[To Make a Prairie]

To make a prairie, it takes a clover

And a bee (imagination can form the

Greatest expanse of the wide

Prairie from only the barest of

Prairie essentials).

One clover and a bee (repeated)

And reverie (of course, reverie is

Important—where else but on a prairie,

Wide and dusty but with a

Golden cast of aloneness upon

It, would you hope to find an

Inner-seeking, reverential

Appeal to God, nature, the soul,

Man—as on a prairie?). You might have

A clover and a bee—bare

Essentials—but you would not

Have the awe, the reverential

Experience, the meditative worth

And wonder of the vast, earthy

Prairie, without the reverie—

For reverie is our way of enjoying

The prairie's vastness, and its

Own reward for our partaking

Of it, freely.

The reverie alone will do

If bees are few (how much

Of the 'essentials' of a prairie do

We need if we already have reverie?).