Not going to introduce the second character yet, instead finishing the story of what happened with the Monorail Incident

Fortunately the fire department quickly came and rescued everyone on the Monorail.

Clem woke up in the hospital where he had been taken to, the Doctors and Nurses found no injuries so he was released with a clean bill of health.

Needless to say the conference that he was headed to had been canceled because of the extenuating circumstances, so with nothing else to do, Clem went to the bar that was right next to the hotel he was staying at he could find, and asked for the cheapest beer, "The kind that's like water, so you drink gallons of it." He said and so had nothing but cheap beer for his supper.

So he wobbled back to his room, he was lucky he got back inside before the rain came, a massive storm, the rain poured down and filled in the cracks in the pavement created by the earthquake.

Clem lay flopped onto the bed in his work clothes in his drunken stupor, as his sensitive canine ears heard the sounds of the rain outside, he began to dream he was one of the original two dogs on Noah's Ark and the giant waves were tossing the Ark back and forth as easily as if it was a little toy boat, and Clem in the form on an ordinary four legged dog was sliding back and forth across the Ark with all the other animals and for some inexplicable reason the theme song from Gilligan's Island was playing in the background of this dream…

"The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed…"

Now while all this was happening in the City of Yew, back in Tumbleweed County lived a different Bloodhound Humanimal, a Female named Jessica, she was unusually pretty for a Bloodhound her skin was slightly tighter than other Bloodhounds, Jessica lived on a Dude Ranch run by her Aunt Flavia, Jessica always claimed to have psychic powers but no one ever believed her, while Clem was having his misadventure in Yew Jessica was dowsing for water Jessica found an ancient box buried in the ground.

This Week's Svengoolie is 'The Thing That Couldn't Die' Jessica and Flavia are characters from the film and just turned them into Dogs