So this might be the climax of this story, initially when I began this story and titled it a Tale of Two Humanimals, before I had a hero worked out and I just had the villain Clem, it initially seemed this was just going to be a much more intense clash between a hero and villain, now it seems the meaning of the title is still about Clem and Bumble but as a lesson to the fearful Naked Mole Rat Squeeks, in the creation of Squeeks initially just a friend so Bumble wouldn't have to go through his struggles alone, but Bumble is far from alone and it seems this story is for the observing Squeeks about two paths one where he can give into his fears like Clem did, or he can be brave like Bumble.

That night as Bumble went to an uneasy sleep, Dream Fairy was there, he asked her what he could do about this Psycho Bloodhound.

"There isn't much I can do..." Dream Fairy said "...There are limits to how much we Fae can interfere in the affairs of mortals, particularly in matters of life and death, I fear Bumble the only way you may be able to get rid of your enemy is to kill him yourself..."

Bumble felt the blood drain away from his face "How?" He asked "I'm just a Puppy and he's enormous!"

"I don't know how you can do it." Dream Fairy said sorrowfully "Your Dream Weaver tools only work on Dream Beings not physical beings so you can't utilize them to defeat your foe..."

Dream Fairy had her face turned away she didn't want Bumble to see the tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." She said "Right now I can't think of any other answers..." And with that she faded away.

Bumble woke up early in the morning and I mean REALLY early in the morning like at 4 AM, everyone else was still asleep in their beds, getting rested for the work ahead.

Bumble climbed down from his bunk, and Squeeks, being in the bunk right below his, awoke when he heard Bumble's claws clicking on the metal rungs of the ladder.

He saw Bumble head for the air elevator, Squeeks didn't know why but he followed the Dog-Boy.

To his surprise Bumble didn't go up, he went down, down to the Downdeep-Downdeep, where machines intermixed with the planet's magma.

Squeeks found Bumble standing in an eerie tunnel, the dim red glow of the planet's magma being the only source of Illumination.

Without even turning around Bumble said "I'm going to have to fight him Squeeks."

They both knew who he was talking about.

"I don't know how I'm going to do it..." Bumble said "I...I might die Squeeks."

At that point Squeeks could contain his envy and resentment no longer finally he blurted out "WHY SHOULD I CARE?!"

Bumble turned around not expecting this

"Why should I care if you live or die?!" Squeeks fumed "If anything I should be happy if you die! Ever since that first day of camp when you said you wanted to be my friend I know you only said it because you pitied me! You're the most beloved animal of all, Man's Best Friend, while I'm an ugly Naked Mole Rat! Ever since I became 'Your Friend' you've just gotten luckier and more popular! Everything good happens to you and I get nothing! I wish I never met you! I wish I never went to that stupid camp! I only went because my test scores said I was a genius so I got an invitation to that Camp, Mom sent me because she believed I could prove Naked Mole Rats were a great and noble race, and we might finally be let out of the underground, because I'm not actually from the Tropical Mammal District, that was a lie Mom told me to tell, we Naked Mole Rats live in the underground Invertebrate District with all the Bugs! Even though we're Mammals we were banished to live with the bugs because we're so ugly and we live in hives like Insects! But I always knew Mom was wrong! No one can love Naked Mole Rats not even other Naked Mole Rats, nobody loves me! Nobody ever could love me..."

At this point there seemed like there was no end to Squeeks' tirade so Bumble in his most fierce barking voice shouted "SHUT UP!"

That ancient fear Prey Animals feel towards Predators, can be invoked in Humanimals. Squeeks immediately silenced himself when Bumble showed his fangs.

"I didn't know you're actually from the Bug Districts..." Bumble said "...I'm sorry you felt you had to lie to me, but to me in makes no difference you're my friend, but now I see you never really believed you were my friend, you only think I said that out of pity, and that's your problem right there! Because you think nobody could love you because you're an ugly Naked Mole Rat, you can't accept any love at all, cuz you think it's all pity, well it's not! None of the Humanimals here care you're a Naked Mole Rat and I think nobody at camp did either! All these fears you had are all in your head, and I've been in your head so I've seen them for myself...I know your family never believed in your Psychic Visions and I know that had to be hard, but your family probably just didn't know any better because on Mizzer we never believed in magic, but here they know magic is very real here Oracles like yourself are some of the most important Humanimals around because they can see the Future! I may be a Dream Weaver, but Dream Weavers help everybody not just Humanimals...You as an Oracle maybe more needed by the Slave Humanimals than I am if you could just open your eyes and your heart to all the love that's around you you could actually be happy for once instead you wallow in self pity because you're too scared to take a chance! You think I don't feel fear or unhappiness? I do, it's just that I don't complain because I know complaining won't do anything!"

For a moment it seemed the whole world turned red, the world seemed to breathe with them, as Bumble waited for Squeeks response.

Squeeks was beginning to realize, that his visions were actually a Gift, that like in A Christmas Carol that his Visions while some like the Invasion were inevitable were actually 'shadows of things that May be, ' Not 'shadows of the things that Will be ' but because of the rational, skeptical 20th Century world of Mizzer, no one was able to explain this to him, instead gave him medicine that tasted like crab grass and told him his visions were all because 'He was a Bundle of nerves' now he was beginning to see that his family acted only out of ignorance not malevolence, but the fact Squeeks always knew his Visions were real no matter what anyone did he came to feel offended by their disbelief and came to believe his own family didn't love him because they didn't respond to his visions the way he wanted them to...Now he was beginning to see now he could finally be loved and respected for his powers...He began to weep...

In spite of all the horrible things, Squeeks had said to him, Bumble came over and put his arm around Squeeks

"It's OK..." Bumble said "...There is still hope, the reason I am still able to smile and get out of bed every morning is because I know there is hope we can get out of here, we just don't know how yet, and there is hope we may find our families! Do you remember the story of Pandora's Box?"

"Uh..." Squeeks hiccuped "...Which one?"

"OK." Bumble said "I know there are many versions of the tale, but the one I read, one where Pandora and Epimethius are children, when they close down the lid of the box after letting all the evils out into the world, they here the voice of Hope, after much coaxing Hope finally persuades them to let her out of the box, and they see her wings are like the rainbow and she says she is like the rainbow because she is partly made of tears as well as smiles...Do you think Squeeks that maybe just maybe...This is all meant to be? That the Wranglers capturing and enslaving us is a good thing? By that I mean our Brothers and Sisters have been slaves for as long as we had been living free, now we know what horrors they had been living with, but we have things they don't have, just like they know about magic...Maybe this is the only way all Humanimals can be freed...We just need to figure out how!"

Originally the speech about hope was gonna be saved for the end of the story but I realized it needed to be here.