To Sir Scott, yeah I was told Vitamin D deficiency is common in North America because we don't eat enough yogurt like they do in Europe and I presume you have to eat the real sour stuff not the fruit flavored kid's stuff with cartoon animals on the packaging like Danimals or Frozen Yogurt which one nutritionist called 'Glorified Ice Creams'

So Bumble with the other apprentice waiters and waitresses were to begin their training, first by given a platter covered with empty tin cans as practice for carrying platters piled heavily with food and drink.

Bumble was beginning to sweat trying to carry the platter above his head while keeping all the cans from falling,

"Quickly! Quickly!" Said the Dog-Man Waiter Winston, a tall and noble Great Dane "Humans don't like having to wait for their food!"

Moving quicker was the last thing Bumble wanted to do, for he had learned that moving quickly was what caused him to trip over his own feet, so he had learned to always move slowly and carefully to avoid tripping, the other children might call him a slowpoke but he'd rather by trailing in the back of every crowd and never win any race than fall flat on his face.

And having to quicken his pace caused what he knew would happen to happen, somehow his feet got tangled up in each other and he fell forward the platter flying from his hand and the tin cans flying everywhere!

The Lounge Slaves gasped at this amazing display of clumsiness!

"That's why they call me Bumble." Bumble sighed trying to once again pass it off as a joke but he was really straining to feel humorous at this point.

"Maurice." Winston said calling Bumble by his actual name (Humanimals tend to be a superstitious lot so Winston probably feared calling him by that nickname would make his clumsiness worse after all if one hears the word 'Bumble' all the time wouldn't that influence them to bumble further?)

"I don't think you realize how severe the situation is." Winston said grabbing the Pup by the shoulders
"I suppose we should be grateful this problem revealed itself early so we can begin working on it before you begin working here…I'm surprised this issue wasn't discovered during your health inspection when you were brought here, but I suppose the Wranglers were more concerned about foreign parasites and pathogens and they never asked any of you to run to demonstrate vigor but if you were to trip over your own feet as a waiter and spill food and drink all over the wealthy customers you would be quickly deemed unfit for servitude and the only thing for you then would be death! Sent to the slaughterhouse where they would process you into a sausage to serve to the common humans! We will have to work on this so you will be 'Bumble' no more."

Meanwhile far below the Blue Danube Lounge Clem was with his Master, the Overseer who oversaw the Slaves of the local power plant that generated the electricity for the Capitol City, a fat, bald man who was harsh but also unemotional he was not a sadist because he was too apathetic to care, he just saw his job as his daily grind and sought to be as efficient as possible, right now it was his lunch break and he was preparing a pot of beans for himself for many lunches to come as he was quite fond of baked beans.

Clem felt elated with his new role in life! He followed his Master wagging his tail the whole time, earning him many a glare from the Power Plant Humanimals but he seemed to never notice actually he delighted whenever his Master whipped one of the slaves particularly if they weren't fellow Dog-Humanimals.

Even back when he lived on Mizzer Clem hated any Humanimal who wasn't a Domestic Dog he hated when he had Non-Dog clients when he was an Actuarial Consultant but of course he could never do anything about it because on Mizzer peace was the law of the land.

But ever since he was a Puppy, his parents had drilled into him Dogs were better than all other creatures and that Bloodhounds, the Hounds of Pure Blood were better than all other Dogs, they told him he had to be a good example of his race to prove the Bloodhounds' superiority, they has gave hints they were in competition with all the other species although the exact nature of this competition and what the goal was they never said…All Clem could assume was they were in competition with the other species for the approval of the humans but here he felt he had been liberated from that rat race he had been given to a human master that proved he was superior to all the creatures who worked in the power plant.

But he wanted much more than to just watch his Master whip the other Humanimals, his primordial instincts already beginning to flood back since being awakened the night of the invasion and as a hunting dog he wanted to hunt beside his master he wanted to feel the sensation of killing.

So I realize despite saying Bumble's nickname is because he's constantly tripping over his own feet but he never displayed any clumsiness within the story than I realized what could be a worse job for a clumsy person than a Waiter? Here his handicap places him in severe danger time for some training ala Rocky and The Karate Kid