A/N: Insta-poem from 2017. The "Story Image" is the photo it captioned, from behind the campus of Santa Fe University of Art & Design (RIP).

Unmarked Graves


This is where the lost fall—

When the stolen are forgotten and home is unknown, here you find them.

Who decides the difference between Discard and Discord?

How their names and faces are worn…

This is why this is the time to remember.


A/N: Ignoring the stupid shopping carts, this poem was written after Donny Trumpfuck was sworn in as my country's so-called President and I was in pretty deep despair about how many of my people were going to die under his "leadership." For me, this tiny poem held the weight of all whom suffered, are suffering, and will suffer by the hand of my nation. Reading it back now, it honestly still does.