The peculiar one. They say the person collects an object from each tale. What's more, when you see them wandering in a dim shroud with their face covered, you know something

terrifying is about to occur.

My father told me to stop screaming,

"Nope, I'm pretty sure SCA billing is due today."

"Where are you getting this information Kaiden?" I sigh frustrated, waiting for my outlook inbox to load.

"It says it right here in the email."

"Today is July 21st?!"


"Oh... shoot. Sorry."

"It's fine, I can ask for an extension. The project isn't supposed to be fully due until next week."

"Thank goodness. I've been so out of it lately."

"I've noticed," Kaiden smirks giving me a look, "is it a girl?"

"Well it's a girl, just not the type you're thinking of. It's my daughter, Grace."

"Oh; you've never told me about your daughter."

"She only bothers me sometimes, so I don't talk about her much."

"What grade is she in?"

"This year she'll be turning 13, so 8th grade."

"Oh really? That's awesome man!"

As I walked home that day, I sucked in my surroundings – like I usually do. However, it felt as though my vision was tainted by a light red. I really need some glasses. Normally, the grass would be green, the stores would reflect against the sun brightly. Today just seemed gloomier, darker. I wonder if it's going to rain; I wouldn't want Grace getting caught in that. Walking up the stairs today seem harder; so hard I have to strain in order to walk up successfully. I know the days will only grow harder if I continue to stay awake, so I might as well talk to Grace about all this loud screaming tonight.

Our apartment is small and messy, with Grace's toys littering the floor. "You have to clean that sometime, you can trip and fall." My subconscious tells me, "I don't know how these forbidden memories will ever help you." Wait, is that my subconscious?

I walk into the living room to find Henry, my therapist.

"What are you doing here? Our session isn't until Wednesday."

"Today is Wednesday."

"Oh sorry, I've been losing track of time."

"All these toys will do, is make her angry. You know how much she hates the memory of her mother."

"No, she loves these toys."

"Look Jaxon, I don't think you should be forcing this on her. Grace always enjoyed television more than toys – you know that. It's time to get rid of this nonsense."

"I will, just not today," I say, sitting down in the armchair and rubbing my temples.

"Deep down, you know inside why she won't let you sleep. You must mend the tear between the two of you."

"And how should I do that? I've ruined her life, she'll never forgive me."

"You must at least try, Jaxon. All this exhaustion is catching up with you. You must mend the tear, and never speak of this again. It's time to let all this go. Stop this madness you're fueling within her and yourself. "

"I got it, alright Henry? I can take care of this on my own."

That night, at precisely 11:08 PM, the earsplitting scream starts again. I grab my coat and keys, and walk. I walk until the trees grow taller, the houses fade to black gates, and the concrete grows rougher under my shoes. I take a deep breath, before walking in. Amanda Lee. Bethany Hill. Finally I reach them, Trisha Graham and our little princess, Grace Graham. I kneel on the dirt, near the dead flowers and the stone.

"Grace please, I'm sorry."

"Sorry won't work this time father," She whispers, "you took too much from me."

"I know I did sweetheart, and I could never repay you for all that I've done."

"You need help, real help not that fake, in your head nonsense you have with Henry. He'll never help you. He's been the bad influence from the start."

"Grace, you don't know what you're saying."

"He's the one that broke our family father. Don't you see? You must open your eyes. And since you are the only one left living, you must pay the debt for everyone."

"Grace I -"

"No. You heard my screams, your fictional character heard my screams, even Mother heard my screams, but you never stopped. So now, neither will I."

My father told me to stop screaming, but I will make him listen this time.