He took a very cautious step when standing foot into the beginning of the hallway. No one ever dared to go down these parts but the hushed whispers from over his shoulder were silently cheering for him to grow a pair and take the dare.

A gulp echoed from in the layers of tanned skin surrounding his throat, mind elapsed with fear for what territory he's bound to enter.

The air felt thick in his lungs and his breaths came out uneasy and painful.

Purified blue eyes darted about the hallway with urgency to spot any gang member bullies that claimed this hallway as theirs since the start of freshman year.

Thankfully, there were none in sight but who knows when that would change.

"Hurry up Larry! The longer you wait, the more fear you'll build." His friend Jake whisper-yelled at him with a hint of agitation in tone. Larry glanced over his shoulder with the corner of his lip tugged downwards into a frown, eyes meeting with the boy's emerald ones.

"How about join me and then talk. If you don't plan on doing that, I suggest you stay quiet." Larry threatened with a hiss sounding on the last word of his sentence, Jake lowering his head with submissive antics to his words.

When Larry felt like his Alpha role hadn't been stripped from him, he took another two steps down the hall thinking they were silent up until the carpet creaked from the floorboards beneath.

His ocean blue eyes widened, focus fully extended on the narrow hallway up ahead that had wooden planks detailed on the walls nearing to the bottom but crème paint amongst the roof and top.

A trail of green netted lamps with a globe burning a blue lit colour that radiated the outer net was like a haunted pathway from the medium sized ceilings.

From afar, it looked like you were walking to your death. And to top that up, he hadn't even reached the first light before him; maybe five steps away.

He for a short-lived moment closed his eyes, his own thoughts relapsing around in his head with the temptation to retreat.

When his eyes fluttered open softly, he was more or less prepared to do the dare at stake.

He made a running start into the hallway, all the built-up adrenaline inside him being unleashed.

The world around him felt like it was going in slow motion. His friends' quiet ushers of enthusiasm almost seemed to fade out.

The steps he was running with rapid thuds felt not as heavy as the reality was but instead lightheaded and dangerous. He was bolting right into trouble but has scooped too far into it already.

Halfway down the hallway and one might've thought it to be success, though it felt opposed. He didn't know what changed his engaged thoughts so suddenly, one moment he was proud, and the next he had no emotions; everything just feeling like he had no control over what's about to happen.

Blue flickering lights enveloped his vision when he glanced overhead, his eyes gleaming with drowsiness and sadness to what he was doing.

His world felt too quiet as of now. His heart even decided to slow down for the mere dramatic affect. Footsteps couldn't even be heard even though he knew they were loud thuds; his mind just wasn't negotiating with any sort of consciousness.

His running felt fast, but when his eyes and head slowly looked back down to the levelled-out path ahead, it all felt slow again.

It was almost as if he were high, the feeling being all such a rush of excitement and then evaporates into a fearful, slow reality.

When his white and red striped sneaker hit the ground, he could've sworn he was running on water.

The feeling just felt so surreal, like he wasn't in this current moment but instead dissociated into his own non-existent world.

The clock on his metallic blue watch ticked with every passing second, the very sound being a wave of confusion to the soundless world he was in at the moment.

It was like time has just stopped, almost as if he were the only one that's moving and everything around him isn't.

He didn't even know what happened? It was a dare to run into the forbidden hallway. That's it. So, why is this now happening right after he passed the first lamp hung by a thin string from the ceiling?

Just like that, the first thought to his question and reality came back like a flash of white. So quick but yet soon to be painful.

The back of his neck had a broad veiny hand clenched tightly around it, biceps tensed at the arm and piercing eyes glaring right through the sky-blue boy's ones.

His heart clenched with tightness; lump forced down his throat with the gulp he attempted to accomplish but undeniably failed.

The hand swung him with force into the direction that he chose, quite frankly being the gang members.

A yelp of surprise sounded from Larry but got silenced into a shrill scream of pain when two muscly men grabbed at one arm of his each and shoved a knee between his legs from behind with their foot wrapped around his to result in him stumbling back if chosen to escape.

The whole idea of this battle plan was for him to only be able to stand up by leaning his spine against their chests, a perfect solution to drop him at any needed point. All the two men would need to do is let go of his arms, whack their knee against his joint and move backwards: ridding him from balance.

It was foolproof..

"What are you doing in our territory, little boy?" What could be guessed as the gang leader that had him held from the back of his neck snarled, fiery brown eyes with a puffed-out chest directed right at Larry.

"I- it was a dare, I swear!" Larry called with hope, eyes shaking from the overwhelmed feeling of concern.

The gang leader raised his chin in interrogation, a sigh escaping his lips as he glanced around the area for a split-second before pulling out a butterfly knife imprinted in red and black from out of his pocket, the very sight earning a gasp of surprise from Larry.

A click of his fingers sent a hand to be wrapped around Larry's mouth in an instant, the scream he so badly wanted to emit being muffled out with tears rolling down instead.

His tousled short brunette hair fell along the wrist of the user's hand, the very sight making him want to cry so much harder since now he was blinded from making eye contact with the death that awaited him.

The blade slicing against the nearest wall had the poor boy tensing up at lightning speed, skin turning paler with a sick feeling in his stomach.

He's gonna die, right now, in a hallway, at school. No cameras anywhere near here since even the staff were afraid of the now abandoned hallway that is too far away from the main campus.

"Where should we cut first?" The leader remarked with an implying tone, the knife ever so slightly grazing against Larry's cheek like how a feather would. Except, the feeling of a knife wasn't pleasant in any way whatsoever.

The leader curled the knife to lift up Larry's chestnut bangs that covered his eyes from above the olive-skinned hand around his mouth, startled blue eyes widened in overall surprise to the sudden sight of a charcoal metal blade with ancient red writing written on the steel. The red wrapped around the handle in a mix of the black coloration, the smoothness looking like a snake.

"You're a handsome boy, I'll admit that." He sneered with a negative energy about him, one that Larry didn't feel like trusting.

He decided the best option was to just stare at the leader innocently, an attempt to make himself look vulnerable to hopefully scoop at his non-existent heart.

The leader raised an eyebrow at his antics, brown eyes sharp and judgemental towards the smaller boy's figure and sincerity.

The knife moved from his bangs down to his Adam's apple, the point grazing against it mercilessly.

He shrivelled up against the touch of the cool blade against his bare skin, fear striking through his pure blissful blue eyes.

And just like that the knife's movements came to a stop, the point deepening its depths into the flesh that was vulnerable.

Larry squirmed from the pain, blue eyes shining with glossiness from the tears and purity that was seeping through his emotions.

He wanted this all to stop, and gazing at his surroundings shortly, he made it to the end of the hallway where the last green covered, blue emitted lamp was hanging a few steps away from him.

Though, he felt not even a tinge of happiness thanks to what punishment he was experiencing now.

It was at that moment when his eyes met with the leader's brown ones again that he felt colder than what he originally did.

The glare in his eyes and pressure in the butterfly knife's point being done to his throat was threatening, the urge to slice his neck open clearly current and noticeable.

Larry's fears and thoughts were all over the place, his eyes looking into the frozen icy ones before him with such a pleading look that it almost made him feel ashamed for degrading himself of all worthiness.

The knife pushed deeper into the front of his throat, squeals escaping his bright red lips from beneath the palm around his mouth.

But just as the pain became unbearable, it ended…