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"Bridge dimension detected, battalions Evangelists, Red Hunters, Hot Rods, and High Definition report to transport hub immediately, head through warp extension four."

I set the rocket launcher back down on the counter. "I'll test it another time," I said to the researcher. Joining the rest of the units, we jogged down the halls to the transport hub and through a warp gate to a large open area. About two thousand units were present, most with kit.

"Units, first things first, if you do not have a kit, grab one from the wall." I started over to the packs that were waiting for use. "We have a bridge dimension opening in ten minutes. We do not know what is on the other side of the bridge, but we do know it is compatible with human life, both on the bridge and across it. We are going to take up position on the bridge and keep anything that tries to come across from crossing. Secondary perimeter is already setting up where the opening will appear. 4-class are trying to get it closed, but it's gonna be a while. Six OMAs are on standby, as well as a team of 4-class, but let's try to take care of this without them. Good news, a 9-class is actually being cooperative right now, so if things get really bad we can probably call them in."

A unit walked up to the speaker.

"I'm sorry, it seems the bridge has opened up from the other side, we have confirmed mechanically enhanced units and it seems to be a combat party. We are deploying now and will engage immediately when the hostiles appear." I turned on my shields and started charging a blast in my pulse rifle. "For the Program!"

"For the world!" We shouted.

"Watch your step."

Warp gates opened beneath us, and we dropped six feet onto tall grass. A perimeter of units was about halfway complete, with fortifications in varying states of completion. At the center, a small tripod was set up, with the top two feet cut off into the bridge dimension. Not large enough for anything to come through yet.

A C-unit walked up to me. "Commander of Evangelists?"

"Yes sir."

"You'll be left guard, next to Hot Rods and across from High Definition. Red Hunters will provide support and reinforce as needed. Shuttles are bringing in scout bikes and mobile emplacements now, and we have clearance to launch an air wing if needed. Do you have any concerns?"

"How many hostiles are we looking at?"

"See for yourself." He pulled up a feed from the camera.

A line of tall mechs were approaching, supported by even taller mechs scattered along the line. Various aircraft followed as well, troop transports and fighters mostly, but there were a few larger craft I guessed were bombers or launch craft for drones.

"Do we have a count?"

"Technically yes, but check this sonar from an ARMD, and a visible image from two minutes ago."

The visible image showed a few dozen troops, fifty at most when they had first entered from their side.

The sonar map showed several hills about 6 feet tall that were definitely not there.

"They have cloaked troops."

"Yes, we're getting the bombers armed with paint as well."

"What color?"

"I'm sorry?"

"What color paint are we using?"

"Orange. Why?"

"Good, it'll contrast with the grass nicely. Do we have any idea on their armaments?"

"Conventional seems to be the bulk of it, but there might be energy. We're not sure until we see it shoot."

"Alright. Anything else I need to know?"

"They've got shields, less advanced but they're still strong."

"I'll brief my battalion then." The C-unit moved to the next leader, and I turned to the five hundred units under my command. "Evangelists, stand by for incoming files!" I sent them what I knew about the invaders. "They have mechs, they have big mechs, they have invisible soldiers, and they have aircraft. Our mobile emplacements will be set up once we enter the bridge and secure a location for them. Air support is on standby, but we've got what we need right here in our battalion."

"Shoot them before they shoot you, and if you get shot you shoot them back twice. We will show them what it means to be part of the Program! We will show them it is not enough to be soldiers! If you want to best the Program, you must be a unit! They may put faith in their machines, but we put our faith in you, the units that have trained for years to protect! We will win, because we are here to protect, not to conquer! They will lose everything, and we will chase them back to where they came from! For the Program!"

"For the world!" They called back.

I turned to the breach, which was larger than before but still too small for us to fit through. Shuttles with emplacements were warping in, hovering nearby.

"Deployment in thirty seconds!" The C-unit announced through a megaphone.

I hefted my pulse rifle.

"Fifteen seconds!" I glanced over at the Hot Rods commander. Good leader, but bad at explaining the situation. If he made it through, I'd have to bring him a trophy of some sort. He hadn't been on an offensive this big before.

"Ten seconds!"

High Definition was an odd battalion, they worked well in a lot of little squadrons. They might lose more units than normal, but they never let any enemies survive.

"Five seconds!"

Red Hunters was really good at reinforcing, and their commander had a really good eye for seeing how battles played out, and could move troops to exploit weaknesses or neutralize his own before his enemies knew they were there.

"Breach open, move!"

"We protect!" I screamed with the battalions as we charged.

We ran through the breach, and right into the enemy. I fired the charged shot at a larger mech, blowing the top half to slag. The initial volley was massively destructive to the enemy, but they wasted no time in pushing back. Fighters dove, bombers dropped their payloads, and the invisible mechs started to attack.

I saw a unit to my left get run through by an invisible knife, and I fired at where the attacker would be. The blast disappeared, and a body came into view.

Our aircraft engaged the enemy, and it was quickly apparent they had tricks of their own. Our pilots did their best, but some fell from the sky. Emplacements were rolling in, firing as they trundled along.

Bombers began launching their clouds of Strikers, zipping around and firing precise shots at exposed components on the enemy mechs. Once the Strikers were launched, they began dropping paint, marking the enemies and revealing a sizable force of invisible soldiers.

We were taking a lot of casualties, but so were the invaders. The mechs were tough, but even with their shields we could cut through them without too much effort. Battalions Limiter and Stutter were called in to reinforce, as well as another air wing. More mobile emplacements were set up, but a lot of enemy craft were still up there.

"Advance!" I yelled to my battalion. We moved forward as much as we could, shortly followed by the other battalions.

"Evangelist commander, this is Limiter commander, come in."

"I copy, what is it?"

"Your battalion is being absorbed into my own, do you understand?"

"Yes, but I don't comply. We can hold our own here, you have your units now don't get greedy for mine."

"Now is not the time."

"Hey, I command my battalion, you do yours."

"Fine. We are coming forward to take your position, fall back and protect the emplacements."

I switched to contact Red Hunter commander. "Do the emplacements need a guard?"

"Hopefully no, but these invisible things are getting closer and closer. And the aircraft looks odd, I don't like it. A guard wouldn't hurt, but I hope we don't need it."

"I'll take that as a yes." I switched to my battalion. "Limiter is taking our position, when they reach you head back to the emplacements and we'll set up guard there."

As Limiter came forward we stepped back, smoothly trading locations with minimal openings. I jogged to the emplacements and climbed onto a rock to get a better view. The breach on their end was huge, bigger than most. We could probably fly a dozen cruisers through at once.

And then the opening darkened.

"Red Hunter?"

"I see it! Red Hunter battalion, push forward and reinforce! Artillery, target the opening!" A shadow passed over me and I looked up in time to see an enemy transport falling from the sky.

"Watch the skies!" I leapt to the side as two heavily armored pontoons hit the ground on either side of me. One punctured itself on the rock, folding itself in two. The other, however, was perfectly fine. The turret on top swiveled to the emplacements and began firing. Flaps along the sides opened, and soldiers inside began firing out.

"Red Hunter, fall back and protect the emplacements!"

I rolled to the side of the pontoon and shoved a grenade through a flap. "Air wing, I thought you had these guys taken care of!"

"Hey, we do our best!"

I stood up and shoved my barrel through an empty slot after the grenade went off, shooting the soldiers still alive.

More of the pontoons were being dropped behind our lines, and it was causing lots of problems for us.

"Artillery, hit the enemy pontoons! Air, get them away from us!"

The breach was completely filled now, a huge mech walking through the opening. Something that shouldn't be physically possible.

"We need those OMAs, 4-class, and 9-class right now!" I yelled to field command across the breach.

Right on cue, two dozen scout bikes flew through the opening, 4-class and OMAs onboard. I had learned early on not to underestimate the weight an OMA could carry, and here was no exception. As they moved forward, pontoons exploded behind them, explosive charges dropped in their wake blowing them wide open for ground troops to finish off. The 4-class went right for the front lines, spells and shockwaves flying everywhere.

And then the 9-class.

I recognized it as D-928, originating from another plane. God of dusk and the first and last stars, whatever that meant. He soared right for the enemies, hitting the ground and scattering the mechs like toys. The giant mech was through the breach now, and was slowly walking towards the front lines. Artillery was hammering it's surface, but it showed no sign of stopping.

I knelt and began shooting the few pontoons still functioning, destroying the turrets and any mechs that tried to climb out. The cloaked soldiers weren't getting any more helpful either, a few units would go down before we realized one was there and manage to get a lucky shot on it.

"Battalions Undermine, Greenhouse, and Tropica are here!"

Three more battalions? We were putting a lot of units into this battle. I turned back to the scene in front of me and found the 9-class. I saw somebody without a mech suit, leaping towards him, sword in hand. They swung, and it connected with his shoulder. Not deep, not wide, and certainly not a killing blow to a human, much less a god.

A massive burst of light went out, throwing everyone back. And then the light quickly faded until it was too dark to see color, only movement and shapes like the last moments before night when you could barely see enough to move safely. Half of the emplacements were on their sides now, and aircraft were plummeting from both sides. The giant mech was slowed, but still advancing.

And D-928 lay where he fell, dead.

"Field command we have a dead 9-class!"


"9-class is dead, we need to close this breach now!"

"4-class here are doing what they can, but we need time."

"They just killed a god and have a mech taller than a cruiser, we need to get out of here now!"

"We need somebody to hold them back, even once we can get the breach closed. Secondary perimeter won't last a minute."

"How many?"

"Two hundred units should be able to do it."

I contacted the remainder of my battalion. "Evangelists, we can get everyone else out, but it's gonna take all of us and more to do it. I'm not going to order you to die. This is something you decide. You can head through the breach now, or stay and go down fighting."

The units left in my battalion slowly filtered over. Some went through the breach, but most stayed. I had a hundred units. Still short of the two hundred we needed.

"Red Hunter?"

"You have my units at your command. It's not much, but a hundred units is a hundred units."

"Thank you. Field command, I've gathered two hundred units. Call the others back and work on getting that breach closed."

"Your sacrifice is regretful, yet needed. Good luck units. We are recalling now. Secondary perimeter is sending you all remaining Strikers to assist."

The units at the front began to retreat, and the emplacements were trundling back through the breach. I saw a unit next to me get shoved over.

"Cloaked! Secondary, you have incoming cloaked, look out!"

"We've got it. Dropped something though, looks like a small depth charge." I turned and saw a small metal canister laying next to the half visible body.

"Looks like a bomb, get it onto the bridge and see if we can arm it."

"Guys I know I'm not supposed to be on the commander's frequency, but I've seen this before, it's a supernova bomb. More powerful than a nuke, we need to get off earth."

"Get that thing back through the breach!" I ran for the device, shoving through the units streaming out, battered and bruised, most carrying their fallen comrades for revival. I picked it up and started running back, much harder than getting out. "Get out of the way!" I shoved one last time, finally getting back through the breach and stumbling back to the two hundred who were staying.

"What are we going to do with that?" The commander of Red Hunters asked.

"Use it on that giant mech thing."

"Good luck getting that up there." I looked over the canister and saw a readout slowly ticking down.

"Unit! I need your rifle!" I called to somebody heading for the breach. He tossed it over and I knelt down, flipping the handle on the bomb up. I aimed through the handle at the chest of the mech and fired the grapple. It anchored, and I quickly threaded the rifle around a few times so it wasn't coming off any time soon, and began reeling in the cable. The canister thudded across the ground towards the advancing horde, slowly bouncing higher and higher as it approached.

The enemy definitely knew what the canister was, and parted as it passed. Several of them began running for their breach.

But most were still marching forward. No air support. No reinforcements. No second chances. Just them. And us.

"When lives are threatened?" A member of Red Hunters called out.

"We protect!" Another unit responded.

"When AEs surface!"

"We protect!" Fifty of us were chanting, myself included.

"When invaders appear!"

"We protect!" The final unit crossed the breach.

"When dimensions open, we protect!" The entirety of the final two hundred were chanting now. "When the world is at risk, we protect! If we fall, we get back up! If we die, we try again! We carry the weight of the world! We are the only line of defense! We are WASP!"

"For the Program! For the world!" We charged. Us battle-worn, tired, bleeding, and nearly broken. Them overwhelming in numbers and mechanical enhancements, but already lost. When there is no victory or extraction, units fight harder than anything. Nothing is held back, and no caution is used.

We ran into range, weapons fire from both sides cutting through each other. Shields nearly empty failed in moments, and our numbers dwindled.

A unit who was three days from retirement. A group of inseparable friends who had gone through the Academy together. A mech pilot who had been demoted after accidentally crushing his instructor. None of us were the same. But in our death, we were one. A doomed force, perhaps, but one that would take plenty of others down with it.

A single bullet from the giant mech hit the left side of our line, killing at least fifty of our units.

A rocket exploded beside me, and I was thrown into the air. I hit the ground on my back, hard on a rock. I was instantly paralyzed from the waist down. I fumbled for my pistol, firing at any enemy I could see. Another rocket, and I hit the ground again, this time on my chest. I was looking down into a crater, where D-928 still lay.

The weapons fire was slowing as units fell. Strikers still darted around, but were quickly falling.

I pulled myself towards the 9-class.

The final burst of gunfire, a clunk as the Striker hit the ground, and all was silent.

I grabbed a vial of nanites from my belt and jabbed it into his arm, hoping he was still alive in some way. I glanced up and saw the breach on our end shrinking, nearly closed.

A pair of cloaked soldiers materialized at the edge of the crater, rifles aimed at me. It didn't matter.

The canister hit the giant mech. The timer was running out.

The 9-class was dead, that much was obvious. An empty shell of a body, no more powers or godliness left to save himself.

I blinked. I was on my back now. I wasn't paralyzed. I twisted my head, and I saw my dead body. I looked at my arm, and saw a vial of nanites in my arm. I stood up as the two soldiers fired, but their bullets were harmless. I looked at one, and the color drained out of them until they dissipated into dust. The second decided to run away.

The timer on the canister ticked down to 0.

A moment of silence as the breach sealed itself shut.

And then it went off.

The heat alone turned the entire bridge dimension into plasma, and the ensuing explosion sent everything bouncing around. I flew through the breach with a bunch of plasma as it snapped shut, overwhelmed by the strain put on it. I hit the ground hard as plasma hit around me and charred the grass.

I was alive. Somehow. In the body of a god. Somehow. Even though it was a lesser god, I had more power than I ever had commanding my battalion.

The one who killed D-928 approached, still holding the sword that had killed him.

"How are you still alive! I severed your soul!"

I stood up, looking at the sky. The sun was rising. The last star still hung in the air.

"I guess I moved my soul into the body, somehow."

"Then I'll just sever it again!"

They lunged.

I disappeared with the last star.

"So that's what it means."

I traveled during the night, between the first and final stars. When no stars were out, neither was I. I rested in a twilight during the day, slowly traveling in a direction I was drawn. The home dimension of D-928, I guessed. Where his power would be nearly unlimited. And there I could get used to these powers, and then come back and burn this world to the ground.


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Expeditionary Force Omega, Legion Y09 - 04:01 planetside time

A legionnaire ran into my barracks, panting. "Reaper Ash…..wants to speak…...with you". The guy had been running hard, which was no surprise, as the Reaper's Semi-permanent command center(SPCC) was on the other side of the camp. I shoved my Phoenix into its holster on my leg, slung my rifle over my left shoulder, sealed my helmet and headed on my way. Even though the camp had just been dropped in early yesterday morning, to anyone unfamiliar with how the legion operates its deployments to other worlds it looked like it had been there for years. The metal buildings that the soldiers occupied had chipped paint, and some of them were rusting. I made a mental note to remind Head Engineer Aldin to perform maintenance checks on the barracks and depots.

The dome shaped SPCC was easily the largest building here, being three stories high, and at least 500 meters in diameter. I walked in, and headed to the Reaper's quarters. She was sitting at her desk, looking intently at a screen. "Mirage Rider reporting. You wanted to see me, sir"? The Reaper looked up from her screen, "That's right Rider. At 03:27 we detected an energy surge 22 klicks west of here. The terrain is mostly flat with a few sharp rocks jutting out here and there. I want you to take half a century, 50 devastators and 75 mirages yourself included and go take a look out there. We'll have 8 dropships fully loaded on standby if you need them. I've contacted high command and they said the energy is unlike anything we've seen, so they agreed to put Colossus-04 on standby for a sub-orbital drop. Yes, the experimental one. Should any dropships have to provide you with backup, I will be there on the first one. Good luck soldier".

I saluted her, then headed back to the section where the barracks for the legionnaires and devastator pilots was. I asked the Legate for Centurion Ryk. Ryk arrived fully suited and armed with his helmet tucked under his arm. "The Reaper has asked me for half a century. Your century is the best one we have so I need 50 of them to assist me in a scouting mission. 75 of my brothers and sisters, as well as 50 devastators are coming as well". I explained to Ryk what the mission's objective was, and he sent 50 of his men to the nearest dropship to wait. I gathered the devastators and had them head over to the launchpads to be loaded into two more dropships. I returned to where the Mirages were camped and gathered 74, then headed over to the launchpads.

First Contact - Unnamed plains 04:36 planetside time

Five dropships took off and raced over to the place Ash had ordered us to. In a few minutes the ships touched down, and the pontoon shaped pods opened up, letting all of the soldiers spill out. One of my sisters commented on how she forgot how nice it is to ride in a dropship without having to worry about the sensation caused by the pontoon being dropped directly into the field of battle. I stepped out onto a grassy plain, and saw a bright light floating in the air.

I cast an aura sense spell. The only auras around me were coming from the soldiers around me. "The light isn't magic. There's no aura emanating from it. All units, safeties off. Set up a semi-circle around it. Stay at least 200 meters away from it. Mirages, cloak and set up in the same way. Devastators, set up in artillery mode. Hall, Fletcher, you two come with me". I started to head towards the light. Fletcher, who was carrying an instrument used to measure energy readings, looked up at me.

"Boss, take a look at this. According to this, the energy coming from here should've fried this world. What's more, we have never encountered anything like this before". I thought about what we should do. I took the machine from Fletcher's hands, then sent the readings to Ash. "Are you seeing this?" I asked him. A few seconds later I got a message from him, telling us to move back to the defensive position we had created. "I'm sending engineers your way. They'll study it and see what it is and what it's capable of doing. For now head back to the rest of your forces".

No sooner had we reached the first line of soldiers when one of the legionnaires started shouting, "What the hell is that''?! I looked back towards the light. Out of it a mechanical flying unit came. It stayed hovering for a few minutes before flying back into the light. "All units prepare for contact with whatever's back there"! My command was met with a war cry from the legionnaires. "For our Homeworld, For our Families, for our FREEDOM!" I nodded in approval, "Damn right soldiers''. I sent a request to Ash for those dropships she promised. She said the first one's were en route with an additional 20 prepping for takeoff. "Colossus-04 is preparing to jump. The Protector is sending down a class five starpulse bomb with it as well".

Colossus holding bay - 14:39 Protector shipboard time

"Pilot 04, Samantha, report to the Colossus holding bay. Repeat, Pilot 04, Samantha, report to the Colossus holding bay and prepare for orbital insertion". So, I guess they're finally going to field test me, I thought. About time. I got out of the containment pod they kept me in. After riding the lift down to the bay, my head technician approached me. "So, they've finally decided to field test you. Two and a half years of trials, tweaks, and prayers are about to pay off. Now, the reason they've called for you is that Ash and his legion have found something. They aren't sure yet, but I'm guessing it's extremely dangerous if a Reaper has to call for backup. You will be armed with a railgun on your right arm, an HMG on your left, and the grav lifts in your palms can be used to push anything short of a capital ship away with ease. Good luck down there". I nodded. He led me around to the nape of my mech. He pressed a button and the nape opened up. I removed the harness I was wearing and stepped inside.

Instantly my vision blacked out, then when it returned I was seeing through the eyes of Colossus-04. I was no longer pure energy in the shape of an elf. I was a giant, larger than the walls that had kept the mimics out. The bay doors of the cruiser opened. The lights around the doors turned green and I jumped

Hard Contact - Unnamed plains 04:38 planetside time

"Devastators 435-445, I need you to get closer around the light. Get at least four meters away from it. Shields at max, but don't shoot until I give the order. Let's see if we can negotiate with whatever's on the other side". The mechs followed my command and I went up with them.

Suddenly, more lights started shining and figures fell through. They were human! The shock of the revelation was short-lived as the nearest one blasted devastator 441. The sheer power of the blast melted the top half of the mech. I was stunned at how easily their weapon melted a Devastator. "Mirages provide covering fire! Legionnaires, concentrate fire on the center of their group! Devastators, fire around the edges of the group, keep them close together"! I watched with horror as this seemingly innumerable force dropped out of thin air onto the battlefield. This once peaceful looking plain was soon covered in fire, blood and bodies from both sides.

I looked up and saw enemy aircraft flying towards us. They dropped what looked like orange powder on the field. I was confused for a second until I noticed that the dust made me visible to those without echolocation technology. "Mirages, steer clear of the dust, and if it does land on you vibrate the suit to knock it off"! A cry of anguish sounded to my right. I turned and saw Hall falling to the ground, a plasma burn on her right side. I picked her up and rushed back to the semicircle we had set up. My soldiers dwindled in number, soon the force of 175 brave men and women who had accompanied me had turned into only 25, most of which couldn't fight. I saw my sister, who had commented on how nice the dropship ride was, lying in a pool of her own blood, a hole in her visior.

"Hey, hear that? It's the dropships"! I turned around and looked up. The original eight dropships promised to us by Ash had arrived. With a sense of dread, I realized that the entire bloodbath had only lasted ten minutes, starting just after Ash had told us she was coming. The ships dropped their pontoons right into the enemy's ranks and the soldiers inside killed many of them. A massive shadow was cast across the battlefield. I looked up and beheld one of the most majestic sights I've ever seen. A giant with silver skin, crackling with bright blue energy warped into existence, and immediately took out half of the enemy's combatants. An additional 40 dropships descended from the atmosphere. 30 of them dropped their pontoons into the enemy's ranks, while the other ten landed behind our semicircle. 500 legionnaires poured out and rushed the enemy. Those from the original group who could still move began moving the wounded to the waiting dropships. I realized that the plain we were in was no longer on the colony. Rather it was in between dimensions, much like the fracture over Shidoan

I ran, making a mad dash to the nearest one, Hall still in my arms. I made it, laid her in it as gently as I could. I swiped a stimpak from the kit on the ship's wall, injected her with it, then turned and ran back into the fray. Fletcher met me on the field, "Hey, Boss, Ash is ordering all the remaining mirages to report back to her. We better head over." Fletcher marked the rally point on my HUD. I nodded then started to run over. A bright flash of light caught my eye. It's origin was a humanoid being, surrounded by piles of ash. I checked it to see how much aura it was radiating. I was shocked to see that it's aura level was on par with a minor god's. Motion out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.

Deicide - Unnamed plains 04:43 planetside time

"Five minutes to drop zone". The soldiers around me were nervous. They had good reason to be. We had detected a massive energy surge to the west of our encampment, and sent a force of 175 soldiers out there to see what it was. I was reviewing video feed from the soldiers out there, and what I saw terrified me. An unknown attack force made our initial group of 175 dwindle down to nearly a seventh of what it once was. I had received word that 04 was descending and would be here in eight minutes.

"One minute to drop zone. Seal your suits and power up" I put my hair in a ponytail, then strapped my sword to my back. The soldiers around me made sure they had fresh batteries and magazines in their guns. I felt a little out of place wearing plate armor with only a sword when everyone else in the pontoons were wearing vacuum sealed armor and carrying plasma weapons.

"Welcome to paradise," the pilot said. The lights in the pontoon turned red, then a loud chunk could be heard. Suddenly I felt weightless and knew the pontoon was falling. After what seemed like an eternity we hit the ground. The lights turned green, then the sides blew off, taking out several enemy combatants. I took in the carnage around me. The green plain, once so pristine, was now covered in blood, fires, and bodies. I looked up and saw 04 rushing onto the field, a silver skinned giant, crackling with blue electricity. It lifted it's right arm, and spat fire onto the enemy, each shot taking out 15 to 20 of them.

I lifted up the commlink on my arm. "All surviving mirages go to the coordinates I list off". I rattled off the location of the rally point, when a bright light flared up, temporarily blinding me. I saw a humanoid surrounded by the ashes of my fallen comrades. I knew just by looking at it that it was a god. I drew my sword and charged it. I jumped and swung. The look in its eyes was one of amusement, the way a person looks at a bug before smashing it. My blade connected and amusement turned to horror as he realized what the blade was capable of.

Another light flared up, this time due to it's soul being violently disconnected from its body. The tide of battle turned, with only 200 enemy soldiers left against nearly an entire legion. A defiant war cry issued from the remaining forces of this unknown enemy. 04 lifted its left arm and fired its railgun, taking out nearly a quarter of their forces.

A cylinder flew out of their ranks. I recognized it as a starpulse bomb. Apparently the enemy captured it and fired it back at us. It hit 04 on the chest and exploded. The mech's top half ceased to exist and the bottom half collapsed. Technicians ran toward it, carrying a containment pod. I watched as they extracted 04's pilot from the wreckage. After closing the pod, they ran back to the nearest dropship. It lifted off, then flew back towards the base. After flying about 50 meters it vanished. I realized that we weren't on the planet anymore. I made a mental note to ask Ulsendril what this area was.

A sudden flare of aura caught my attention. I saw the being I killed earlier rising up. I noticed a body lying next to it. A glance at the god-like being's arm showed me a syringe. "I severed your soul. There's no way you should be alive. No, you're different. You've never used this power before". I said this to myself, and to my astonishment the being replied. "I guess I must have transferred mine into his". I raised my sword. "Looks like you'll meet your predecessor soon. Tell it hi for me,'' I said. I rushed forward. The sun was rising. As soon as the first ray hit the being, it vanished.



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