Off The Hook Tdelicot Summary: This story takes place with the return of Phineas at a time Special Agent Gibbs is dealing with the local Cartel trying to go after him and his NCIS family. The story takes place in season 18th.

Chapter 1

BOOM! This happened three times in the space of a minute with Special Agent Gibbs as the team leader for NCIS. He was down on the ground near a construction site in Fairfax, while McGee, Torres, and Bishop on the other side of the site try to figure out where their boss had gone.

He had left the bullpen after receiving a phone number from one of his sources to meet him at the construction site. Hanging up the phone with his three top agents sitting watching his demeanor and upset slightly with the call.

"Everything ok Boss?" McGee will be asked and with grave concern for their boss and friend.

"It's fine Tim, I just need to leave for an errand that needs to be done." He will announce even though he was lying. "Tim, you have point for a few hours until I get back. If my wife wants to know where I am, you don't know?" He was referring to his recent bride Jack Sloane since she was supposed to be in a meeting with the director Leon Vance.

Gibbs grabs his weapon and badge with places them into his black leather jacket that he loves a great deal. He moves away from them in the bullpen to head for the elevator and to his grey truck outside.

Meanwhile, McGee says to Bishop and Nick Torres anxious to get moving from their seats. "He's scared. Did you see the look on his face for when he was talking to whoever was on the phone?" Tim had to say before realizing he wanted Bishop to check into the last call that had come into Gibbs's cell phone.

Agent Eleanor Bishop was able to bring up the computer program to tap into the recent calls of Special Agent Gibbs.

"Damn! His last call came from Fairfax Construction. It was mostly a burner unable for me and anyone else to trace it." She stated with her heart racing along with her blood pressure as she looks over at her future husband Nick Torres.

"Let's go the both of you. This sounds fishy and we need to protect Gibbs from whatever is going on with him. Unless his wife Jack Sloane Gibbs knows anything about it?"

"I highly doubt it Tim or else she would be down here ASAP!" Torres will say with placing his weapon into his grey jacket as with his I.D. badge. Bishop did the same along with grabbing her gear. They didn't know what was going on and they needed to be very cautious with the situation at the construction site.

Director Leon Vance along with Jack Sloane and two other agents listening to the recent violence in the tri-state region with the local Cartel moving in a new batch of weapons and cocaine. It would seem that truckers hired by the local Cartel are bringing in the goods.

"I have no idea on whether anyone will be able to stop them. Even though I understand that SECNAV needs action as soon as possible. The reason I say this is the Intel that retired Marines and Naval personnel is driving the trucks from state to state." Leon needed to say with Jack Sloane Gibbs distracted slightly when she had received a text message that was on low, not enough for anyone to hear.

When she had looked down at the text it was from Phineas of all things since it's been a while that she had heard from him.

When this particular meeting was over she would be able to find out what's on his mind, since he's been staying with his aunt Mickey and Uncle George in Philadelphia.

She looked up quickly with her mind now on Phineas and her husband downstairs in the bullpen bored as hell with the paperwork.

One of the agents asked in the office spoke about doing possible undercover work to try and sniff out the Cartel members for the tri-state region. "Agent Jones, I will need to discuss it further with Secnav and other authorities for when it comes to the budget on the undercover operation." Leon will say with ending the meeting and with Agent Jack Sloane Gibbs just glad it was over with the meeting.