Carefully, quietly he crept forward through the darkened, destroyed house. The slightest noise sending shivers down his back. A crash make him jump with fright as the scuttling of rats across the dirty old rotted floorboards faded once again into the background. The sharp wind whistled through the broken windows. An involuntary shiver ran down his spine but he continued forward again.

"What was I thinking?" he thought frantically to himself.

He pushed open a door barely hanging onto the doorframe . Shivering again he brought his arms up to hug himself, an attempt to make him feel less cold and alone. The room was destroyed, ransacked; books strewn across the floor the bedding ripped open, the mattress slashed open and the shattered bed frame created a grisly sight to behold. Continuing forward he felt something soft squish beneath his feet, jumping back and cursing in surprise. Looking down he realized that he had stepped straight into the chest of a decaying body.