"Step on the scale." His voice was soft yet demanding, echoing throughout the empty room, elongating to the quivering silhouette in the corner. Silence. Dead, eerie silence. The desktop sound of water vibrated delicately from the long – before broken pipe system above; splashing down on the stained floor. An attempt to clean it would be near impossible. God knows how long it had been there. He sighed with obvious frustration fixed in a growl for the terrified figure hadn't moved. She knew the consequences of ignoring his orders, glancing at the substance residing on the floor not too far from her feet, reminding her of what happened to the last girl, the last time someone hadn't listened. "I don't have day, girl!" She stiffened at his tone, a tone she recognised all too well, and not for favourable reasons.

Her frail body shifted faintly within the darkness which had recently become her friend and her place of comfort, like a distant shoulder she could cry on, and as the tears fell down her osseous features, earlier events became a blur. But sometimes that was for the best. Her short, tawny hair fell into her lifeless eyes as she tightly wrapped her brittle – looking arms around her skeletal rib cage, digging her fingers into the limited amount of flesh she still held, like a mother clinging to her newborn.

His precarious eyes contemplated her every move as she shuffled inaudible across the dirtied floor. As she approached the rusted scale her heart hammered in her chest, which every step it got louder, faster, harder. It buzzed in her head and an aggressive pounding behind her eyes made her nauseous. Her breathing became heavy and ragged as she laced herself on the scale.

Her eyes darted along the screen, desperately watching the needle flicker left and right; approaching and passing the line she had to accomplish. Left and right. "Well done my dear. At this rate I might just have to let you go." He chuckled at his own snide comment before flicking his clipboard shut and taking his leave, slamming and locking the heavy duty, steel door behind. Only then did she relax. Only then did her posture slump causing her legs to give out, collapsing on the floor. The broken pipe was deafening now, the echoing sound violated and raped her every sense and increased the weighted pounding behind her eyes. She squeezed her eyes shut and clutched her knees to her chest, curling into a tight ball.

"You're never going to let me go."

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting a short story of mine. This is very exciting for me. This is the first short story I have written, it first started as a silly idea years ago and after some heavy editing, here it is now, a short story for you. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it!