Faithful One,

Perhaps it is true of my creation, that they are merely chaos reincarnation.

That in my folly I have mistaken cruelty with ignorant evolution.

But you asked of why I hide, for wouldn't showing myself be wise?

Humanity has to be guided blindly, for what purpose is in showing the way?

I speak of myself, for I was once ignorant as well.

It took nearly a millennia to learn love. Even longer to have a beloved.

I am an Ancient, the very first who existed on this plane.

I was alone for so long and I wasn't even sure if I was sane.

I tell you this in hopes that you will be dawned on.

That even mighty me have flaws.

There is a rare beauty in Humanity and I hope you can forgive yourself when I say.

Cease this abhorrence, and start to live your days.