Dust and ash seemed protective from the unforgiving sun to the blue robot speckled covering. It's visored face looked to the relic decaying in front of it, it looked far different from the other desolated settlements. Materials that seemed natural over the plastic and glass of the other places it saw.

"I don't want to be afraid," The bot played it's borrowed voice. "The deeper that I go, it takes my breath away."

It then noticed wooden T shapes with bleached metal strapped on them, just off to the side of the city.

"Soft hearts and electric souls." Played as the bot creeped through the rotten remains.

For a good while the bot could not find words to articulate what to feel. It felt as if something was trying to drag it out of the city and strap it to a T. The long dusted remains stayed unmoving saved for the wind blowing over them.

The bot was trying to move on throught this place but it seemed to grow more as it kept walking, no running, to the end of this horrible place. No pre-recorded sound bit could come to calm the bot, the creeks of the buildings only fueled the speed that it moved.

Fear gripped it's electronic processor until it came back to the unforgiven sun and the particles away from the horrible place it came from.

"Fuck that shit I'm out!" It seemed hyperventrented as it played out the words. "I don't know what the fuck just happened, but I don't really care I'ma get the fuck up outta here."

Without looking back the bot just held up his middle finger. "Fuck this shit I'm out."