Chapter 21

Rebound boundaries

"So, I'll be stick with you permanently?" Shadow hissed with his jaw gritting in disgust, DC smirking and nodding his head apprehensively. "Stuff that." Shadow breathed up in DC's face from along the wall, back arching as DC leaned in closer to Shadow, minty breath fanning over his face.

"You're forced to oblige." DC announced while smiling sickly, Shadow's stomach flipping to the disturbing look. "If not, I'll turn you into the centuries walking joke for being the attention whore and player that you are." Shadow gapped for a moment before sighing to himself sadly, eyes widening upon hearing the sound of a camera snapping a photo of him and DC up against the wall, his face extremely close to Shadow's.

"Just in case you thought I was joking," DC begun while calling over the photographer that happened to be one of the boys from in DC's group. "Have a look at how convincing this photo looks."

Shadow eyed the photo curiously with unfortunately, DC holding him along the wall to avoid his futile attempts of snatching the phone and deleting it. The photo showed Shadow blushing a rosy pink from the close proximity of DC being so close to his lips, Shadow's eyes looking at the camera from where his head turned to the side slightly, mouth agape to show how guilty he is of what he's doing.

Shadow bit at his lip in response to the detailed photo, deadly glares being shot over to DC.

"Why are you doing this!?"

DC smirked in reply, hand stroking around Shadow's throat from along the wall.

"To teach you about boundaries and how to respect people and their feelings." DC spoke with a tone as cold as ice. "You've been moving on to different boys so fast that now I've stopped you and you're bouncing right back, but this time, into my trap."

Shadow gapped in silence before finding DC's lips on his, squirming ravelling through his body as he shook about frantically, the next moment in his life making him regret everything.

"Shadow?" Kyle and Jett asked in union while intaking the position and guy pinning him to the wall, his squirming looking of pleasure and his blush that was in dept with his playboy personality hadn't helped this look any better.

Shadow pushed DC away, the move making him unintentionally looking far more guilty as Jett and Kyle raised an eyebrow, scowls adorning their features.

"I thought you meant you were a playboy as in personality wise, not sleeping around!" Kyle barked with his brown eyes fiery, Jett snapping his head over to Kyle in dismay.

"You knew about this!?" Jett yelled with his fists clenched tightly, Shadow shrivelling up with DC's smirk making him plead to go invisible upon knowing how badly this was going to end for him.

Kicked out of their house AND getting neither of the Vexed brothers!

"Well, yeah… He always flirts with me." Kyle broke out with a smirk, Jett shaking his head furiously upon putting two and two together.

"Kyle, he flirts with me too!" Kyle's smile faltered as his face grew pale upon realizing that they both got played by one single, skinny, tanned skin boy. The boy across from them pinned to the wall by a complete stranger to be exact.

"Shadow…" Both Vexed brothers growled in union, Shadow's heart beating excruciatingly fast as he squirmed from in DC's embrace to retreat and leave the scene that he thought would never happen.

They weren't supposed to find out! No, no, no! Please don't tell anyone about this!

"That's why you don't rebound, Shadow." DC purred into Shadow's ear teasingly. "Because you end up screwing yourself up with your past mistakes in the future." Shadow huffed angrily to DC's words, phone blowing up like a hotwire with DC finally letting go of the boy so he could check, a smirk of all knowing as Shadow pulled his phone out and grew pale, several people were messaging him about the photo that got taken earlier, the caption not helping:

"Attention whore caught out being pinned against the wall by a stranger; cheeks flushed in a bright pink with his hands to the male's chest, mouth agape upon being caught in the act."

Kyle and Jett got the same notification, which was sent to them by their close associates, the word already spreading from friends of friends way too fast.

Shadow watched the notifications roll in with a different name appearing by the second, Gary, Rex, Leo, and Tyson being the four newest ones.

Gary: I should've known that's why you made me fall for you without it leading to anywhere other than a dead end.

Rex: Wow… Disappointing but predictable.

Leo: Really Shadow!? How could you! We thought Jett was your one and only, not everyone!

Tyson: Sad to find out by one of my friends with the live thought rushing through my head about maybe us having something special, a relationship at some point in the future if lucky. But all that drowned out with my hope upon seeing this. Not only are you pinned to a wall, but you're enjoying it. Such a shame… Bye Shadow. Don't text again.

Other people:

Jeffery: Disloyal dog.

Bruce: Wow… And to think one of my friends liked you. So disappointing.

Kevin: So damn good looking but such a shitty personality.

Drake: Why's it always the cute ones that have the scandal going on..?

Tears broke into Shadow's eyes as the texts just kept on coming in.

This wasn't how I wanted to become popular! I wanted to be somebody's little bitch where they would cherish and adore me for who I am, not insult and break me down! I was hoping for a protective boyfriend that would fight people if they even dared to look at me, but now, that's all-wistful thinking. Everyone has found out the truth about me now—That when I flirt, it isn't special—I shouldn't have moved on and rebounded back to the same and then different people. If I would have to say it now, I should've had rebound boundaries that kept me with one loyal boyfriend and me being respectful, loving, appreciative, and last but least, kind.

Rebounds just lead to trouble…

Final diary log-in:

Shadow Phantom… Male. Single. Broken. Depressed. And filled with regret for toying with people's hearts and in the end, getting the biggest rebound done to me:

I rebounded so far back into the past that I have to repeat my whole entire life-long journey again. But this time, a blackmark to my name, not even any fake friends, and a non-stop sex drive that will remain untouched for a very long time.

Briefest summary: Appreciate what you've got and not what you want.