Dear Ancients,

I beseech thee to reconsider, coupling life with foundation this sinister.

Filled with games of wicked intention, teeming with repusive lies and deception.

What of it makes its appeal? Why torment yourself with such effort to conceal?

Is it not better to do away them, I for one would be purely vehement.

But my knowledge means naught to yours. I have merely lived foolishly, oh mighty lord.

Yet I sincerely think of Humans as foul, unworthy and undeserving.

Give them a mask and the world will burn inevitably.

They torment their own kind in the name of amusement.

Raped, pillage and submit to their primal instincts.

We need not spectate any longer, they have shown enough.

Give me the order, and I will bring them down with unprecedented wrath.

Your Humble Servant,