All this mess,
All this hum,
Everyone arguing;
Who is the one?
Is it God? Allah?
Yahweh or Jesus?
Is it the earth? Is it the moon?
Or is it Brahma, or Venus?
All this confusion,
About which path to follow,
As we search through scripture,
To mindlessly swallow.
Why must we insist,
That there is only one way?
When we can't even look within ourselves,
To know how to pray.
We ask for instruction;
For a prescribed route.
We shut off our intuition,
And put our Atman on mute.
But still worse is the violence,
That stems from this pursuit,
When we subscribe to the idea,
All all gods but ours are moot.
Why can't we see,
That god is within and without?
It is everywhere, it is everything,
And it is nothing to argue about?
The same divine consciousness,
Has always dwelled among us;
Within us, without us,
Forever working with us.
It cares not what name you give it,
How you pray or what you offer-
It cares not about your tithes,
Or how many candles are on your altar.
It seeks genuine connection,
To the most tender heart.
It seeks union through knowledge,
That god and self are not apart.
The sooner we realize,
We're all worshiping the same force,
The sooner we can put an end,
To this divisional discourse.