This is something I've had locked up for three years. I held back on this since I was working on other stuff (i.e. "Moon Spell", "Dead Woods"). The other reason I waited this long was because I kept second guessing myself and wondering what this story would bring out.

Since I'm here now, I might as well get a few things out of the way. This is the prologue, I'll get the first chapter uploaded as soon as catch my second wind.

Also, I waited to write this on account that I work on one thing at a time. Well, it was worth waiting.

The night stretched on from one end of the neighborhood to the next. A series of distant sirens could be heard wailing as a throng of people gathered to see what the commotion was about. The lights from the police cars lit up in blue and red colors. Two or three ambulances parked outside the front yard of a two-story grey house whose door was wide open.

Yellow police tape with the words "Do Not Cross" surrounded the area around the house with the neighbors watching with worry mixed with fear. The whispering became more audible when the paramedics wheeled out the first gurney. The body was covered in a black bag, indicating that the owner of the house was dead. Every person cleared a path for the paramedic to make their way into the ambulance.

Another team of paramedics rolled out another gurney with a body covered in a black body bag. A few minutes after, another victim was rolled out by another team of paramedics.

Several moments later another gurney was being rolled out by two paramedics with a police officer jotting down notes. The crowd watched as the gurney was being rolled into the ambulance.

An infinite amount of silence spread through the neighborhood. The whispers became incessant. Everyone wanted to know what happened to the family, and if any one of them survived. Several of the neighbors counted the gurneys that were wheeled into the ambulances. There were three. The neighbors remembered a fourth. The Harrison's eldest daughter. So far they hadn't seen her. They hoped she wasn't home when this happened. It would be a tragedy once she finds out what happened to her parents and brother. The silence was broken when the crowd watched as the police came outside with someone in handcuffs.

She was taller than average and draped in a long strapless black dress that skimmed the floor. She wore no shoes. Her ebony hair laid limp and disheveled from the strain. She looked as white as a sheet. Her storm grey eyes watched the onlooking neighbors, and to top it off, her body was splashed in blood from her face all the way down to her arms, legs and bare feet. She expressed neither concern nor interest in what they had to say. To her, they weren't her priority. In fact, while she didn't show it outwardly, on the inside, she was ecstatic about what she did.

The police escorted her to the police car, where she stared unblinking as the neighbors watched in horror. Whatever they thought of her was out the window and replaced with these new thoughts about her. And it was one of the things that excited her.

Also, do you remember another short story I published some years ago? "Dark Touch"? Well, this isn't in no way related to this story. This is something completely different, just with the same idea.

Until chapter one is posted, enjoy this prologue.