Every moment of every day I've struggled and have been ignored.
I'm not looking to win an award.
All am I asking for is a little bit of agency.
Maybe I just need to wait for my time patiently.

It's hard to work through this complication.
I'm covered in a choking thickness of isolation.
They say that everything I have struggled to achieve isn't good enough.
Well I'm here calling their bluff.

You can't take away what I've struggled to achieve.
Why can't you just believe?
Please stop dragging me through the sickening mud.
It feels like I'm drowning in a torrential flood.

All I want is to take the equitable route.
I'm trying and failing to rid myself of this self-doubt.
I'm longing to remove this feeling of deficiency.
I'm scared that in the end I'll have is sufficiency.

I've been thrust forward into a chasm of soul-crushing gloom.
Why do I feel like I'm living in a tomb?
Do you recognize who I am?
Or are you just blind and a sham?

I was never part of a community.
I was hurt over and over with impunity.
I'm the outsider with nothing to lose.
I'm feeling throughly beaten like one big bruise.

All I feel is self-loathing.
When I just want to feel myself floating.
I have no support.
So I always fall short.