, I mean it isn't the first time; the Muppets had a Dog Puppet called Baskerville the Hound.

Time had come for Peter's First Singing Lesson, his Teacher was a Pig-Woman, that Michael Porcine knew from Dahlia's Livestock District named Portia Porcini.

She played the Piano while Peter sang, but already Peter was so talented at, Portia who was accustomed to training novice singers that she realized she had nothing to teach him, he was already so talented!

So she stopped playing the Piano and asked Peter "Where did you learn to sing like that?"

Peter shrugged "I've always had a good ear for music." He said flipping one of his floppy ears. "I think the first time I remember practicing singing when I was four years old singing the theme songs from Saturday morning cartoons to my reflection in my mirror."

"Do you only practice singing in the house?" Portia asked

"When I got older I mostly practiced in the park." Peter said "First I would stand behind the trees, but later I would sing out in the open and the Dogs in the Park would applaud for me and ask me if I was a Professional Singer…Really I always knew I was good, I just needed to convince Mom."

"So why didn't you ever sing for her?" Portia asked

"Mom thinks show business is…Not respectable…" Peter loathed to even have to say that much hated word 'Respectable' "She wants both me and my sister to have boring office jobs like she does."

"Peter." Portia tried to be as delicate as possible "Do you know anything about your father?"

Peter became silent "I never knew my father," He said "And Mom never said anything about him, I know I had to have a Dad…But I don't know anything about him."

Portia rubbed her chin as she was beginning to get her suspicions about his family situation but she kept quiet.

Once again a chance to recycle characters as Portia was a character mentioned in one of my Fanfiction stories referenced in a book of Mizzer True Stories about a Pig-Girl whose parents were divorced and before her piano recital was dreaming of monstrous Pianos until she dream shared with her therepist