Like a bird in the sky

An eagle soars high

How I wish I could fly

Like a bird in the sky

To the chirping sparrow in the morning

To the hooting owl at night

All birds are special-

When they take flight

My Love

My love burns in the night

Like a star shining bright

And the angels call for me tonight

But I will stand forever bright

My love burns in the night

Like a star so ever bright


I spend most of my life- chasing down a dream

A dream that will never happen

A dream you cannot see


The Spring has come

The grass has wept

The leaves are shining from whence they slept

The buds of spring burst through the ground

And birds fill the air with beauteous sound


Gently swinging back and forth

Leaves falling to the ground

Birds come in flying from the North-

Their singing such a sweet sound


I'm invisible everywhere I turn

You walk right through me as if I don't exist

Can you see me?

Can you hear my voice echoing inside your mind?

My one true wish is to be heard

To be acknowledged for who I am

But I know that will never happen

Because I cannot be seen-

My wish will never be fulfilled

And I will continue on alone