I love you

I love you as I've never loved before.

You are to me a wonder of the world.

Ever-present in my thought,

at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You are to me

not like a lighthouse at the stormy coast,

nor like the evening star.

I would not lose my way alone.

You are to me,

not a necessity, but so much more.

You are to me

Pina colada when there's nothing but house wine.

A cool breeze on a hot summer day,

a cheat code in a hardcore game.


I am complete,

strong and without fear of life.


we are more than twice ourselves.

When I struggle with my work,

come home tired and exhausted,

when I cry for no good reason

feel alone and left by all,

You smile.

You stroke my hair,

you make this funny face

because it always makes me laugh.

I do not deserve your love

given without expectations.

For so many years

you've been there.

Day in, day out, perpetually.

You are the love of my life.

And one day,


You will understand

how much you mean to me.

I love you.