Chapter 0: Am I a slave?

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

"Mmm, ahhh, that really hit the spot but, my head is still killing me," I said holding the humid, tingly bottle of beer in my hands my stomach cooled down and a light buzz subdued my headache.

Watching the 3D model on my large office table, I had spent the last six months creating with my shabby 3d printing machine, because the company I work for won't even raise my pay to get better equipment.

"My beautiful metropelican city model, you were going to be even greater than the city of New York but those ungrateful executives want me to remodel this and make it cheaper, darn it! bet this is what I get for working for corrupt officials.

"How in the world am I going to finish re-modeling you by tomorrow, darn it all!" I said as I gulped a mouthful of my cider.

The taste was sour this time and bitter "all this work is ruining my mood, where's that whiskey bottle I had as a gift from my assistant" I said, as I shifted my head left to right scurrying around my home office, flipping over all my shelves and drawers.

I could feel the blood pumping in my brain as my headache got worse "aha! there you are found you," I said.

Twisting open the bottle cap an intoxicating fragrance of highly concentrated alcohol wafted my nose and I immediately chugged down the alcohol down my throat.

My esophagus burned with pleasure as a wave of alcohol sedated my headache.

About an hour later, "ahhh hehehe hiccup! hehehe"

Sitting on my leather office chair tightly holding my alcohol bottle I felt like I was in heaven and the stressful work that weight down on my shoulders disappeared when I got a little drunk.

I was never like this before, as a young boy I've always remembered how I loved to solve problems, from the day I realized I could not reach the doorknob and used a chair to reach it, that left me feeling excited and full of ecstasy.

At the playgrounds as a child, I helped in fixing the swings and even built my first treehouse with my father which was a clubhouse for me and my friends.

Eventually, I got inspired to be an architect as a kid genius of the age of 9 and got a masters degree at it and then eventually studied civil engineering and got a Ph.D. by the time I was 23 and got a corporate job as a leading managing director for the Grey tech infrastructure company.

Now I'm 49 and I must say I look like I'm in my late '50s and my love for alcohol is not making my wrinkles and grey hair disappear anytime soon but thanks to being a dwarf people never really cared for my looks.

All the women I've been with only cared for my money anyway, and I never found such a thing as true love.


The scorching liquid kept relieving me of the sorrows of my wasted life, "what the hell have I achieved in life if not just making money for the corrupt money-loving wolves and, I'm no better than them when they say to cut costs, I always follow the orders,

And then my creations end up not having their full potential and I end up endangering the people because of the cheap material and poor designs I end up creating"

Feeling heavy guilt in my heart I drank the bitter whiskey that burned my lips and increased the flames of my anger to myself of the disappointment I had become.

"I thought those bastards after that incident with the last failed bridge project will take it easy and not try to let their greedy hearts ruin my projects but they just don't care and now this time more lives will be lost if I don't do something," I said.

Then I opened a drawer and pulled out a flash drive, "all of the dirty deals I made with those bastards are all in here, screw them all I won't let innocent lives be lost because of greed"

Taking the flash drive I installed it to the CPU and uploaded it to the federal database

Gulp gulp!

"It is time I paid for my sins too...ack, what the heck is happening to me? my stomach!" I collapsed to the floor hitting it hard, my lower stomach region writhing with pain.

"it's so painful what is going on here. Agggh" I grit my teeth as my lungs became heavy like

a bag of cement laid on my chest, and my hands felt cold as I pressed them to my stomach.

"poison" I exclaimed realizing the scheme of the executives and the betrayal of my most trusted assistant who gave me this drink as a gift only to kill me! "how foolish I have been to trust that bootlicking loser," I said self provokingly

"hahaha, too bad for you bastards I already uploaded the files, you may have caused my death but you executives will get what you deserve as I'm in the afterlife," I said as my body started shivering.

The air ran away faster than I could breathe it in, white foam rushed up in my mouth till I saw the world go dark.

In a dark void, my eyes could not see a thing, I tried to open them wider but not a single image registered to my brain, "where am I?"

Surprised at how calm and tranquil I felt as I floated in the void, I started calculating pi, it was a habit I had ever since I was a young boy to pass time when I reached the 32nd trillion digits.


I squinted my eyes to the white light that appeared before my floating astral body like the light at the end of a tunnel matching the stories of the people that had experienced death for some seconds and came back, then all of a sudden


"Agggh," feeling a stinging pain in my back I screamed out of surprise and confusion.

"Get up you bloody slave and start working," said a grumpy voice

Tasting the dirt in my mouth, I tried to get up but both my arms felt heavy and fatigued.

Whip! Whip! Whip!

Son of a bitch I'm trying to get up already stop hitting me I yelled resentfully in my mind as I did not have the strength to open my mouth.

"Darn waste, get up already your clan is more useless than I thought, such a cursed clan, can't do anything right." Said the grumpy voice,

My back was flogged constantly till the pain on my back started to get numb, and I felt a light liquid trickling down my back as I pressed my forehead further down against the dirt ground.

Confused, lost and, not knowing why this is happening to me, I could only close my eyes and grit my teeth in pain, "Guess this is my punishment, so this must be hell."

Tears could not flow out my eyes as I was dehydrated, the thirst was unbearable and, I could not scream from the pain as the whip landed on my back, my mouth dried up and filled with dirt.

"Stop!" yelled out a squeaky voice, "are you blind you bastard, this boy is exhausted, and close to death from overworking with his frail body, so at least let him drink some water, so stop hitting him"


"ack!" the squeaky voice said

"hm! I will let you off this one time with only a light flogging water girl, now let him drink and a 5minute rest and get him back to work" said the grumpy voice with a harsh tone.

My face still kissing the dirt ground, I felt a thin small hand-pick my head up and turn my entire body over only to see a small round head girl with a pale face, thin eyebrows, sunken purple eyes, and one lump on the middle of her forehead,

Smiling at me her bearings holy and purple lips dried up.

"Please! If you don't mind to be whipped again stand up after you drink this water," said the Lolli girl

She placed a metal bowl to my lips and water flowed down my throat, I looked at the hand holding the bowl and saw it glow purple and the light sipped into the water,

I looked at the girl and she only gave me a warm smile, as I greedily drank all the water in the bowl, "too bad I can't give you more or we will both be in trouble, but using the little peak Ki I have, I could make the water have some energy.

Listening to her I felt my body that was as heavy as an elephant lighten up like a feather and a burst of energy surged from my kidneys,

"hehehe don't worry we succubus are good at providing stamina so you will be able to get up and work properly pretty soon," said the girl with a proud smile on her face.

I felt all parts of my body get rejuvenated and my vision became clear as I looked inside the dark place we were in, that had multiple glowing stones mounted to the course rock walls, individuals grouped together in chains pulling large elephant-sized rocks to giant human-like creatures from the myths I've only read about in fictional stories, using their bare hands they sculpted the large rocks into cubes,

The center of the giant underground cave had an unfinished mountain-sized building in construction.

"where am I?" I said as I looked at the girl

Her eyes were wide open and mouth agape but she quickly covered her mouth with her long-sleeved dirty brown gown outfit, "oh my, it looks like you have lost your memories, slave number…" she said, eyeing my neck closely then stretched out her hands,

I flinched immediately, "don't worry I want to take a look at your collar ID," grabbing my collar she read out loud so I could hear her soft squeaky voice, "D12! Ah yes D12 from the dwarven kingdom," she said.

"Huh! Hey, am I a slave for real?" I asked. She looked at me and nodded, "am I not dead then?"

"Of course, you're not dead," she said, folding her arms.