Chapter 1: A New Town

Inside the station wagon, it was quiet as the sound of the tires rolling on the highway three people were inside the man was driving stealing Glances to the passenger seat as the dark haired woman with a bob cut, slim brows, red lips, and smooth pale skin, height of 1.3 with a petite build looking around 23 years old, her brown chestnut shaped eyes staring absent-mindedly at the road ahead.

"Samuel, honey I know that Gerald was your brother but is it worth it to take a transfer to this small town and to take me and Mariah with us? I fear this will have a bad impact on her growth when you just take us without having to listen to our opinion first" said Linda her arm resting on the passenger door as it supported her head.

With his hands on the steering wheel, Samuel slowed down the car and parked it on the side of the highway, with a frown on his face, his nostrils dilating from the frustration and anger from the nonchalant behavior of his wife he grit his teeth to prevent himself from exploding with grief "Honey I know you didn't like Gerald for how he treated you before we got married. But he did change his ways,

He tried to apologize to you but you turned him down, my brother was many things but he owned up to his mistakes and even ran away from mother and father to pursue his dreams and not take over the Family Business" Said Samuel with red eyes, almost crying out his words

Looking back at the blue-eyed man, with textured crop cut blond hair turning him into a handsome devil, a height of 1.9 meters and a medium fit build, age of 25, bushy eyebrows and stubble on his chin with hairy course skin, wearing brown shorts, yellow golfer, gold wristwatch and white sneakers.

Seeing her husband with red moist eyes and after hearing his hissing voice of grief Linda saw not the strong man she knew as her husband but a Delicate soul torn from its loss. "haa I'm sorry honey" she sighed then approached her husband and hugged him.

Feeling her warm chest and beating heart the built-up tension from the last three months of finding out about his brother's death weld up and Samuel started crying.

Moments later

"Okay I feel better now," said Samuel as he picked up his head and looked behind the driver seat, only to catch blue eyes similar to his on a little girl looking at him innocently.

"Mariah my dear did I wake you up? I'm so sorry Daddy is such a cry baby sometimes" he said as he smiled at his daughter and looked away wiping his tears

"baaaba" sounded the baby in her safety seat looking at the man in front of her happily

"you might not get me now baby girl, but a real man finds no shame in crying especially if he is hurt, you can ask your mother," said Samuel

"tch! hey don't go around telling Mariah such things I don't want her ending up with a man like you one day, aren't I right my little Mariah. Now honey drive we are going to arrive late at our new house."

Starting the engine again Samuel thought to himself "what is so wrong with a man similar to me unlike good for nothing bad boys, my baby girl is going to find an emotional and sensitive man hm"

Driving his station wagon along the highway road the thoughts of Gerald his missing brother found dead in the remote small town kept flashing in his mind and he could not shake off his premonition his gut told him that his perfectly sane brother would never commit suicide.

"I don't know. maybe I'm the only one who thinks this, but I believe Gerald would never commit suicide even so brutally as to bash his head open" thought Samuel

About 20 meters away a billboard showing [Welcome to NEOTOWN] appeared by the side of the road, "whew, honey looks like we are finally here at last" said Linda while stretching her arms

"remember tomorrow we have to sort our things out as soon as possible in living here. You better be in your best behavior with our new neighbors honey" she said

Samuel entered a street called Walgreen and arrived at a house at a dead-end of a Bulb cul-de-sac. Admiring the house with a wonderful green lawn, open space with no fence separating the houses but lush green hedges at waist height at the sides and beautiful flower beds in front of the white painted modern castle house and a grey ramp that led to the garage as he parked in front of the white garage door.

"Ahh finally some fresh air, honey would you please unload the bags while I go change a little certain someone looks like she made a mess of herself, didn't you cute naughty little girl," said Linda picking up Mariah out of the safety seat and brushing their noses together as they walked inside the house.

Seeing his wife so happy with their child softened up Samuels's heart


"Huh? Oh, it's you I almost forgot we had another sassy diva in the car," said Samuel shaking his head as he walked to the cat, scratching the animal cage at the car booth on top of the large suitcases, the cat was black and white-colored fur and long whiskers with bright yellow eyes.

After taking out and setting down the animal cage on the green lawn Samuel opened the door to the cage, the feline slowly came out the cage sniffing the air of its new territory


Charlie suddenly out of nowhere exposed its claws, puffed out its fur with its vertical slit pupils seemed to sharpen "hey what has gotten into you all of a sudden Charlie" asked Samuel shocked by his normally laid back and lazy companion being aggressive.

Noticing the cat staring not at him, Samuel slowly looked behind his own back only to notice curtains closing rapidly from his new neighbor's houses, "Such rude people eavesdropping like that, okay I get it we are new here but is it necessary to spy on us, guess that's what is pissing you off right Charlie ...err… hey Charlie"

Turning back his head she was gone "Wow your little friend was a feisty one."

Hearing that remark Samuel turned his head to the side to see a man with a pink golfer t-shirt, white pants, brown sneakers, a white jersey tied over his broad shoulder with a smile that could sell out any low budget toothpaste, a height of 1.45 meters with dark curly hair and brown eyes and a soft shaved face reveling his square chin.

Watching the man pulling a green-colored horse pipe Samuel wondered if he is just using the water hose as an excuse to probe him too "he is a little creative when it comes to spying unlike his neighbors" thought Samuel as he smiled back with a wave of his hand, "Hello there! Yes, Charlie is a very odd one that is why I adopted her; she is a rescue you know."

"ahh yes, she did show a timid behavior, guess she still has some past trauma from her past owner, ooh where are my manners? I'm Darrel Aston your new neighbor" waving back his hand while the other holding the watering hose.

"I'm Samuel Asphalt nice to meet you, are you a Veterinarian by any chance?" asked Samuel

With a smile "Guess you can say that I race Dogs so I've seen some rare cases where guys try their luck in bringing in useless trauma-stricken dogs to race them," said Darrel still watering his flowers.

How does that have to do with being a veterinarian thought Samuel as he shook his head, "Honey what's taking you so long" Shouted Linda inside the house

"Ohh just talking to our new neighbor. Sorry Darrel I have to unpack quickly before the wife gets annoyed," said Samuel scratching his head

Nodding his head "believe me I get it, been through a divorce I know how marriage is, see you around neighbor" said Darrel

Taking the bags out of the Station wagon and placing them under his armpits Samuel walked toward the house like a penguin.

The inside of the house, was cool, clean, and already furnished "The mover company we hired sure did a great job in fixing up the place I won't have to worry for Mariah getting sick from dirt in the house" said Samuel putting the bags down by the sofa in the living room, which was 12 meters in length and 8 meters in width and a fireplace with two leather couches beside it and a long couch facing a two-seater couch in front.

The kitchen door was on his right and beside the door an open counter with 4 long-legged stools beside the counter and through the counter you could see a brown island table in the center of 8 meters by 6meters triangular spaced kitchen. Surrounded by a well-mounted kitchen in all corners with a fridge, stove, and cupboards for kitchenware and a beautiful varnished oak wooden floor around the whole house.

And a balcony which led to the basement door at the end and had 2 doors by the side, and beside the balcony opening were stairs that led to the other rooms

"Wow when you are outside you underestimate the size of this house, can't believe I got it for such a cheap price, I feel like I ripped off the Estate agent, well her loss," said Samuel

Moments later

The night sky was twinkling with stars as Samuel finished unpacking, sitting on the king-sized bed with white covers staring at a picture of two small boys with wide smiles the other wearing nothing but a blue boxer swimsuit looked 6 years old with blue eyes, blond hair it was Samuel and beside him, in the picture a 9-year-old kid with grey hair and eyeglasses it was Gerald "Don't worry Big brother I'm here now I'll find out who killed you in this town, I don't believe you would commit suicide just like that" said Samuel holding the picture tightly.


The door opened "just managed to get her to sleep let me take a bath quick I need to catch a break, want to take a shower together" said Linda

Snapping out of his reminiscing of the Past Samuel smiled to his wife, "of course will meet you inside"

"okay better hurry up can't test our new shower alone," said Linda as she walked to the bedroom bathroom undressing with every step she took and before walking in gave a wink to Samuel and disappeared into the bathroom.

Putting the picture in the photo album written 'Family' Samuel put it in the drawer beside the bed and dashed to the Bathroom, celebrating the new house they moved into.