A unforetold Re-appearance

Rain slid endlessly down the window in short rivers. Two droplets racing each other to their doom at the bottom. The silence only broken by a distant roll of thunder, or bright flash. I was jolted out of my revery by a sharp knock at the door. I opened it and there he was, standing in the pouring rain looking at me through disheveled matted hair longer than when I'd last seen it. I stood gaping at the sight before me, with rain dripping down his massive body and soaking the old worn Welcome mat below. I looked up and saw that he had a grizzled muzzle for a mouth, and dark soulless eyes that seemed to pierce right through me. He took a swig from a small silver flask at his hip. As he exhaled I smelled the faint scent of scotch on his breath. He breathed deeply, and seemed to grow even larger towering over my petite figure.

"Well are you going to invite me in or do I have to stand out here in the cold all night?"


It Was Raining the night she died

It was raining the night she died. Right here in this very house we found her just laying there on the floor in the middle of the hallway carpet. I'll never forget that moment, sometimes I can still see her. It's been years but sometimes I still see her laying there on the hallway carpet blocking the way forward. She was my only lifeline the one I could trust above all else. But now she's dead and gone so none of that really matters anyway. It is all for nought and nothing will bring her back. Nothing will ever return her to my life, my cat.


Roused from my sleep I blinked drearly in soft dawn light, the silence around me only broken by the distant cries of a rooster. I sat up in bed and yawned my warm covers sliding off me. I blinked the last dregs of sleep from my eyes as I got up out of bed. Running my fingers through my short brown hair I made my way to my younger siblings bedroom. I sighed internally, as the oldest it was my job to wake them up and make sure that we were all down for breakfast on time. I looked at my wrist only to see my pale wrist, and suddenly remembered that my watch was still on my bedside table. Turning back to my room I could hear the distant sounds of my parents yelling at each other again.

Walking out of my room again, this time watch securely around my wrist, I went into my younger siblings bedroom. It was apparent to me that they had turned off their alarm and gone back to sleep again. Gently shaking them awake for the second time. I said " Come on wake up it's time for breakfast you little brats."

Dragging them out of bed we made our way down stairs just in time to hear the very end of our parents fight. Sitting down at the table and setting it for breakfast I sighed again and wondered if my parents would get that divorce they'd been talking about.