OK time to begin showing Bumble doing the actual job of Dream Weaving, of course I had to come up with a character for him to Weave a Dream for…Could immediately begin with Squeeks for reasons that will soon become clear, so I came up with another shout out to the original Pound Puppies cartoon Nose Marie the Southern Belle Bloodhound

The next night after Barrow's visit Bumble got a visit from the Dream Fairy.

"It is time…" The Dream Fairy said "…To begin your first job as a Dream Weaver."

"What do I have to do?" Asked Bumble

"First the tools of the trade…" Said the Dream Fairy as she handed him…A needle and thread.

"For sewing different parts of the imagination combination together to make a coherent dream." Said the Dream Fairy "For as you know, most people have many different interests and sometimes you need to sew more than one interest into one dream…But for now we have something simple for your first…Commission…Your first…Client…Is a Bloodhound Humanimal."

That immediately put Bumble on alert "A..Bloodhound Humanimal?"

Not the same Bloodhound." The Dream Fairy assured him "This one is a Teenage Girl…" She formed a bubble showing him an image of the Dog-Girl in question "Her name is Nose Marie."

Bumble was relieved he didn't have to weave a dream for the Bloodhound-Man he had recently bitten the tail off of.

"Nose Marie's heart's wishes are simple if maybe a bit…Icky for a Boy like you who hasn't yet gone through puberty…Nose Marie is a hopeless romantic who dreams of finding true love...I think you've watched enough Disney movies that you can figure out how to craft an ideal Dream to get her through the day…"

"Does it have to be ready by tonight?" Bumble asked

"By tomorrow night." Said the Dream Fairy "This is a fairly simply request so we believe you can get this Dream ready in just a night's work…By tomorrow night…We'll take you to deliver it to Nose Marie…All the ingredients of the imagination combination can be found in your own Imagination…I'll stand back and watch you as you try to Weave a Dream…You think will be suitable for Nose Marie."

The Dream Fairy summoned a Lawn Chair and sat in it, and she summoned a glass of soda pop to sip as she watched…

Bumble took a deep breath and tried to think of all the Romanic Disney movies he watched…Thinking about the moments where the Bride and Groom ride away in a carriage to their happily ever after…And to his amazement as he was thinking these things the elements came flying down…The wedding dress, the wedding bells, the carriage…He realized what the Dream Fairy was true he only needed to think the elements he might need for the dream and they would appear before him ready to be woven into a coherent story he was making for the client…He felt a trill run through him…It was like being the ultimate artist with unlimited resources! All night long he worked weaving the perfect romantic dream for Nose Marie, the Dream Fairy was pleased as she watched Bumble work tirelessly she knew they had Humanimal would be a Great Dream Weaver…

Think I'll end the chapter here and leave the next night of delivering the Dream for the next chapter pacing is something I still struggle with, realizing you can skip ahead in a story and you have to laboriously detail every minute of every day of a character's life