Holding expertise in strategic financial and accounting executive; Kenneth Kremsky has been involved in process improvements and other streamlining initiatives. He holds record of excellence in leveraging strategies and finance best practices and analytical abilities.

Formerly serving as the finance lead, Kenneth provided money related analysis to the Kraft Austerity group with the objective of raw and packaging material misfortunes by 5% and decreasing fixed costs by 15%, which was accomplished.

He holds more than 22 years of experience in corporate and field producing. Being an affirmed Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, he holds broad preparing in Lean Six Sigma costing and budgetary investigation and produced misfortune remittance reserve funds of ~$700K more than two years at Kraft Food Groups.

Regarding his areas of specialization, he is proficient in Financial Planning and Analysis, SAP usage, Strategy, Forecasting, Cross Functional Team Leadership, Financial Reporting, Project Management, Process Improvements, Productivity, Strategic Business Planning, Operations, Business Metrics and Bench-checking, Internal Controls and Manufacturing Finance.

Pertaining to his education credentials, Kenneth Kremsky has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting with 3.8 GPA out of 4, from the Penn State University. He also holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a 3.9 GPA out of 4, from La Salle University.

Kenneth has worked on both Finance and process control for twenty plus years. He has been saving Millions of Dollars every year for his clients. His recent achievement as Finance Manager is, saving 75 Million Dollars annually for his client.

Pertaining to his skill in Cross Functional Team Leadership, Kenneth himself believes that as a team leader you will find that managing this type of team comes with complexities rarely found in a traditional team management setting.

About Kenneth Kremsky

Regarding his professional experience, Kenneth Kremsky is serving as the consultant for a private equity in Pennsylvania. Here, he implements the new ERP accounting software and facilitates A2R process for the acquisition of the company.