The infinite void of the heavens. The vast expanse of stars and planets, each one unique from the rest. Hundreds of thousands of them span all across the Milky Way galaxy. Each of them so far away from each other. Throughout the course of human history, mankind has looked up at the night sky and gazed in awe at the sheer beauty of the heavens, and asked itself, if there were any other worlds out there. Would there be life like us in those worlds?

Little did mankind know, there were many earth-like worlds out there, with many different sentient races, who also gazed up at their night sky asking the exact same question.

That was, until a man named Ditross Myoxx, from the planet Lifner, began the great manifest destiny.

This man was a brilliant scientist who would be the first being in any known world to invent light speed travel. With this invention, he chose not to share this technology with the governments of his homeworld, instead he founded the Union Galactic Railroad Company. His technology would only be available on ships built by his company. Those ships, known as "Engines", would tow merchant ships from his home planet of Lifner to many worlds far away in a straight line "train" formation, thus beginning the great manifest destiny. The goal of the great manifest destiny was to explore all of the worlds in the galaxy, and spread the culture, technology, and civilization of Lifner across the stars. Opening up trade relations with other worlds helped in making the planet Lifner one of the wealthiest worlds in all the Galaxy. But this was only the first step in his master plan.

Despite establishing contact and trade relations with other worlds, Myoxx had more sinister motives behind his manifest destiny. Unfortunately, not every world his trains visited were so welcoming. There were planets that attacked his trains and drove them back. These aggressive acts by other worlds led to the formation of the Union Galactic Railroad Security. Commonly referred to as "Ugers", these soldiers were initially created to protect the engines and its ships in tow, but would later become the most elite fighting force on Lifner, and eventually, the whole galaxy.

Myoxx used these aggressions from other planets as just cause to invade and conquer other worlds. What began as a journey to spread science and culture, soon turned into a march of imperialism across the galaxy. One by one, civilized planets fell under Myoxx's control. The leaders of Lifner were so blinded by the wealth flowing in from Union Galactic that they allowed Myoxx and his corporation to seize control of the entire planet. He had the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy. His trains had brought such wealth and prosperity to the planet. The people of Lifner worshipped him like a god. What started as an engineering company creating space technology to advance science became an interplanetary corporate empire. All in the name of the great manifest destiny.

Myoxx pushed himself to further his research with the immense capital he had acquired. After many years, He had invented a starship engine that was capable of faster than light speed travel. This technology would finally realize his ultimate goal of manifest destiny, to make himself the ruler of not only his home planet, but of every other planet in the galaxy. He would spread his culture and civilization across the stars, and every being on every world would submit to his rule. He would finally "tame the wild stars" and bring law and order to the many primitive worlds across the galaxy. Everything was going exactly as he had planned. However, there was one thing he did not count on. One unexpected act of defiance that would forever change the course of fate of the galaxy.