Off The Hook

Chapter 22: Final Chapter

"If I need to take over Vance's job I will need to make some changes for when it comes to the ethics of the job. I won't be able to be running around like a chicken for every little thing that happens with the different teams."

"You do know that change is not easy to do. Take for an example with yourself and the ideas in your mind and one of them was Jack asking her to marry you being your fifth wife. Do you think that you're still replacing Shannon?" Doctor Grace will ask contently with the question.

"No, I am not Doctor. And please don't bring up her name when Shannon can't defend herself whatsoever with being murdered. I was a total mess once I had found them dead and I wasn't able to continue on for a while." He will reply with emotion and tears.

"I am sorry Gibbs for bringing up the old memories. Well, anyway back to Vance's job. Is it possible that you will make the decision to finally retire since you have passed the age restriction by ten years?" She asked once more with changing it around slightly.

"Yes." He changed his position in his chair feeling slightly annoyed.

"Now to Jack Sloane. What do you think of your wife in general?" She smirks slightly at the question and watching his reaction.

"Are you kidding Doc? I love the woman a great deal and she is the best damn thing that has happened to me in such a long time. Even Hollis, Doctor Ryan wasn't able to fill the void I needed to complete me until Sloane had blown into my life."

"Being that you're out of the hospital and back to work. How is the sex between you and your wife?" She blushed herself with the question. But it needed to be asked never the less...

"Jesus Doc! Sex is the best damn with the both of us with the intensity of it outstanding every time. And at my age, I can go four rounds without a general thought." He smiled with watching her reaction to being one of not being surprised.

"Really Gibbs! I would never guess that you're such a sexual person over the years. At any rate I am glad that you're happy..And no doubt so are your friends like saving Phineas from being abducted for the second time."

"Yeah! We are both at peace having to be friends with a special connection." He says with his heartwarming up with strong emotions thinking of his friend.

"I am glad Gibbs in a big way now that we can end this session on a positive note. You will be able to head back to work full time and begin your search for the Cartel leader." She responded.

"I know." He gets up from his chair feeling much relieved that he can get back to his routine of looking for criminals and spending time with his wife ...and appreciate the true things in his life.

The end