Chapter 1

Cherry blossom

The dark sky painted with white stars drained his emotions out perfectly. The very sight rightfully emitted meaning to this short-lived moment.

He felt himself drawn to both sides; the white stars resembling happiness and a bright future. Though, as if to back up the now lather point; there's more darkness amongst the sky than there is light.

That's how he feels inside: locked up in his own barricade of depressive and psychotic thoughts.

He rarely got approached, another reason as to why he's sitting beneath a sweet pink cherry blossom alongside a velvet-purple streaming river. Fireflies glowing a golden-yellow hue to provide guidance of light to spot his own reflection in the luscious purple water that he's now leaning over from on the surfaced land to see himself in.

His midnight purple eyes relaxed upon seeing his smooth and delicate figure enlightened beautifully with tanned skin.

His subtle pink lips pressed together with the corner tugging up into a smirk.

He looked angelic with the light-coloured tint of his charm and surroundings being presented.

After awhile longer of gazing at his reflection, his purple eyes drifted to look over his shoulder and overhead from where he's kneeling down.

When all of his surroundings got captured, his interest got settled on the cherry blossom that blew swiftly in the calm breeze; eyes closing gracefully.

He loved it here, but he knew it's soon going to come to an end..

His personality changed quicker than someone clicking their fingers.

Amethyst coloured eyes sharp and murderous to all the alleyways he passed; his trust being long gone and forgotten.

Black slim joggers with a white top following with three quarter black sleeves and a half crescent silver moon necklace is what he wore.

But as a side image, he had vans black and white shoes with white socks and a black metal bracelet on his wrist that just screamed, bad boy in so many ways.

His tousled hair was an abyss black that suited his fine look ever so rightfully.

The surrounding he was engaged with as of now were silent, just merely hearing his own footsteps pad against the wet concrete floor of the city.

Anything that was louder than a breath of air echoed down these narrow paths. But lucky for him he was good at stealth.

The city was filled with lights almost on every street of all colours, up until the street where there weren't any.

He stopped mid-walk when he looked to his right to spot the abandoned alleyway with an almost non-existent glow of blue right in the centre; the background view was pitch-black like a blur.

He frowned to his findings, steps being taken on the off coursed path that had him passing the lamplight and crouching down beside it instead.

A fencing was surrounding where he was plopped down, the objective being to climb beneath the source that was a steel colour.

So, to do just that, he lifted the netting and smoothly slid beneath it to somewhat fall through the ground.

As soon as his feet landed, water splashed and echoed from on the floor and a cave crawled tightly against his sides.

The place he was heading to was in an underground rock cavern below the city; the only signs of lighting down here is the phone that you supposedly bring.

He let off a curt breath, the oxygen down there not being ideally fresh nor a nice temperature. It was just warm and toxic as the two words of description.

His hands brushed against the carved rock surfaced walls that were a tight squeeze to get by, but thankfully he managed.

Every step he took bounced the soundwaves right back at him. The sound being a non-stop echo that continued to travel down the whole tunnel without fault.

With the destination in sight, his stomach turned to what's coming next.

Beers being skulled and tossed to the floor with a loud and piercing shatter was his welcoming view.

Bongs being smoked in puffs of contagious air with others spectating and begging for a turn was utmost disturbing.

He knew he didn't belong down here in the clutches of prisoners and murderers, but quite frankly he also did.

He wasn't ideally normal himself, rather instead he was psycho.

He'd kill somebody with no hesitation, despite how innocent and fragile he may look, he was anything but that.

The sight of the rock-built archway granted him access to the forbidden underground world, steps being taken towards it up until he finally got noticed by all nearby peers with eyes turning to stare the newcomer down.

Snarls and grimaces sounded off along with sharp, judgemental eye contact that was spiteful and left the feeling of being unwanted here.

The boy remained composed though, even with all the looks he was receiving he still decided to keep walking; a show that he hasn't got any tolerance for everyone's rubbish.

Once he was in the circle of the major underground world, a boy with the sense of power and authority came up to him; eyes downcast to look down at the newcomer in disapproval, but a short-lived smile covered up all the real emotions.

"Welcome, and who may you be?" The voice spoke in a high, overruling tone. It seemed almost downgrading to the boy being spoken to so lowly. Though, he gave a simple nod of respect and decided to reply anyways.

"I'm Archer, and who might you be?" Archer asked with a tone of confliction, the other boy narrowing his eyes to the question.

"Usually, I don't get asked that around here," he voiced bitterly with his lips tugged together in disapproval.

Archer raised an eyebrow in surprise, a smirk playing at his lips.

"Don't tell me that you're scared," he begun with a troublesome look in his purple eyes that evidentially irritated the unknown boy before him.

"Scared of what? You," he provoked with a harsh shove at Archer's chest which had him stumbling backwards slightly, balance being regained not long after.

Archer stared at him without any sudden movements being done, just a straight face that spoke no emotions but behind that facial said so many words.

"Hey, don't mess with this boy." A stranger informed from behind the unknown boy. "He's here for a special reason."

The boy swung himself around at an incredibly fast speed to glare at the new visitor, his mouth parting and then closing when he had nothing more to say.

Silence enveloped the three of them when no one dared to talk, so Archer broke the quietness without any pity.

"Where's my brother? You guys captured him and I'm now here to fight in the arena for him. So, chop, chop. Let's go." Archer grumbled with his arms crossed in an impatient way.

Not a single sound followed after the spoken words, only up until an unpleasant and intimidating voice filled the air.

"Welcome, Archer!" The sarcasm yelled from where it got said on the high levelled light grey rock that the man had his legs hanging off of, eyes spiteful and malicious when staring at Archer. "Let's get right to business, shall we?"