Jeffery David Whippo, a well-known professional businessman and educator, shares that personnel that are assigned to provide environmental scanning for organizations are tasked with providing an increased awareness and understanding of long-term environments helping to improve the organization's strategic planning capabilities. The information collected during environmental scanning is critical in product design, formulation of marketing strategies, determination of marketing mix, and research and development strategies. One of the major outcomes of environmental scanning, according to Whippo is that it motivates managers to become sensitive to environmental trends while inspiring them to focus on strategy instead of tactics. He further explains that this allows them to better understand the strategic problems that a business may be experiencing rather than just focusing on short-term tactics.

Jeffery David Whippo lists six main tasks that must be accomplished by those that are in charge of environmental scanning.

1) Trend Monitoring

2) Forecast Preparation

3) Internal Consulting

4) Development of an Information Center

5) Communications

6) Process Improvement

About Jeffery D Whippo

Jeffery D Whippo is a professional educator and developer of people, teams, and leaders. He is a well-educated professional who has attended California Coast University, Boston University, California State Polytechnic University, Community College of the Air Force, and Citrus College. He also worked as a Combat Intelligence Specialist for the USAF for almost 4 years. He contributes to a number of charitable causes including the Jimmy Fund, Junior Diabetes, Goodwill, and American Veterans.

Jeffery is an avid learner who loves to study ancient history and psychology. He is also a veteran member of the VFW.