The peculiar one. They say the person collects an object from each tale. What's more, when you see them wandering in a dim shroud with their face covered, you know something terrifying is about to occur. Have you ever seen a missing person sign? Have you ever wondered why they went missing? Do you ever think about if they're coming back?

"911 what's your emergency?"

"My little girl is missing!" I sob.

"When's the last time you saw her ma'am?" The operator asks.

"Earlier today, she was in her room. Around 1 PM we ate. She went back upstairs and then I couldn't find her anymore."

"She went missing today?"

"Name and age?"

"Victoria Hilton. She's 17."

"Did you two have an argument or...?"

"Stop acting as if this is my fault! I can't find her, so you need to!"

11 years later.

"I'm home!" I yell to no one in particular.

"Your sister is the worst." Chase mumbles.

"Your husband is a douche bag! How have you been able to deal with him for all these years!" Cathy yells.

"Cath, you won't have to deal with him for long since you'll be leaving soon."

"Oh thank god!" Chase smiles.

"He is disrespectful, he is disgusting. And I can think of many other d words that he is," Cathy glares through her glasses.

"Did you look at any apartments today?" I ask.

"Yes, if there is anything your husband has done for me, it is inspire me to move quickly out of your home, which is beautiful by the way." Cathy says, making her way toward me, "I'm sad to leave though. When we were kids we would be little partners in crime remember? Terrorizing the streets and all the little kids."

"You would?," Chase laughs.

"We were teenagers, of course we would."

"Sis we were never the 'ordinary' teenagers, don't think I forgot about Ki - "

"Shut up," I say as my phone starts ringing.

"Who is it?" Cathy asks.
"Unknown number. I'm picking it up anyways... Hello?"


"Um, who are you looking for?"

"I'm pretty sure I have the right number, you're Janice right?" The girl says peppily.

"Yes, who is this?"

"Oh you know who it is! Haven't you missed me? I was busy with college for 8 years so I didn't have any time to talk to you."

"So, you're someone that I know, and you went to college?"
"Well, I was kinda just playing around in the college." The girl giggles, "You should've seen everyone's faces, it was HILARIOUS!"

"Um ok... I'm sorry but I do think you have the wrong number."

"No Ma! You couldn't have forgotten about me that easy. It's me! Victoria!"

My eyes go wide as I start shaking.

"Who is it honey?" Chase asks.

"V – V- V- Victoria."

His eyes go wide. "But didn't we kill her?"

It wasn't the police who found her. But at least she found Janice ... right?