Chapter 20: When the Saints go Marching in

For the first time in the history of the Archangel, there was a crowd in the sick bay. It seemed that everyone was feeling ill with symptoms of the same disease.


Nelsie, Yuri, and Flora were all in the sick bay rummaging through the cabinets to try and find something to cure their ailment. Jacq had just woken up a few minutes ago and walked past to see all the commotion.

"What are y'all doing?" Jacq asked.

"Please mister Merleaux, not so loud…" Flora groaned.

"My head is pounding. I haven't drank that much in a long time. You think there is anything in here that can help us?" Nelsie mumbled.

Jacq laughed. "Sounds like y'all got a pretty bad hangover. Not to worry, I'll whip up something to help everyone get over this real fast. Follow me to the galley."

They all made their way to the kitchen where Jacq made everyone big plates of bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, biscuits, and gravy.

Judging by the lack of conversation at the table, Jacq assumed the meal was satisfactory.

Chan Chan walked into the galley next, followed by Frankie. They were both served a plate of breakfast, and sat down at the table with the rest of the crew.

Frankie took one quick glance at Flora. They made eye contact for a few seconds, but she turned away to hide her blush. He knew exactly what she said last night, but would have to wait until later to talk to her about it.

Finally, Jeen walked in. Everyone continued to eat normally as she was served a plate of breakfast. When the time came for her to sit down and eat, she naturally took the empty table next to the group.

"Hey Jeen, why are you sitting all the way over there? Come on and join us!" Frankie invited her.

"A-are you sure that is okay?" She whispered.

Everyone nodded at her. Flora rolled her eyes, but did not say anything.

"Thanks guys. It's been a long time since I ate breakfast with anyone else, let alone a big group like this." She grabbed her plate and sat next to Frankie and Chan Chan. Jacq was the last to join the group as he served himself a plate and sat at the end of the table.

The conversation was mostly about last night's party. However, things soon shifted to the battle plan.

"I've been inside Omontu station before, so I sort of know my way around. I'll do my best to help you guys, if you'll have me." Jeen stated.

Flora looked at her suspiciously, but Frankie helped to ease her concerns. "At this point, we'll take all the help we can get. Thanks Jeen."

After everyone finished with breakfast, they went back to their quarters to shower and change. Frankie had told everyone to meet him on the bridge in one hour to go over the plan. While he wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page, he also felt it was time to tell them all the truth.


Everyone had showered and changed into their battle uniforms. Nelsie was fully dressed in her armor. The helmet had a mohawk of stiff hair sticking straight up. The shoulder pads were bright chrome decorated with various carvings of lions, eagles, and lightning bolts. The wrist guards were also chrome with various carvings of lightning bolts. Underneath, she wore her red undershirt and black pants. The shield was rectangle shaped with a crudely painted letter "P" and the letter "X" crossed over each other in white over a red background. Her sword was large, and featured two eagle wings for thumb guards.

Yuri was dressed in his big white coat from the planet protaga. He wore a black undershirt over his grey skin, and black pants. On top of his head was the white Ushanka hat with the red star painted on the front. He was carrying his famous sniper rifle "Misha" with the wolf skull on the muzzle.

Chan Chan was dressed in her usual black robe and black witches hat. She usually spent missions on board the ship, so she did not feel the need to dress up.

Flora was dressed in a black tank top and tight black shorts. She had her blonde hair done up in a ponytail, which helped to show off her long pointy ears. She wore some black paint on her face just under her orange eyes, like a football player would wear before a game. Her twin short swords were securely fastened in their scabbard behind her back.

Jeen was wearing her standard flannel shirt with blue jeans, stetson hat, and cowboy boots. Jacq wore something similar, except instead of a stetson on his head, he wore an old black baseball cap with a gold fleur-de-lis on the front.

Frankie took this opportunity to wear the new outfit he bought at the Archimedes forum. This outfit consisted of his dad's cowboy boots and some new brown pants with cargo pockets for extra ammo. A black shirt with a custom gold fleur-de-lis on the front paired with golden angel wings on both sides. He still wore his dad's old belt with the fleur-de-lis belt buckle. This was perfect for holstering both his laser pistol and his .357 magnum. The final piece of his new outfit was a long black duster that he had custom made with the same gold fleur-de-lis logo on the back with the twin angel wings.

He put on his brown stetson hat and looked at himself in the mirror.

"You look very handsome, master." Soul Sister told him in his mind.

"Thanks. Are you ready?"

Soul Sister giggled. "I'm the one who is supposed to be asking you that."

"We've come so far, no going back now. Let's do this." Frankie declared as he left his quarters for the bridge.


Everyone was waiting for him on the bridge when he arrived.

"Wow, cowboy! I dig the new look." Chan Chan complimented.

"Still not as cool as mine." Nelsie teased.

"Comrade Merleaux is certainly dressed the part. I find it a great improvement over his previous attire." Yuri commented.

Frankie beamed at the praise. He looked over at Flora who turned away blushing. "I-it looks nice."

"Well now, look at you boy! You look just like me when I was your age." Jacq joked.

Jeen simply nodded as if to signal him to get the briefing started.

"Let me start off by saying, thank you all for joining me on this mission. After speaking with Jeen, it would seem that the odds of us pulling this off are very slim. Nobody in the history of the galaxy has ever done anything like this before. But then again, nobody in the galaxy has ever done any of the stuff we have accomplished either. I believe in every one of you, and I believe in our plan. So without further ado, Chan Chan, please do the honor."

Chan Chan plugged herself into the main table in the center of the room. Her holographic witch avatar appeared on the table along with a holographic image of Omontu station in orbit around the planet Lifner.

"Alright everyone, here is the plan. We are going to rescue Doctor M. She is one of the alphabet scientists who worked on the Ascension project. She was the head researcher who, according to Jacq, helped to free Soul Sister from Union Galactic 15 years ago. We believe that she is being detained in his area of Omontu station, here."

Chan Chan zoomed in on a section of Omontu station near the lower part. Jeen nodded along. "You are correct. That area is the detention block. If she is being held prisoner, she would most likely be in there."

Chan Chan continued. "Once we get close enough to the station, we will use the main guns on the Archangel to break through their shields. After we do this, our next objective will be to use the space shuttle to get close enough to this small hangar located here."

Chan Chan zoomed in some more. "While the main guns on the Archangel can pierce the shields from the exterior, We still need to get past the blast doors of the hanger. I can unlock it remotely by hacking into their network, but once they detect my virus, they will initiate an emergency shut down of the hangar. This will give us about 5 minutes before the blast doors close permanently. Once that happens, the blast doors can only be reopened from the inside."

"During that time, Yuri would need to be able to shoot down any snipers positioned in these areas from about 800-1000 meters away. Also, these massive laser cannons will be firing at the space shuttle. While the space shuttle is equipped with laser cannons too, they are located under the nose and can only fire forward. These turrets are positioned on the left and right sides of the shuttle, so our cannons are useless against them. Now, the turrets have an external power cable that connects it to the main network inside the station. If Yuri can shoot those cables from a long range, then it would take care of the cannons, and we can get the space shuttle inside the hangar nice and easy. This is going to be tough, Yuri. The space shuttle will be moving towards the hangar at about 100 meters per second. And since the space shuttle has no gun pods, you will have to perform a space walk outside of the ship in order to make the shots. Can you do it?"

Yuri smiled and held up his impressive sniper rifle. "Leave it to me! Misha and I will take out all targets before they know what hit them."

Jeen leaned into Frankie and whispered in his ear. "Hey, who is Misha?"

"That's what he calls his gun. Don't worry about it."

Chan Chan continued. "Once we get the space shuttle safely inside the hanger, the blast doors will close on us. You guys can open it from the inside, but the second the ship lands, you will all be surrounded by Ugers. That is where Nelsie comes in."

Chan Chan looked at Nelsie, who was now grinning wickedly. "We need you to fight all of those Ugers as a diversion so that Frankie, Flora, Jeen, and Jacq make their way from the hangar to the detention block. It will be a tough fight, and you will be all alone against dozens of elite Uger soldiers. Think you can handle it?"

Nelsie roared. "I will show them no mercy! Daesoma Invicta!"

Chan Chan turned to Jeen. "The last part of the plan will be all up to you. We are counting on you to guide Frankie, Flora, and Jacq through the detention block. I can help you out once you get there. Just have Frankie or Flora contact me and I will help them connect the main computers to my wireless network here on the Archangel. From there, I will do my best to get past their firewalls and help you guys figure out where they are keeping Doctor M. Once you locate her, head back to the hangar and regroup with Nelsie and Yuri. They will be waiting for you inside the ship. After that, we will regroup with the Archangel and get the hell out of there."

Everyone nodded with certainty that this plan would work. However, Soul Sister wanted to say a few words. She spoke into Frankie's mind and convinced him to let her take over his body.

"Everyone, before we go, there is someone I would like you all to meet." Frankie said as his body began to glow a bright golden glow. Soon the whole room was swarmed by a blinding light as Frankie's body transformed into a shining golden woman wearing a golden dress, with golden hair, and golden glowing eyes.

"Greetings everyone. My name is Ame-Soeur, but Frankie knows me as his soul sister. I just want to say something to you all. Everyone here has gone through so much in their lives. Betrayal, rejection, abandonment, failure, you have all had to suffer through life in your own ways. And yet, all of your paths have brought us together. All the suffering and hardships have torn away the people you used to be. Today, you will all be reborn not as heroes, or saviors. No, you are all so much more than that. You will be reborn as Saints! Union Galactic has done horrible things to everyone here. The Kracians, Gorinthians, Skilorinyans, Daesomans, even my own kind, all of us have witnessed the evils that they are capable of. But on this day, we take the fight to them. For today, we march forward through the darkness, and head straight into the heart of the enemy. And as we march through the darkness we fear no evil, for the light will be shining behind us, and together, we bring forth a new dawn! For all of our people, on all of our worlds. We fight together as one team, with one heartbeat! We fight together as one! Today, for thou among thee, FOREVER WE ARE FREE!"

A chorus of cheers erupted in the room as everyone started cheering and yelling. Soul Sister walked over to the large grandfather clock on the back wall and sat down in front of it.

"Set our course for the planet Lifner, and let's go kick some ass!"

The large dial in the grandfather clock started spinning very fast, as the pendulum started to swing very fast as well. Soon the ship jumped to faster-than-light-speed. Using the power of the fourth dimension to arrive at the planet Lifner in just a few hours.


Union Galactic Corporate Headquarters

Omontu Station

Orbit of the planet Lifner

High above the orbit of the planet Lifner, the usual bustling of activity was taking place. Hundreds of Union Galactic space trains, both commercial freight and passenger, were arriving and departing from the tremendous orbital space station. The space station was in the shape of a sphere, with hundreds of small arms sticking out of the sphere. These arms are where the trains would dock and unload. The arms were separated from the main facility, which was for high ranking company personnel only. From a far enough distance, the space station looked like one of those old sea mines from the first world war.

Coming out of faster-than-light-speed was a relatively small ship painted in white with a golden fleur-de-lis painted on each wing. The name "Archangel" was written in gold on both sides of the bow of the ship.

Inside the Archangel, everyone except for Chan Chan was in the cargo bay getting ready to board the space shuttle.

"Yuri, how is everything coming along with the space suit?" Chan Chan asked via the earpiece communicator everyone was wearing.

"This is a very primitive space suit, but it should get the job done." Yuri replied as he was almost finished changing into one of the NASA space suits that were on the space shuttle back when Frankie and Flora stole it.

Speaking of Frankie, he was currently helping Jeen get strapped into her seat inside the cockpit.

"Hey Frankie, can I see your gun for a second?" Jeen asked.

Frankie nodded and unholstered his .357 magnum. He handed it to Jeen as she looked at the beautiful engravings on the sides of the barrel and on the grip.

"Man this thing takes me back. You know this was my old gun, right? I needed money to find you on earth, so I pawned it at a small pawn shop in Jacksonville. Glad to see you guys were able to find it."

She smiled and handed it back to Frankie. "Hey, whatever happens in there, I got your back. We're going to see this through to the end. I won't let what happened to me happen to you."

Frankie nodded and took his seat. Once everyone was seated, Flora entered last and sat in the pilot's seat.

"Alright everyone, T-minus three minutes until we are in firing range." Chan Chan spoke to everyone inside the space shuttle via the shuttle intercom.

Flora was going through her pre-flight checks and activated the engines. Yuri was now in the cargo hold of the space shuttle fully inside his NASA space suit. He checked to make sure his space walk cable was securely fastened. This cable would keep him attached to the shuttle as it moved, so that he would not float off into space.

Inside the bridge of the Archangel, Chan Chan was plugged into the main computer and projecting her holographic self on the large table in the center of the room along with ARIN.

"Alright ARIN, we are almost in firing range. What is the status of the main cannons?"

ARIN replied "All forward batteries are primed and ready to fire."

Chan Chan nodded and opened the comm line with the Space Shuttle. "Alright everyone, get ready. The Archangel is now in firing range. I'm opening the cargo bay doors. Fire up your engines, and go on my signal."

Chan Chan cut the comm line and spoke to ARIN. "Alright ARIN, here goes the shot heard 'round the galaxy."

ARIN's holographic butler avatar smiled for the first time, and threw his right arm forward.

"All main batteries, FIRE!"

Outside of the Archangel, the two large laser cannons under the wings of the ship started glowing bright red, and both fired two large red laser beams at Omontu Station. The blast was large enough that it knocked the exterior shields around the detention block hangar offline.

"Direct hit, ma'am. All shields around the hangar are offline." ARIN cheered.

"Great work ARIN." Chan Chan opened up the comm line with the space shuttle. "Attention shuttle, the shields are now offline. Proceed to the hangar!"

Inside the space shuttle, Flora had started the engines, but now she disabled the magnetic locks keeping the shuttle attached to the cargo bay, and began to float out the cargo bay into space.

"Roger that. Shuttle is a go!" Once the ship was outside the cargo bay, Flora activated the engines and flew full speed towards Omontu station.


Meanwhile, inside Omontu Station

The guards were on their normal patrol duties when all of the sudden, a large explosion shook the inside of the space station.

"What the hell was that?" One of the guards yelled out.

A robotic female voice spoke over the intercom. "Attention all security personnel. We are currently under attack. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. All security personnel, please head to your battle stations and await further orders."

The group of guards were standing around confused when a superior officer ran by. "Hey you guys, quit standing around and get to the detention block hangar! The shields have been breached and a small spacecraft is approaching fast. MOVE IT!"


Inside the Space Shuttle

Flora was flying the ship as close as she could to the hangar, however, she paused her flying to open the cargo bay doors.

"Alright Yuri, you're up. Give them hell, comrade."

Inside the cargo bay, Yuri was standing there in the big bulky NASA space suit holding his tremendous sniper rifle that he called 'Misha'. He checked to make sure the laser targeting was on, and that the magazine was securely attached.

"Fear not, Comrade Flora. Misha and I will be sure to send these capitalist pigs to the afterlife."

Yuri cocked his sniper rifle to get the first round in the chamber. Shortly after, the cargo bay doors opened as the oxygen inside escaped into the vacuum of space. Yuri started floating up from the cargo bay and located his first target. It was the power cables of the first turret. He turned on the laser targeting system of his rifle so that two red dots now appeared on the cables. From the opposite view, it looked as if the eyes of the wolf skull on the barrel were now glowing red.

Yuri fired the first round and confirmed it shot through the power cables.

"First turret is offline." He told the crew through his space suit radio. Yuri turned around and found the next turret. He cocked his rifle, aimed, and fired another round.

"Second turret is offline". He saw a laser beam shoot past him and located the sniper responsible for the shot. Yuri aimed his gun and fired another round.

"Sniper down."

The ship continued to advance towards the hangar as Yuri kept vigilant watch. Soon, another laser beam shot past him. He located the sniper and fired another round.

"The Arctic Wolf will hunt you down, capitalist pigs!" Yuri yelled as he cocked his gun and fired another round at another sniper.

Three more snipers were taken out as the ship was now within 1000 meters of the hangar entrance.

"Almost there, keep it up Yuri!" Flora praised over the radio. Yuri fired another round to take out the last sniper before he realized he was out of bullets.

"Comrades, I am out of ammo. Reloading." Yuri spoke over the radio as he floated down into the cargo bay to grab another magazine. He reloaded his weapon and provided covering fire as there was now a barrage of lasers shooting at the ship. They were in close enough range that regular soldiers were shooting back with regular laser rifles. Yuri did his best to take out as many targets as he could as the ship continued to float towards the hangar thanks to the zero gravity.

"Almost there…." Flora said as she checked the timer. They now had less than thirty seconds before the blast doors closed.

"Comrades, I am hit! My space suit is losing air pressure!" Yuri radioed back to the cockpit.

"Hang on Yuri!" Flora said as she used the ship's engines to increase their speed to get to the hangar. After a few more seconds, the space shuttle was now inside the hangar. However, due to their speed, they could not land properly. Flora settled for a sliding landing on the hangar floor and did her best to turn the ship so she could reverse the ship's angle and fire the engines in the opposite direction. She was able to slow the ship down enough so that it stopped just before hitting the back wall of the hangar.

A few seconds later, the blast doors of the hangar slammed shut, totally sealing the entrance. The hangar was now being pressurized with fresh air as Yuri regained his breath.

Everyone inside the space shuttle cockpit breathed a huge sigh of relief as their blood pressures finally started dropping.

"Holy shit, we made it!" Frankie cheered.

"Yuri, Yuri come in. Are you okay?" Flora said over the radio.

"Davai, comrade. You made it just in time. I'm fine, but the space suit was compromised. We will not be able to use it again. If you will excuse me, I will be taking this off now." Yuri radioed back.

Everyone in the cockpit breathed a sigh of relief as they unbuckled their seat belts.


One by one, they all made their way out of the space shuttle. The hangar was enormous. It was easily five stories high, and a mile deep. The floor was a polished black surface with lights built into the floor to indicate landing zones. There were various crates and other equipment scattered around, but other than that, the hangar was surprisingly empty.

"Attention. Attention. Intruder alert in hangar 2102. All security personnel report immediately and apprehend the suspects." A robotic female voice spoke over the intercom.

Frankie, Flora, Jacq, Jeen, and Nelsie were all standing around near the space shuttle when they heard the announcement. Suddenly, a large door opened on the far end of the hangar. Rushing towards them were about fifty fully armed Uger soldiers dressed in full battle armor.

"Alright Nelsie, you're up. Think you can handle these guys while we head inside?" Frankie winked.

Nelsie lowered her eyebrows and grew a wicked grin. "Let them come! A Daesoman warrior walks these halls, and no matter how many they send out, they are no match for the likes of me!" She walked forward and drew her sword.

The Ugers all rushed towards her and started firing their laser rifles. However, all of their shots ricocheted off her armor without even leaving a scratch.

"What the hell? Our shots are bouncing right off of her!" One of the Ugers shouted.

"Foolish Union Galactic! You dare to challenge me?! As the heir to the Sotillius family, and a proud Daesoman warrior chosen by the one true god, prepare to meet your end! DAESOMA INVICTA!"

Nelsie roared as she charged right into their battle line. She swung her large sword and killed two soldiers instantly. She bashed another with her shield, as she took out two more with another swipe of her sword. The Ugers near her started back pedaling in order to regroup.



During all of that commotion, Frankie, Flora, Jacq, and Jeen ran away from the battle and headed towards a small door near the back of the hangar. The door led to a small hallway.

"Alright guys, we need to make our way to the detention block command center. It should be a little further down this hallway." Jeen said as everyone was now running down the hallway.

They all continued to run as they eventually made their way to the entrance of the central command center for the detention block. It was a large control room surrounded by large glass windows. The windows looked out to a huge five story wall with cell doors all positioned next to each other in a uniform order.

Inside the command center were several employees and a few Ugers.

"Intruders!" One of the Ugers shouted before he was shot by Frankie's 357 magnum. The second Uger aimed his laser rifle at the group before the barrel was sliced clean off by Flora's swords. Before he had time to react, Flora used her other sword to stab him in the chest.

Frankie shot the last two Ugers as Flora killed the employee with her swords.

"Chan Chan, this is Frankie. We are inside the command center and have taken control. What is the code to connect to the Archangel?" He said into his earpiece communicator.

Chan Chan told him the code as Frankie entered it into the computer terminal. Suddenly the screen rebooted as a green witch avatar now appeared on screen.

"Alright Frankie, I am now connected to the network. Looks like doctor M is in cell 208. Give me a second to open the cell." Chan Chan's holographic witch avatar said from the computer terminal.

"There! She is in there. Frankie, come with me. Flora, you and Jeen stay here and keep watch." Jacq ordered.

"Sir yes Sir." Flora saluted.

Frankie and Jacq ran out of the command center through one of the side doors and up the stairs to level two. They ran down the balcony past most of the jail cells before they reached cell 208.

The door was opened as Jacq was the first one inside. When he looked around, he saw a woman that brought back many happy memories.

"Annabelle, is that you? I've come to rescue you."

Inside the cell was a middle aged woman with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and an intelligent demeanor. She was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and black boots.

"Jacques Merleaux, you really know how to make a girl wait huh?" She stood up from her bunk and walked over to him. They stood facing each other for a few seconds before embracing each other in a deep hug.

"Oh honey, I've missed you so much." Jacq cried.

"I knew you would come back for me someday." The woman replied.

After they ended their hug, she asked him. "How did you get in here? How did you get past all of the Ugers?"

Jacq smiled. "To be honest, i'm just along for the ride. My son and his friends were the ones who did all the work."

Frankie was standing outside the cell, keeping watch. All was clear, until he heard Flora speak into his earpiece communicator.

"How is everything over there? Did you find Doctor M?"

"Yeah. She is here. Her and paw are talking~"

"Well, they can catch up later. We need to get out of here ASAP. The longer we stick around, the more we become sitting ducks."

"Right, i'll go get them." Frankie responded as he walked into the jail cell.

"Paw, we need to get moving." Frankie ordered as he saw Doctor M for the first time. She was an elegant woman, despite being dressed in a prisoner uniform.

"Oh honey, he looks just like you!" Doctor M smiled.

"Doctor M, I presume? My name is Jean Francois Merleaux, and my paw and I have come to rescue you." Frankie said as he walked towards her.

She lunged forward and gave him a big hug. "My baby! Oh my sweet boy is all grown up. You have no idea how much I missed you, sweetie."

Frankie was taken aback. What was she talking about? He broke the hug and looked at her critically.

"What do you mean? You and I have never met before."

She interrupted him "Your father never told you about me, in order to keep you safe. So I guess it only makes sense you would not recognize me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Annabelle Merleaux."

Frankie was speechless. All he could muster was "Wait, did you say Merleaux?"

Doctor M smiled. "That's right sweetie. I am your mother."


You could hear a pin drop inside the jail cell. Frankie was totally blown away by the news, and nobody else made any other remarks for a few seconds.

"Wait, you're my mother? Paw, you knew this whole time?"

Jacq sighed. "She's right. You were born on the planet Lifner about a year before the whole incident with your Ame-Souer took place. She and I had planned for that, and we both agreed that it would be best for me to take you someplace where you could grow up living a normal life. Believe me, we never wanted to get you involved in any of this, but it seems like no matter how many light years apart we were, the Merleaux family always finds its way back to each other."

Annabelle stepped forward. "How come your eyes are two different colors?"

Frankie took a breath. "When the lost ship of Union Galactic crashed, I found this big golden box that had some kind of spirit inside. She called herself Ame-Souer and shoved a giant needle in my eye. When I woke up, my eye was this golden color, and now I have fourth dimension time powers. Also she and I sometimes hang out in my dreams because she lives in my soul. I think that covers it."

Annabelle grew very alarmed and reached out to grab both sides of his face.

"Wait, you mean that you two completed the bonding process? She merged herself to your soul? Sweetie, this is amazing! You have no idea what this means." She started spurting off scientific jargon before Jacq interrupted her.

"Honey, as much as I would love to stay and chat, we need to get moving. We have a ship docked at the hangar, and we need to get you out of here while we still can."

"Right. We'll walk about this later. Sweetie, you said you came here with friends? Where are they now?"

Frankie replied. "Two of them are in the control center for the detention block. We have two more in the hangar guarding the ship, and the last one is in orbit on a much bigger ship equipped with an FTLS engine."

"Wow, you really thought of everything! You certainly didn't get that from your father. Now lets, move!"

The three of them ran back down the balcony of the second floor cell block before getting back to the stairs. Once they were inside the command center again, they regrouped with Flora and Jeen.

"Took you long enough! We need to get out of here." Flora barked.

"Wow, a Kracian! It's been a long time since I've seen one of your kind. I take it you're with my son?" Annabelle inquired.

Flora looked at her with a confused expression. "What? SON?! Are you saying that Doctor M is your mother?!"

Frankie nodded at her. Flora suddenly started blushing a little.

"Hello there, I'm Annabelle Merleaux. Nice to meet you. Now, what exactly is your relationship with my son here, little missy?" She said sternly in an almost disciplinary tone.

" see… let's talk about this later! Right now we need to move."

Everyone ran out of the command center and back down the hallway towards the hangar. They were almost home free, when they all suddenly stopped dead in their tracks.

Standing in front of the door leading to the hangar was a very large old man in fantastic shape. He was wearing a black suit with long white hair. His eyes were covered by a large piece of black eye protection as he stood there blocking the path.

He spoke in a deep menacing voice. "Jacques Merleaux, it's been a long time."

Everyone froze in fear. Jacq stepped forward "Bonjour, Ditross Myoxx."