Well, after that intense chapter I feel it's time we both winded down and went back to something at the beginning of Bumble's story…Here the Space Fairy explains the meaning behind his 'Animal Boot Camp' dream.

Bumble and Squeeks ran back to the garage and began telling about how the Bloodhound-Man had just tried to kill them and how Bumble had bitten off his tail to save Squeeks…

The two Naked Mole Rat-Men were instantly disturbed and the Overseer, even in his dull, stodgy mind was beginning to put two and two together regarding his new slave's previous ramblings about 'putting lesser creatures in their places' and this incident.

"I'll go see what's happened." The Overseer said "And I'll write a note for you to take to your Manager apologizing for this incident."

Yeah…He wasn't apologizing to the children, or the two naked mole rat mechanics, but for their Master that his property neared killed someone else's property or more accurately the city's property as the Mechanics were the city's slaves thus his privately owned slave would be destroying public property.

The two naked mole rat men asked Bumble and Squeeks if they were all right, Bumble told them the story of the battle in more detail and the two rodent-men said "We fixed up his car, let's return to the shop and you two can go back to your cabin…You've had enough for today."

As Bumble and Squeeks were floating down the transportation tube back to their underground cabin after a few moments of silence, Squeeks said "Bumble…I don't want you to tell the story of what happened today to anyone else…"

"What?!" Bumble exclaimed "Why not?!"

"Because we don't want to start a civil war!" Squeeks said "You've seen how the Native Humanimals are all like the Three Musketeers about being a Humanimal…It's all 'All for One, and One for All' to them, a Humanimal killing another Humanimal is the most evil thing imaginable! They already think less of us Mizzer Humanimals because we were raised differently we don't want a civil war between us Mizzer Humanimals and the Native Humanimals!"

"What makes you think that Bloodhound was a Mizzer Humanimal?" Bumble asked

"His accent." Squeeks said "He spoke with a normal American accent like most Mizzer Humanimals, haven't you noticed most of the native Humanimals speak excessively formally? Like when you're watching a Shakespeare play or a movie about King Arthur…It's probably because this planet is ruled by a King and a Queen…Anyway we don't want them to get any ideas that Mizzer Humanimals can't be trusted…Hopefully my two mentors will keep the incident to themselves…Not like anyone talks to Naked Mole Rats anyway."

Bumble really hoped Squeeks simply wasn't giving the Native Humanimals enough credit, but then he remembered how the Native Humanimals didn't like how the Mizzer Humanimals knew nothing of their native religion and were outright horrified that none of the Mizzer Humanimals had taken 'The Oath of Mutual Protection' whatever that was.

Then another question came to Bumble's mind "Do you really think he was a Mizzer Humanimal?" Bumble asked "Why would a Mizzer Humanimal just try to kill other Humanimals? I mean I know the species separated themselves…"

"He's probably just a nut." Squeeks said "Like maybe he was dropped on his head too much."

And with that they arrived at their cabin, they ate their evening meal, and strangely for once Bumble was grateful for the plainness of the kibble, after the upsetting events he had just lived through he didn't think his stomach could handle an excessively flavorful or heavy meal.

With that Bumble and Squeeks both quickly fell asleep.

As he drifted off into Dream Land Bumble could hear the Space Fairy calling his name…

"We're proud of you Bumble." The Space Fairy said

"Hmm?" Bumble lifted his head to his one of his Mentors.

"If you hadn't done what you had done Squeeks would have died a horrible death." The Space Fairy said

"Why did he do it though?" Bumble asked "Why would a Humanimal try to kill another Humanimal?"

"That question shall be answered another time…" The Space Fairy "…For now, time for your reward for a job well done…"

She took Bumble by the hand and led him on a flight over a familiar landscape of green meadows with cabins, a short distance away was the sea with a pebbled beach.

"This is the Animal Boot Camp I dreamed of many years ago!" Bumble exclaimed

"Do you know why you dreamed it?" The Space Fairy asked

Bumble had to think for a moment "I always assumed it was because of that candy commercial I saw with the chocolates at boot camp…"

(Bumble couldn't remember the name of the candy because as a dog he couldn't eat chocolate because he was allergic to it so the names of chocolate candies meant nothing to him as it wasn't like he was ever gonna eat them)

"Actually Bumble…" The Space Fairy "…You were able to dream that dream because you are a very special Humanimal, it's why we chose you to become a Dream Weaver…Most Humanimals have ancestral memories but very few every remember all the way back to…The Time Before Time."

"The time before time?" Bumble cocked his head as Dogs often do "I mean…I've heard of The Land Before Time but…"

"This is not like the movies you watched on TV Bumble." The Space Fairy said "How familiar are you with The Garden of Eden?"

Bumble had to think "I remember seeing a cartoon about it…" He began to say

"I know what you're going to say…" The Space Fairy said "…That slapstick cartoon doesn't even begin to cover the story…In the beginning God created all the animals….then he created the first man, Adam and then later created the first woman Eve to be his wife…Back in those days all the animals lived in peace with each other and man…There were no carnivores back then Bumble all animals ate the fruit of the trees in the Garden, but then the serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil the one fruit they were to never eat or they would die…Eve then gave the fruit to Adam…And then to every Animal in the garden all except the Phoenix ate…And that is why the Phoenix alone is able to be reborn from its own ashes where all other animals die…"

"Wow!" Bumble said "…Is that why there are no Phoenix Humanimals?"

"Is it is the only Phoenix in all of creation and still lives in the Garden of Eden where no humans can find it yes…And that is why all the Animals shared Man's banishment from the Garden of Eden."

Bumble saw a grim procession of beasts and birds following Adam and Eve out of the Garden as a flaming sword was placed at the entrance of the Garden to block anyone from entering again.

"The Animals were as fundamentally changed as Adam and Eve." The Space Fairy "But while God would teach Adam and Eve how to adjust to their new existence and grow their food from the ground, someone needed to teach the Animals how to adjust to their new existence in the wild, struggling against each other for survival instead of always being able to find their food growing on a tree and that's where the Animal Boot Camp came in…"

Recently watched the Anime 'Heaven's Design Team' it's about how God outsourced the creation of the Animals to some Heavenly Beings it's hilarious and also education explaining why mythical animals like Unicorns, Flying Horses and Dragons wouldn't work in reality and why some real-world creatures do work