A vibrantly colored robot with a slight coating of dust continued to explore this world of ash. It had seen sights that would have blown the imagination of any rational thinking being. From its speakers, words came out.

"All they did," it began as the wind whipped up to a haunting tone, "crumbles to the ground, though they refused to see."

The city that he came to was broken and ruined, much like the rest of the places the bot had visited. It seemed as dead as the others. Telescreens hissed and sputtered only static while the bot walked on. The bot did notice some movement but only found the fluttering of a cloth that might have been a cherished item. Looking around, the robot just felt as if it were walking among this graveyard of a world.

"Dust in the wind," a long dead voice spoke as the visored face looked on. "All they were was dust in the wind."

As if on cue, the wind picked up again as dust and ash swirled in the air. The fluctuating sun kept the world in its state as the vibrant bot continued on its trek through the desolate, quiet world. Whether it was on a mission to save the world, or exploring out of curiosity, the bot had to discover what this place had once been. Solemn, haunted voices reverberated like long forgotten tunes emerging to accent the world.

The bot did not wonder about the origin of the phrases; it simply wanted to understand why they cried out so aimlessly.