Do you ever wonder,

The exact moment you lost them?

You were so close to each other,

Yet they drifted so effortlessly out of your life,

As if carried by an unknown force.

You contemplate on the good times,

and you realize that an ever widening gap of time,

Has wedged itself between you both,

Through no fault or error on either side,

But just the river of time carrying you down different forks.

You can hardly remember the countless times,

Discussing life and the changing world,

Laughing as you spent time with each other,

Perhaps fighting over silly things and making up,

Yet the years that passed leave you dazed.

What was the last meeting and what did you do?

You can hardly remember the details,

Likely unaware at the time,

That your current companionship would be the last,

And you would slip from each other's fingers.

Was it a positive experience or a catch up phone call?

Were you still making future plans together?

Or was it 'just another day' together?

The fog of time begins to corrupt them,

As a bittersweet feeling swells in your chest.

Do they wonder about you as well?

Would you still be close today?
Or would life have changed them too greatly,

As your mind clasps onto dated memories,

A version of them that only exists within your mind?

It can be a losing battle trying to fight back the static,

The mental corruption that ages your memories,

Left out to dry in the hot sun,

Recalling the last times you talked with them,

The last moment in time that ended your friendship.

Do you remember when you lost them?

A friendship now stored in a time capsule,

A dirty, dusty box stored loosely in the attic of your memories,

Stashed with the fads and outdated information,

Never to be pulled into daily use again.