Far away into someone's sweet sleep

Lies the key to a window of dreams

Should anyone dare to go in too deep

They'd reach the lands everyone is to miss


In an unseen corner a boy played his lyre

Smiling around and dancing over water

Had he known he would soon lose his desires

He would've finished singing to burn up his fire


For in this world there is no space for the heart

Imagination is penalized with nothing but harm

Should you be caught thinking of a work of art

The light would stop reaching where you are


For in this kingdom there is no misconception left

Nothing to pray for while you scream for death

Should you be lost in a dreamless land of hatred

The wind will not blow where you sent your last letter


The boy who played the strings of hope

Never got to see through the window's hole

Ever dreamed of going to a place called home

Somewhere to lose your balance and call it love


He once almost reached it, or that's what rumors say

The dancing boy got close to this world's desperate end

Had he been counting on the loyalty he thought he deserved

Fear wouldn't have been a problem when death called his name


The always hidden god ruler of those lands

Thought he could keep everyone forever in dark

Never imagined that his own spell wouldn't last

For there is no imagination in a dreamless land


If you dare question the boundaries of your world

Keep in mind the window is never closed for sure

Should you ever get lost in a dreamless land's shore

Look for the boy with a lyre and listen to his dreamless land song