Chapter 1


Stepping into the bowling zone area, Shadow gazed to the players in an already active game, amethyst eyes watching the ball speedily roll down the aisle.

Cheers and groans erupted from the other team members, the player that just took his turn yelling with enthusiasm to his perfect strike.

Curiosity sure as much got the best of Shadow as he couldn't help but continue staring, awaiting the moment for the anonymous person to turn around.

The sly figured male wearing a white top with a blue jacket detailed in white stripes, dark blue jeans with a chain necklace dangling down spun around to eye his friends, Shadow's heart beating faster to the blue-eyed boy.

"Jett," he whispered faintly, tears begging to stream down to the sight of his ex at the same bowling place that he decided to visit on this exact day.

Leo flopped onto the red couch beside Shadow, Rex and Gary sliding the four raspberry slushies onto the coffee table in the centre of the two surrounding couches.

"Hey, don't look so dead!" Leo called with his knuckles and arm dragging Shadow into a headlock filled with scruffle, the lather shoving at his chest with urgency and a flushed pink face with his eyes frantically looking about in embarrassment to how this position probably looked in public.

Humiliation settled in on Shadow when Jett's gaze locked in with his eyes, a raised eyebrow with a conflicted expression being shown.

Shadow stared back with a gapping mouth, a pout lingering on his lips with large puppy eyes reflecting in his irises when his ex-turned away with dismissal.

He's a prick for not giving me attention. So, what!? I cheated on him with his brother! It's not my fault that they're as hot as eachother.

Leo went silent upon realizing what just happened, a sheepish expression being gestured.

"Aya, sorry mate.. Hadn't quite realized that the tension was so very.." Leo fake coughed as if to fill in the last word. "Strong." He finished off awkwardly, Shadow frowning in reply to his comment.

They don't even realize that I'm only in it for sex and attention. Nothing else.

"But" Rex continued; powerful glares being shot at Leo. "We're here to spend time together and not focus on anything bad. So, Leo. Since you're starting first, get that ass up and strut your stuff."

Leo gapped in reply but still obeyed the command.

With smooth, delicate curves, he swiftly skidded the ball down the narrow pathway, the purple ball only knocking down three pins.

Leo flushed a bright red shyly, Gary scoffing from along the couch.

"Gosh, you suck." Gary called before stuffing the yellow slushy straw between his lips, a snarl sounding from Leo in which the four of them looked up to the scoreboard on screen; Gary's turn showing up.

"Off you go, sunshine." Rex purred with Gary putting his slushy down on the table and walking to the line of balls, finger automatically selecting the vibrant orange one that was in his size.

It's funny to think that none of them are my friends and yet I'm hanging out with them for the sake of these guys spending their money for events like this.

Gary glanced over his shoulder with a prideful smirk, brown eyes examining the group of boys.

"Watch and learn, boys." Gary commented with his arm swinging the ball forwards, six pins being knocked down by the impact.

Shadow watched Gary slightly impressed, a smirk tugging at his lips.

It'll be fun playing with his heart.

Leo grumbled beneath his breath a string of profanities, Rex staring up at the screen to see his name appear.

"Step aside, the real star is coming through." Rex expressed with a nudge to Gary's arm when passing by him, eyes locking in with the red ball that he grasped and not long after, swung.

What was once a look of happiness immediately dropped down into shame when watching the results unfold.

The ball bounced off the railings, direction instantly going for the side on the last rebound, which only knocked down two pins.

Rex brought his hands up to his face to try hide himself, cheeks burning in a bright red.

The group of boys laughed to the sight, Shadow making a snarky remark.

"Ah, yes. The skill is so almighty, it's unbearable really." Shadow commented in a narrator's tone, blue straw sitting on his tongue after his speech as he drank his icy drink happily.

The already predictable next player was Shadow, cocky and spiteful, the boy put his drink down and stood from the couch, emotions feeling overwhelmed with the presence of someone watching him.

Blue eyes could be seen from the corner of his eye, the stare looking him up and down while watching his sly figure move out onto the bowling aisle.

As if the world hated him, Jett's turn was on the same go as him; both boys being in different games and aisles but both rolling the ball at the same time.

The echo of pins falling down erupted from the far end, Jett and Shadow gapping in surprise when glancing at one another's strike.

Purple amongst blue met in a strong eye contact, Shadow biting at his lip when the briefly taller male grinned to what had just happened.

"Nice strike." Jett complimented with his ocean-blue eyes searching the emotions provided through Shadow's, Shadow rubbing at the back of his head nervously.

"Y-yeah, thanks. You too." He called shyly, hand rubbing at his arm while looking at the exit from afar.

The conversation didn't last long before yells being announced in union were heard from by the sofas, the three boys groaning with their heads flopped against the couch in defeat.

They really had to wreck my chance of talking with Jett again now didn't they?

"You're kidding me, Shadow! How did you get a strike on your first turn!?" Rex whined with his green eyes vibrantly furious, snarls leaving his red lips afterwards. "That's absolutely ridiculous."

Leo snickered to Rex's observation; dark green eyes gainful.

"You're just upset by the fact that you're in last place and that I bet you by one pin." Leo brushed off with a fan of his hand, Rex jumping between his legs with his arms wrestling the laying down boy.

"Is that so, Leo?" Rex growled with his hands pushing pressure down onto Leo's held up arms, series of green eyes looking to one another in competition.

Leo grunted to the force, knees pressing up against Rex's stomach to push him off.

"Yes, that is correct." Leo muttered through pants, Shadow and Gary staring at the two boys in confliction.

"Wow, that escalated.." Gary announced lowly with his brown eyes gazing over to Shadow's purple, the opposed boy shrugging his shoulders in return.

"Indeed, it did. Guess they're both gay for each other." Shadow complied with a grin, Leo, and Rex groaning in union.

"We're not gay, guys. We're just really.." The two boys looked to one another at a loss for words. "Close." Leo mumbled with his emerald eyes looking away from the group, Rex grabbing at the slushy with an orange straw and sipping at it lightly.

Leo sat unmoving for awhile, hand reaching out for the slushy with the green straw in which he drank for a few seconds, silence surrounding the air.

The air grew rather thick by just that one conversation, Shadow ignoring the tension and sighting on Jett bowling with his friends.

His throat grew very dry as Jett laughed at a joke one of the boys had said, his heart filling up with jealousy with the need for that attention again.

Why don't you want me back?