Chapter 1

Sausage boy

Orange flames with the bonfire rising higher lit the flared reflection in Jayden's eyes. His hands remained flat on his lap from where he sat on one of the sprawled-out logs on the dirt covered floor with twigs here and there.

His pupils burned with the flame's reflection ignited around them, while his lips pressed together in a straight line as he stared at the boys jumping and standing on the stray logs.

A short, lonely breath left his lips, the air smelling of delicious smoke and sausages from some of the boys being bold with a marshmallow stick hovering the food on the edge of the flames.

The food smelt good and cooked right so that was all that matters really.

Glimpses from the group of boys would glance at Jayden but then look away, none of them even bothering to include him in all the laughs and conversations that were sprouting from around the huddled-up campers.

He bit his lip silently to his peers' antics, the loneliness creeping up on him slowly, just like the midnight sky overhead.

"You all shall bow!" Jack, one of the hot-headed boys in his group called from where he stood on top of the timber; his chin lifted highly with audacity while his spine was upright in a royal matter, a devilish smirk pressed to his red lips.

Everyone rolled their eyes to his claim, some boys even throwing him the finger while holding the stick that cooked the sausage over the fire.

Jayden felt his heart sink to the sight of everyone having fun but him. He felt like a weight that burdened on all of his surroundings including himself.

A sigh escaped his lips with the palm of his hand placed against his cheek, elbow leaned up on his knee with his dazzling green eyes gazing at Jack lazily.

His environment felt like a blur, the knowledge of him being there visible, but his interest level was lacking motive on multiple standards.

"Gosh, you people are rude. How dare you ignore your king with the option of sticking up the rude finger at me. I said bow!" Jack yelled with a joking finger pointed at Rory, the more placid and calmer boy amongst the campers.

Rory raised an eyebrow in confliction, his eyes rolling shortly afterwards.

All seemed normal to Jayden in the current moment, all up until he saw him..

Short black hair swung with the boy's crouched down stance from behind the log that Jack was standing on, his brown eyes scanning the surroundings at quick paced speed as to not get seen by Jack.

The seriousness in his secret mission had the look of a murderer, cool, calm, and collective. Right until the last second where he'll put his plan into play.

The shadows emitted his presence like a darkened abyss just in the background, the bonfires blood orange flashes dancing the glow along his figure every so often.

Jayden questioned what his plan was, but after seeing the hidden boy click his fingers for Lance to bring a raw, moist sausage over to him; it was clear what he was doing.

Jack remained distracted by arguing with Rory on why he should bow down to him, and why he was so much more superior than the rest of them.

It was somewhat amusing watching the fight, but definitely more so to watch this plan unfold.

Tyler moved up close to Jack's behind with the sausage in hand, his arm already outstretching to bring the slimy substance over to the boy's neck.

The surrounding boys just watched without a word being spoken, the lot of them trying to suppress their laughter and remarks.

Jack crossed his arms impatiently when Rory declined the bow request for who knows the number of times. Though, when the raw meat stroked at the nape of Jack's neck and along the crook, he jumped with surprise immediately upon the touch with his feet automatically bouncing off the log in a hurry, a short scream escaping his lips.

All the boys burst into laughter upon his reaction, while others high-fived to the success, a blushing and embarrassed Jack scanning the audience erupted in chuckles.

Tyler stepped onto the log with cold daggers shooting down from his gaze, his posture perfectly upright while his lips pressed together firmly as he looked down at Jack with disapproval; the judgement shone through his eyes while the red ember luminosity lit his figure up from where he stands.

"Yeah, I say no to bowing down to you, cutie. But if you'd like to reverse that role and get down on your knees for me, that could always be arranged." Tyler grinned when seeing the smaller boy spin around on his heel at lightning speed to shoot daggering glares into his fine, brown eyes; growls echoing from in the tunnel of his throat.

"Who said you could have a say on that, sausage boy?" Jack hissed while pointing at the raw piece of meat that's being given back to Lance while Tyler as of now returned his gaze back to Jack, eyes narrowed but an awarding smirk placed amongst his lips.

"Don't tell me you got jealous from the moist feeling of the meat touching you rather than the strokes of my finger." Tyler countered with a malicious smirk, the gaping of Jack earning a curt laugh to sound from his lips. "Don't think you can hide those secrets, boy… Your tent says it all."

Jayden clenched his fist by his side angrily, the rest of the boys watching the drama erupt into a load of tension while he sat here pissed off by the fact that Tyler was flirting with someone other than him!

Jack stood with his shoulders tensed up, head turned to the side with glacier-blue eyes freezing Tyler on the spot by his statement.

"That isn't true, Tyler." He growled menacingly with the rumble vibrating his throat, jaw clenched into a firm line afterwards.

Tyler snickered at his attempt of defence, sly figure jumping from off the log with danger.

"Sure, it is. I see a bulge, we see a bulge, you see a bulge, there isn't any way to hide that, buddy boy." Tyler stated with his shoulders relaxed and posture composed, his steps stopping right before Jack with his head leaning in closer to whisper:

"How about test your feelings for me by kissing me." Tyler suggested with his brown eyes glancing into the blue ones before him. "I know you want to, so you might as well try before I change my mind."

Jack bit his lip in response, blue topaz eyes turning softer when taking in the gentle features that resembled the boy in front of him.

It was a silent moment, just two boys looking at one another in a world of emotions that were still trying to be unravelled by all the viewers.

However, all was revealed when Jack nodded and Tyler brought his head in closer to the smaller boy; hands grabbing his waist while lush, red lips ghosted over the rough ones that Jack owned. The deepening kiss slowly escalated when both their heads tilted and pressed bonding lips together, a serene background of no rational noises sounding from the spectators.

The sight was very passionate. Lance was crouched down in front of the fire with his navy-blue shorts curling up near his thighs, grey long-sleeved top brushing against his wrists while he cooked his sausage with rotisserie style.

Jayden was jaw dropped while witnessing the kiss play out, his crush on Tyler shattering from the view and the tension he felt building up inside of him.

Rory was next to Lance cooking himself a sausage, knee brushing up against the other boy's from where he's squatted down in bright red shorts with an orange three quarter sleeved top.

Griffin was leaning with his back up against Steven from along the wooden benches, both boys having their heads turned to stare at the fiery kiss of passion that's taking place two or three metres away from the bonfire.

The rest of the boys just glanced at one another curiously, all eyes watching the showdown.

When lips parted to reveal two blushing boys, the tension dropped from the air. The environment becoming breathable again.

Chuckles of laughter filled the atmosphere with whistles of enjoyment, Jack crossing his arms in disapproval while Tyler stared down the group of boys whistling.

It looks like sausage boy got a boyfriend.