Not For Lack of Effort

Amelia really needed a job. She'd been living with her parents for over a year, and she was running out of money to get food and clothes with. At least there were a lot of stores and restaurants near their neighborhood; it couldn't be too hard to find something, right?

She went into the grocery store, fortunately finding a worker who didn't look too busy soon enough.

"Excuse me, do you know if you're hiring right now?" she asked.

He shook his head. "No, sorry. They said we actually have too many people right now, whatever that means."

Amelia sighed. "Okay; well, thanks anyway."

She turned around and left, hoping she'd be more lucky elsewhere.

The next day, she tried checking at the bank down the street.

"No, we've full up right now," the teller replied. "Sorry, ma'am."

Well, two rejections weren't the end of the world, right?

Over the next week, Amelia tried several fast food restaurants, the pharmacy, a clothing store, and an electronics shop.

All of them said the same thing: they weren't hiring anyone right now. How could all of them be turning people down? Didn't any of them need help?

How could Amelia get a job when literally every single place near her house wouldn't even give her a chance?

"People your age are so lazy," her great-aunt said when she came to visit. "When are you going to get a job? Young people just hate work. Do you enjoy being a burden on your parents? All people in your generation do. You don't even try."

Amelia sighed and bit her tongue. She knew Rebecca would just take anything she said as an excuse, or insist she was lying.

Yes, she may as well just nod along and let Rebecca assume it was all her fault for something she couldn't even control.