"The Ballin' Pranksters in… A Call To Action"

Chapter 5

Created by The Spectacular SpiderDom

And of course, that meant going to a local ice cream shop.

"Hi, can I get um… a strawberry banana chocolate swirl, please?" Michelle asked as she looked at the menu above the cashier's head. "And can I also get a…"

She turned over her shoulder and looked at her friends. "What do you guys want?"

"I'll take a brown bonnet," Gregory smiled, raising his hand.

"And I'll have this one," Vanessa said, pointing to a strange royal blue ice cream with black ripples on the top. "I don't know what it is, but it looks creepy and weird. I'll take three scoops!"

"Yeah, what they said," Michelle smiled.

"Coming right up!" the male cashier nodded. "Nice costumes, by the way. Are you guys cosplaying?"

The three looked down at their colorful costumes.

"Yes!" Gregory replied with a wink. But once he realized what he said, he became confused. "What's cosplay?"

"Yeah, let's go with that," Michelle shrugged.

The employee admired their costumes with a nod of approval before he walked off to get their order.

Vanessa leaned against the counter while Gregory looked at the white-colored environment. As for Michelle, she took out her wallet and counted how much cash she had on her. It didn't take long for the cashier to come back with everyone's scoops and the pranksters gently took them. Michelle gave the man the cash and left a ten-dollar tip in a jar to the left.

Getting her change back, she shot the man a wink before she followed her friends outside the door.

The three of them slowly strolled down the sidewalk and licked their frozen desserts.

"I'm going to throw this question out there, but on a scale of one to ten, if our parents found out we were doing this, how much do you think they'd freak out?" Vanessa asked, licking her ice cream. "Also, this is delicious. It's like blueberry and blackberry's love child."

"My parents would be around an eight or a nine, but then they'd start arguing afterward," Michelle replied.

"Your parents are fighting again, I assume?" Vanessa asked.

"Yeah, I was hoping they'd mellow out since Dakota came home last night," she replied, licking her ice cream.

"Oh, Dakota came back?" Gregory smiled, taking a bite of his dark chocolate treat. "That's awesome, how is he?"

"He's good. He's trying to look for a job in his field," Michelle said. "Which makes me wonder, how would you become an archeologist in this day and age?"

"Well, I know you need a master's degree or a Ph.D. in anthropology or archaeology, but some people are looking for workers with bachelor's degrees. But it all depends on how much experience Dakota has," Vanessa answered. "And I seriously doubt he reenacts Indiana Jones movies during his spare time."

"Wouldn't surprise me, he used to think he was Nathan Drake as a kid," Michelle chuckled. "I was hoping Mom and Dad would stop fighting once he returned, but it looks like nothing's changed."

"Sorry to hear that, Michelle," Gregory spoke softly, licking his ice cream. "You know, if you ever need anything, you can always talk to us. We've been there for you as much as you've been there for us."

"Mm-hmm," the potions expert nodded. "We're always one call away."

"Thanks, guys," Michelle smiled. "But I'd rather not focus on my parents tonight. Right now, I want to celebrate the fact we're close to getting our lives back to normal."

As they strolled down the walkway, two adult men in black clothes shoved them to the side and walked past them. They speed-walked down to the ice cream shop at full speed.

"Hey, watch where you're going, assholes!" Michelle hissed.

But the duo of men ignored her and kicked open the door, whipping out one gun each.

The three pranksters gasped.

Both males kicked the door open and walked inside, where a blonde man with wrinkly tan skin slammed a duffle bag on top of the counter, scaring the cashier.

"Sir, would you mind waiting-" the cashier spoke before a gun was met before his very eyes. He gasped and raised his hands.

"Put the money in the bag," the thug snarled, as he watched the cashier reach underneath the counter. "Don't even think about ringing that police alarm, put whatever you got in the bag before I pop you!"

The cashier nodded and opened the register as fast as possible, placing every single stack of money in the bag. The other thug, who had peach-skin and a grey mohawk loaded his weapon and searched the environment, aiming his weapon at a few employees that came out of the break room.

Michelle, Vanessa, and Gregory ran back to the shop and pressed their faces against the window.

"Holy smokes!" the old-fashioned boy gulped. "We better book it!"

"No way, we gotta do something," his leader retorted, licking her ice cream.

"Michelle, are you nuts!?" he said. "We're just kids running around in Halloween costumes, we're not qualified to fight strangers! Besides, they have guns! With real bullets! We're toast!"

"Actually, those aren't real guns, they're tranquilizer darts," the scientist explained happily, pointing at the weapons. "You see, tranquilizer darts usually have a bigger-"

"I don't care!" the team's only male snarled. "We're not going to go in there and risk our necks! Besides, Michelle. I didn't think you had an interest in being a superhero."

"I don't, but I figured this can help us practice," Michelle smirked.

"Practice!?" Gregory shouted, facepalming both sides of his head. "For what!?"

"Our revenge against Charlotte, of course," Michelle winked. "Look, stay out here if you want to, I'm going to go in there and do something!"

She scarfed down the rest of her dessert and ran inside with Vanessa by her side.

"Wait!" Gregory called, as he looked left and right before he placed his desert against the windowsill. Brushing his costume, he ran inside with hopes of stopping them, but it was already too late. Both of them already approached the thugs and held up their fists.

"Gentlemen!" Michelle called. The two thugs stopped what they were doing and looked at her with confused expressions. Upon seeing their wrinkly skins and bulging eyes, she started to sweat, and she gulped. "Um… I order you to hand down your weapons or you will suffer our mighty fists of justice!"

The robbers exchanged a bamboozled glance.

The peach-skinned thug aimed his gun at the kids, but his friend stopped him.

"Hold on," the blonde leader grunted. "Are you really going to shoot kids?"

"We have darts, they'll be fine," his friend replied. "I have a feeling they're going to be trouble. It's classic superhero tropes: costumed kids come in, pretend they know what they're doing, us generic thugs attack, the heroes beat us up, and we get sent to jail."

"Yeah, well life's not like TV," the blonde thug rolled his eyes. "Now, get away from those kids!"

"This is your last chance, thieves!" Vanessa smirked. "Lay down your weapons or we'll go apeshit on you!"

"Just get these kids out of here," the thugs' leader groaned in annoyance. "And don't shoot them!"

"Whatever," his bald ally replied with a moan, as he placed his weapon in his holster. "Come on, kids, time to take you back to your parents."

The thug grabbed onto Vanessa's arm and tugged her towards him, but she stood her ground and pulled back. Annoyed by her resistance, the thug snarled and placed his other hand on her elbow, pulling as hard as he can.

"Hey, let go!" Vanessa grunted.

"She's right, let her go!" Michelle barked.

The pink and yellow teenager reached for her pocket and unleashed The Noodle Swatter. She flipped the switch and heard the mechanisms inside roar as loud as a lion, the multi-colored pool noodles began to swing back and forth and the prankster rushed towards the bald burglar, smacking him across the face in both directions. Shockingly, the impact was so strong that the thug felt like he was getting slapped by a burning sun.

Michelle swung her weapon back and forth, screaming loudly in a dramatic fashion.

Raising her weapon to the right, she finally swung it to the left and smacked the thug across the store, where he crashed into the ice cream maker itself and landed on the ground. Landing on his side, he knocked over a couple of cups that fell on his head.

The blonde thug gasped and aimed his weapon at the pranksters.

"Look out!" Gregory shouted.

But before the man could pull the trigger, Vanessa grabbed both of her friends by the back of their neck collars, and they yanked themselves over the counter.

When they landed on the other side, the remaining thug shot a few darts after them, but all they did was fly over their heads and get stuck against the walls. He fired a few more shots before the gun stopped firing. Grunting, he reached into his pocket and reloaded his weapon.

"Oh, we're gonna die!" Gregory screamed in a high-pitched voice.

"We're not going to die!" Michelle replied. "We're just… going to get beaten up."

Gregory gave her a look that said, "How does that make me feel better!?"

Vanessa looked around her environment and saw a cup full of chocolate sprinkles. She grabbed it in a split second, stood up, and chucked it at the thug's face. Once he was it, he fell onto the ground as chocolate sprinkles landed on top and right beside him. The potions expert leaned down and panted a few times, amazed by her quick reflex.

The cashier, who hid in the corner, smiled at the heroics he was witnessing.

The blonde-haired thug leaped up, rubbing his head.

And his friend also jumped up.

"Plan?" Vanessa asked her leader.

Michelle saw the man in front of her press his hands against the ground, so she kicked him in the face, knocking him back on his rear. "Yeah, use what you learned! Disperse!"

She clapped her hands and leaped upward, where Vanessa jumped over the counter and pulled out The Pie Server. Loading it with a large ammo container, she cocked her weapon and shot not one, not two, but five key lime pies at the blonde-haired thug.

He was about to shoot her with a dart, but he saw nothing but cream and key lime in his line of sight. With his face and upper body covered in pie, he stepped backward and rubbed his face. But the distraction gave Michelle the chance to rush over and smack him over the head with Chompy The Suckigator's front nozzle.

Falling towards the counter, the blonde thug rubbed his face and noticed a drop of blood on his hands; his lips were bleeding. Snarling, he aimed his weapon at the team's leader, but she quickly turned the machine on and sucked the weapon inside.

"What the!?" he shouted.

"Suck on this!" Michelle cackled, as she aimed the weapon at his body.

A large gust of air surrounded the man's upper body and he slowly moved towards the weapon itself. Once he got close enough, his shirt ripped off, revealing his hairy body.

"Oh!" Vanessa cupped her hands over her mouth.

"Eww!" Michelle cringed.

The wrinkly-faced burglar gritted his teeth and snarled like a rampaging monster, as he pressed his hands against Chompy and attempted to pull it out of the girl's hand. But she resisted and pulled back. After struggling against each other for a few minutes, the thug head-butted against Michelle's face and he yanked the weapon out of her hands, landing a kick against her stomach.

Michelle rolled backward and landed against the window.

He aimed the weapon towards her and released a psychotic laugh, but he accidentally flicked the wrong switch and placed the weapon into Blow Mode. As soon as he pulled the trigger, a massive blast of air sent him flying against the wall and he flew up and down, trying to turn off the device.

Vanessa helped Michelle on her feet and watched the man uncontrollably soar around the shop.

He landed against the ice cream maker machine and knocked it over, shooting piles of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream all over the room. Gregory somehow avoided getting squirted and he leaped to the side, where he bumped into a certain someone from behind. Pressing his hand against the object, he felt a pair of four-packed abs in his palms. Slowly bolting his eyes over his shoulder, he saw that the bald-headed thug loomed over him with a menacing growl.

The teenage boy nervously smiled and waved.

When the thug tried to grab him, Gregory somersaulted forward and landed on his knees.

The robber attempted to snatch him again, but the rookie prankster leaped on top of a table and ran across it. Performing a front flip as he jumped off, he landed on the ground and shoved the table into the man's stomach.

Michelle and Vanessa approached their friend and huddled beside him, locking eyes with the crook in front of them.

Spitting a ball of saliva from his mouth, the agitated man barked and shoved the table right into the pranksters' stomachs, trapping them against the wall.

He whipped out a small dagger from his pocket and ran towards them at full force.

"Mama Maria, Santa Maria!" Gregory screamed, feeling his eyes pop out of their sockets.

As Michelle and Vanessa struggled to escape, he reached for his pockets and took out four Spider Grenades from his pockets. His forehead began to sweat as he looked down at the orbs, but once he locked eyes with the rampaging thug, he winced before he pressed the buttons and chucked them forward.

The grenades flew through the air and exploded, covering the man in tiny robotic spiders.

"Jesus, get these little freaks off of me!" the thug shouted in fear, swatting his hands up and down.

With their combined teamwork, the pranksters pushed the table off of them and they watched as both thugs grappled with their gadgets.

The blonde man tried to turn off Chompy The Suckigator.

And his friend couldn't resist the spiders crawling over his body.

"This is nuts!" Gregory yelled.

"You can say that again!" Vanessa replied.

"This is nuts!" he repeated.

Vanessa facepalmed. "I didn't mean literally!"

Just when the pranksters thought they could catch a break, the thugs figured out how to escape from their clutches. The blonde one turned off the gator vacuum and landed on his side, and his friend shook all of the spiders off his body.

Both of them exchanged worrisome stares before they slowly jumped up and glared at the teenagers.

"Ah, great," Michelle rolled her eyes, clenching her fists.

The three kids struck a dynamic battle pose before they returned to the fight.

Eartha drove down a long, winding road in the middle of the night, trying to find her way to Hendrick's Park. But unfortunately, getting there was a lot harder than she thought. She'd spent the past few hours driving in what felt like a circle and she was slightly annoyed she couldn't find one of her favorite spots.

On one hand, she was thankful to have the whole road to herself, but at the same time, she released frustrated groans as she looked at different road signs; none of them said anything about how far Hendrick's Park is.

Shining her lights on the dark, shadowy road, she looked all around her surroundings and released a deep sigh.

"I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque," she moaned. "Was it always this hard to get to Hendrick's Park?"

She simply kept driving down the road.

"Maybe I should have stayed home and hung out with my daughter," she sighed again. "But then again, she looked like she wanted to hang out with her friends. She's growing up, I can't spend time with her the same way I used to… can I?"

A moment of silence occurred.

"God, I hate incubation or whatever Wayne said," she then proceeded to mock her butler's voice. "Incubation is a great way to problem-solve. If you take a break from your problems, your solution will come to you. My name's Wayne Grayson, I'm so smart and I think that…"

She looked to her right and saw a special surprise: a commotion occurring at the ice cream shop.

"What the!?"



Bashing her foot against the break, she stopped in the middle of the road and lowered her window, watching the brawl from afar.

Michelle and Vanessa were face to face with the bald thug, and Gregory ran away as the blonde thug chased him with an ice cream scooper.

Eartha noticed the kids' colorful costumes and dropped her jaw.

She drove down to the parking lot and pulled into a narrow spot.

Exiting her vehicle, she slowly walked towards the shop and stopped once she was two feet away from the front entrance.

The bald robber grabbed Michelle by her neck and pressed her against the window. Landing two punches against her stomach, he smacked Vanessa across the face because she tried to sneak up on him. But just before he could land another punch, Michelle kicked him in the neck and took out three plastic eggs, which were gadgets called Easter Surprises.

Pressing buttons on the side, she chucked them one at a time and watched them shoot out a tsunami of gooey colors. The thug somehow dodged both yellow and green sludges, but his feet were trapped to the ground by the blue egg.

Michelle cracked her knuckles and landed a powerful punch against his face, to which Vanessa slammed a key lime pie into his forehead.

Eartha pressed his face against the window; her eyes lit up like sparkles and her jaw hovered over the ground; she felt like a little kid waking up on Christmas Day. Taking a few steps back, she took out her cell phone and tapped her camera app.

Selecting video mode, she tapped the red button and started recording the fight.

As Michelle and Vanessa jammed their fists into their opponent's face, Gregory ran for his life.

With a waterfall of sweat raining down his forehead, he quickly turned around and saw his chaser getting closer and closer. He gasped and continued running until he reached a dead end; a bright silver wall was the only object in sight. Looking left and right, he turned around and pinned his back against the wall, watching the man slowly creep towards him.

"Come here, you little brat!" he snarled, as he leaped forward and reached his hands out.

Gregory gasped and moved to the side, causing the man to slam face-first against the wall.

Falling on his stomach, the bald robber jumped back up and chased the kid down the shop.

But just as the young boy turned to the right, the thug reached his arm forward and grabbed the prankster's cape, yanking him backward before grabbing him by the back of his neck. He slammed the kid against the counter and turned his body around, glaring into his ocean blue eyes.

Gregory's eyes widened and he released a loud scream.

The thug twirled the ice cream scooper in his hand, and upon noticing the weapon, the young boy raised an eyebrow.

"Wait… how are you going to hurt me with an ice cream scooper?" he asked.

"I can pluck your eyes out," the thief snarled with a menacing grin.

"No, please! There are so many things I want to see!" Gregory screamed.

But Michelle grabbed Chompy The Suckigator in time and aimed it at his friend's attacker, pulling off his shirt and pants. Thankfully, the man had red and pink spotted underpants on.

Gregory cringed. "That… wasn't on the list."

"What the!?" the man looked down at his undergarments. "HEY!"

Michelle smacked the vacuum's nozzle against the man's face, pushing him off of her friend.

Gregory stood up and clenched his fists, mimicking a boxer's fighting pose.

"What are you waiting for!?" he heard his leader shout. "Punch him!"

The black and grey-costumed boy gulped before he saw his enemy charging at him with full force. He screamed again and threw a heavy jab across the man's face, knocking him against the table behind him. Gregory looked down at his hand and shook it, shocked he didn't feel much pain. He threw a punch with his other hand, feeling no different. He started to smile before he landed three left punches, two right ones and knocked the man down with a powerful kick.

The man flipped over the table and landed on the ground.

But since he fell face-first, Gregory made a concerned wince. "Oh, sorry!"

"Don't apologize to him," Michelle said.

"I mean…" Gregory smirked and pointed at the man with both of his fingers. "Sorry I didn't hit you harder!"

"Hmm… we'll work on trash talk later," Michelle shrugged.

Vanessa regrouped with her teammates and smiled when she saw her male best friend in one piece. But before the three of them could celebrate their victory, they watched as the bald man jumped back up. The trio backed away from him and paused once they heard a loud crack behind them. Looking over their shoulders, they saw that the thug's blonde-haired friend broke out of sludges created by Easter Surprises.

Both of them huddled together and approached the pranksters slowly and carefully, they whipped out small daggers and cocked their tranquilizer darts.

The cowering employees peeked their heads over the counter, awaiting the heroes' next move.

And Eartha stood there with a massive grin on her face, as she continued recording.

"Oh, this is so cool!" she whispered to herself, watching the pranksters huddle against the counter.

Michelle, Gregory, and Vanessa pressed their backs against the front counter and felt their heart rates increase at a rapid rate. The two thugs approached closer and closer with aggravated snarls escaping from their mouths. The three of them exchanged a worrisome glance, as their enemies shared a smirk.

"It's all over now, kids," the blonde one chuckled.

"Yeah, we're ready to bring the noise!" the bald one cackled obnoxiously.

"Noise?... Noise!" Michelle snapped her fingers, as a light bulb shined above her forehead; she had an idea.

She took out two Whoopie Gassers; whoopie cushions with a green explosion graphic in the front and clapped them against each other. A blast of green mist came out and they sprayed the crooks in their eyes; they felt like they were just hit with a large dose of pepper spray.

Backing away, the crooks wiped their eyes and moaned in agony.

Michelle tossed the deflated cushions to the side and reached for a large pouch on the back of her belt. After scrambling around for a bit, she stuck out her tongue as she searched and released an excited gasp once she felt a solid object in her hand.

She whipped out the bottom half of a black and yellow toy plaster and taped to the top of it was a large bullhorn. Tapped to the sides of it were several small red airhorns. The holster had two grips on the sides that had two green switches. Michelle and Vanessa grabbed both of the levers and placed the back of the horn towards Gregory.

"Scream," Michelle said quietly.

"Has this thing been tested yet?" Gregory inquired.

"We're about to do it right now, now hurry up!" Michelle grunted.

Gregory rubbed his hands together and sucked and inhaled loudly, expanding his chest.

The two thugs cleaned the spray off of their eyes and shot a deadly stare at the pranksters.

Just when they were about to attack, they realized they were too late.

"Boo!" Gregory shouted into the bullhorn.



An enormous gust of air shot out of every horn and shot the two thugs through the shop's window.


Both criminals tumbled across the cold concrete and landed on their sides, their ears ringing loudly and their stomachs feeling queasy.

Eartha jumped back once she heard the noise, feeling her jaw hurting from all of the smiling she's been doing. "Whoa!"

A moratorium occurred in the shop and the three pranksters, taking deep breaths, shared excited glances and approached the front of the window. A gaping hole was in the center and shards of glass scattered the right side of the parking lot. Both thugs were unconscious, and the pranksters walked towards them, checking their pulses.

They were alive, but they certainly weren't well.

Michelle, Vanessa, and Gregory looked at each other with smiles on their faces and they joined together for a three-way high five. They cheered and danced around, unaware a sneaky news reporter caught them on video.

They stopped dancing and high-fived each other once again.

Michelle twirled her weapon before she placed it back where it belonged. "Echo Master… my favorite weapon."

"That… was pretty awesome!" Vanessa beamed with delight.

"Yeah, it was awesome that we didn't get killed by two scary guys with guns, knives, and ice cream scoopers," Gregory wiped his forehead, chuckling with relief.

"If we can take down two goons like these guys, you bet we can take down you know who!" Michelle smirked, shooting a wink at her friends. She looked over her friends' shoulders and saw the employees get back up, analyzing the mess around the entire shop.

Two people were mad they had to clean it up while the others were amazed by the teenagers' heroics.

"Oh, yeah," Michelle rubbed her fingers together, skittishly chortling. "Sorry about the mess and your window, but you're welcome for not getting robbed!"

The workers in the white aprons stood there awkwardly and so did the pranksters.

Eartha hid behind the front of her car, capturing every moment.

The trio of pranksters gulped, wondering if they would be arrested for the damages. Michelle stood in a stance that made it look like she was ready to bolt out of there. But just before she could take another step, the cashiers got together and slowly clapped their hands. The costumed trio widened their eyes as the claps got faster and louder. A few employees in the background pressed their fingers against their lips, whistling as if they were cheering for their favorite football team. Cheers, shouts, and claps echoed throughout the environment, which made the pranksters smile with glee. All three of them held each other's hands and took a bow, waving back to the small crowd.

"That was amazing!" the cashier that served them earlier said proudly. "I knew those costumes meant something! You three were incredible!"

"Who are you guys?" a brown-skinned female asked.

"Oh, my name is Gre-" the boy was about to say, but Vanessa slapped her hand over his mouth.

"What are you, insane!?" she whispered sternly. "You don't give away your real name!"

The employees raised their eyebrows in confusion.

"What they meant to say was…" Michelle smirked, as she motioned to her friends and herself. "I'm Bubblegum. This is Mad Potion and that's Luther Crusoe. Together, we are… The Ballin' Pranksters!"

"Ballin' Pranksters?" everyone inquired.

"Ballin' Pranksters?" Eartha repeated to herself. "It's got a ring to it!"

The newly formed Ballin' Pranksters looked in both directions, as they backed away from the ice cream shop.

"Nice meeting you guys, you're welcome for the unintentional rescue!" the leader waved, as she and her friends ran down the parking lot and into the night's shadows.

Bubblegum, Mad Potion, and Luther Crusoe hopped on top of their hover vehicles (Luther Crusoe landed on the back of Mad Potion's hoverbike) and the three pranksters took off down the road and disappeared in a split second.

The employees smiled and exchanged several murmurs while Eartha stopped recording and looked down at her phone.

"Oh… how I love incubating," she said out loud.

To which a bamboozled girl, who swept the floor, raised her eyebrow.

Fleeing away from the crime scene, The Ballin' Pranksters shined the headlights to their vehicles and took off down the road. All three of them felt the wind brush against their bodies and they all had bright smiles on their faces.

"First every robbery thwarting as a team," Mad Potion said. "If you were to ask me how we did, I'd say we nailed it!"

"Yeah, now can one of you drop me back home?" Luther Crusoe asked, checking his cat phone. "If Mom and Dad find out I missed curfew, I'm gonna end up like that moose head on the wall."

"I suppose it is getting late," Bubblegum shrugged her shoulders. "Great job tonight, guys. I knew I taught you guys well."

"Maybe once we're done pranking Charlotte and we've gotten your book back, we can become superheroes or something," Mad Potion suggested. "You saw what we did back there, right? Yes, we got our asses thrown around a little bit, but those workers literally cheered for us! We should be proud of ourselves!"

"It was nice to be recognized for a good deed," Luther Crusoe stroked his chin, mirroring the scientist's expression. "Even if nobody knows who I really am. If we were to practice harder and I was able to increase my self-confidence, we could have the potential of becoming awesome superheroes."

"We'll have comic books, action figures, TV shows, specialty flavored cereals, and have our own body pillows!" Mad Potion squealed, unaware her two friends cringed at the body pillow comment. "Oh, my god! Think of all the possibilities!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Bubblegum chuckled and shook her head, as she dismissively motioned back and forth with her hands. "Mad Potion, calm down. That all sounds exciting and all, but I don't plan on being Bubblegum once we've gotten my book back. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't think any of us have any real interest in being superheroes."

"And what makes you speak for everyone?" Mad Potion asked.

"Oh, no," Luther Crusoe gasped, afraid of what was to come.

"Look, we'll talk more about this tomorrow during school," Bubblegum said with a smile. "Peace out, my peeps!"

Bubblegum swerved to the right and took off down a narrow road.

Mad Potion and Luther Crusoe watched her leave, and the former released a deep sigh.

"Are you okay, Ness-I mean, Mad Potion?" the latter inquired, scratching his head.

"Yeah, I'm fine," the purple and green girl replied, adjusting her curly-haired afro. "I just think we could be using our gadgets and pranks for more, that's all."

"Yeah… I see what you mean," he smiled and nodded.

"But I suppose becoming a superhero is child's play, right?" Mad Potion asked.

"Well… we have other superheroes across the globe, who's to say we can't be just like them?" he shrugged with a smile.

Registering his words within her head, she smiled and nodded. "Right… right."

Both of them cruised down the road faster than the speed of light.